Mike Nesmith in Concert: Movies of the Mind

13 Nov


 Everyone remembers Mike Nesmith formerly of the teen rock group The Monkees from the 60’s. He was the one who always wore the wool hat. Following the Monkees Mike had a very successful solo career on his own recording several albums and a super best selling  VHS tape now on DVD called “Elephant Parts” which is very humorous and which I highly recommend.

 Now some fourty years later at age 71 Mike is touring again. Looking fuller in the face, sans the wool hat and balding on top and silver/greyish hair combed back, Mike still has the same distinct voice and California accent and still sounds the same. Mike calls his tour Movies of the Mind because as he explained each of his songs is like a movie so he started each song with a little soliloquy describing in detail the scenes of the song in the third person saying things like ‘He sees her” and “She notices him.”

His opening song described a couple that lived across from each other in an apartment who start out as friends and become lovers, “I’ve known you for a long time, but only just begun to care.” A  truly  beautiful  song.

Mike was backed up by four fabulous musicians while he played acoustic guitar. He had a bass  player, drummer and a fantastic lead guitar player who looked like an executive Clark Kent type with short dark hair, black rimmed glasses, suit, white shirt and tie and could layout some of the meanest guitar riffs equal to most rock musicians. He also alternated between slide guitar and mandolin. Mike also had a fabulous keyboard player who doubled with a synthesizer.

One of my favorite songs was big hit for him and on the Elephant Parts DVD called “Rio”.  “There’s nothing I know of in Rio, but it’s something to do with the night/ It’s only a whimsical notion to fly down to Rio tonite/ I probably won’t fly down to Rio, but then again I just might.”  Beautiful   lyrics  and  a smooth catchy, romantic tune. Most of Mike’s music can be described as   classic folk-country –rock music. He also did the catchy song  “Cruisin’‘ about Lucy and Ramona and Sunset Sam another favorite of mine about two girls in Hollywood who meet a sexy guy selling watches on Sunset Boulevard and team up with him also a very catchy, toe  tapping tune. See the video below.

Mike has a very infectious smile at the end of each song that says he appreciates the audience as much as they appreciated him as if saying,” Gee I’m glad you’re here with me and to be with you tonite.” He also makes you feel that you are right there in his living room with him. He mentioned at the beginning he wanted the audience to feel like they were sharing the movies in his living room with him. If you get a chance to see “Elephant Parts” which is available on DVD for  anywhere from $9.99 to $14.99 then by all means get it You won’t be disappointed. 😉 Or see the full video below. 🙂

Michael Nesmith – Joanne – YouTube  Features young pics of Mike

Michael Nesmith performs “Different Drum” in Chicago on  – YouTube  Done  in Chicago in April of this year 2013

Mike Nesmith – Cruisin’ – YouTube   The song of Lucy and Ramona and Sunset Sam. Check out the guy in the speedo  (Sunset Sam). Mike says on the DVD they found the guy in a bar and asked him if he wanted to be in the video and walk down Sunset Boulevard in a speedo and he said he’d love it. 😀  Also check out Mike’s unique sense of comedic humor in this one . 😀

hael Nesmith – “Elephant Parts” 1981 FULL MOVIE / VIDEO FIRST GENERATIO


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