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08 Jan

 On the 50th anniversary of LBJ’s war on poverty Obama announced his plan to fund 20 communities with private sector programs to create jobs. It is said that poverty rates have fallen from close to 26 percent down to 16 percent since 1967. I don’t see how that can be when poverty has risen under Obama. Now 1 in 6 people are in poverty and the number of people on food stamps has increased from 48 million under Bush to 50 million under Obama.

Since 1967, poverty rates have fallen from close to 26 percent down to 16 percent, the White House said. In 2012, 49.7 million of Americans lived in poverty, including 13.4 million children.

“In the richest nation on Earth, far too many children are still born into poverty, far too few have a fair shot to escape it, and Americans of all races and backgrounds experience wages and incomes that aren’t rising,” Obama said in a statement marking the anniversary of Johnson’s pledge. He first spoke about the plan in his 2013 State of the Union speech, almost a year ago, pledging to focus government funding with private sector programs in 20 communities to create jobs, improve schools, beef up public safety, and create better housing……….I have always said that these actors and actresses are great in their craft and should stick to it rather than make political comments because as soon as they open their mouths at some gathering they become political morons. The latest being actress Meryl Streep speaking out at a  National Board of Review dinner blasting Walt Disney as a “gender bigot” and called him anti-semetic. She was showing her girlie crush on actress Helen Bonham Carter who portrayed the author of Mary Poppins, P.L. Travers, opposite Tom Hank’s Walt Disney in the latest movie ‘Saving Mr. Banks.” While I have heard various rumors to that effect and they are just that, rumors, she can’t compare how people thought over 50 years ago to now. I’ll let the comments below  that attacked her speak for themselves as I agree with them.

“Some of his associates reported that Walt Disney didn’t really like women,” Streep said, quoting esteemed animator Ward Kimball on his old boss: “He didn’t trust women or cats.”

Streep talked about how Disney “supported an anti-Semitic industry lobbying group” and called him a “gender bigot.” She read a letter that his company wrote in 1938 to an aspiring female animator. It included the line, “Women do not do any of the creative work in connection with preparing the cartoons for the screen, as that task is performed entirely by young men.”

Seriously… criticizing Disney for his opinions in the 30′s? Let’s follow that logic and look at almost any democrat’s racial opinions in the 1930′s.

Jonathan says:

Most Americans are a shadow of their Grandparents who fought and won World War II. Could you imagine the average American today, fighting the NAZI supermen [sic] of WWII? OMG, we would lose in under a year! Think about your typical American teen , their lack of fundamental responsibility, poor education, poor moral/ethical instructions, and compare that to the teen’s of 1940′s America who stormed the beaches at Normandy, flew bomber missions over NAZI Germany, who fought under MacAurthor in the Pacific , does the modern day teen REALLY stack up pound for pound with the teen of 1940′s America … any self thinking, critically thinking individual would immediately come to the honest conclusion that the modern America is a MORON compared to their grandparents.

Oh, I am a Gen-Xer. Still able to perform, so I am not some old guy who is just jealous at other younger people who don’t need the blue pill. America is in deep deep trouble and its these hollywood self righteous morons who are helping to nail the lid on America’s coffin!

1.    Meryl Streep is one of the all-time greatest actresses of our time — perhaps any time, and all praise in that area is her due. Of course, now comes the BUT…

1. She had no trouble cashing all those hefty “Doubt” checks, or the ones from “Marvin’s Room,” in which she visited Disney World and was assuredly treated to complimentary luxury Disney hotel suites, gourmet food and no lines at rides. She has no trouble with all the money and perks attached to “Into the Woods” this year.

2. Ward Kimball’s account of Walt Disney, like any other bio or personal account, is subject to the views and perceptions of that person and the person writing the bio (and that person has a serious and public issue with the current Disney administration and has taken great pains to embarrass specific people by name, even if they were not directly responsible.

3. Ward Kimball was a loose cannon who often clashed with Walt Disney, yet Disney kept him at the studio because he did not always want people around who agreed with everything he said, he wanted to hear dissenting opinions like many other notable leaders. 

4. Ward Kimball is “reputed” to have started the “Walt is frozen” rumor as a gag.

5. Quoting an inappropriate comment from 50-80 years ago from a male, female or minority person of that period makes the assumption that the same person might feel that way today if he/she were alive today to defend himself/herself and perhaps make amends.

6. Comparing what someone said or did to the social mores of today is unfair and defies logic.

7. Meryl Streep gave a great performance making the speech. She was acting.

8. Emma Thompson can do things for Meryl Streep, Walt Disney is dead and cannot. Personal agenda? Too bad Ms. Streep felt is necessary to embarrass Ms. Thompson and the Guests, as well as the staff serving her at the event. 

Ms. Streep is still a great actress and I will continue to love her in movies and TV. Perhaps she should read a few more books about Walt Disney and related subjects in her luxurious trailer — or have her personal assistant read some for her and report out. 

Ms. Streep again is brilliant at interpreting a script but clearly not adequate at gathering information. 

But she hit every hot button and thus succeeded at getting press and attention. By using Walt Disney, a sure-fire attention getter.
Who is exploiting whom? ( I agree)……….  Recently a man in Indiana was pulled over by police for speeding and they discovered 48 small bombs in his car,2 pistols and 2 rifles and a detonator. They said he was headed towards a Navy seals training facility. We spend billions and billions on the NSA and a cop finds this guy for a few bucks of the taxpayer’s money. Our priorities are in the wrong place it seems. …….We are now 17 trillion dollars in debt with 9 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities. Obama ha s spent more than all the presidents put together. Recently conservative talk show host Sean Hannity came up with a pretty good plan for conservative victory for America and get us back on the right track. On his show he outlined  7 points. They are:

1)    The Penny Plan where you cut one cent out of every dollar the government spends for six years and you have a balanced budget.

 2)    Have a balanced budget amendment   that controls spending.

 3)    Limit the amount of money the government takes from us.

 4)    Health care savings accounts that allow people to purchase healthcare insurance across state lines and at fair market prices.

 5)    Term limits with 6 years in congress and 12 years in the senate.

 6)    School choice

 7)    Secure America’s borders.

 Now if only congress will listen!!!!!!

 Meryl Streep: Walt Disney an Anti-Semetic ‘Gender Bigot’…

Indiana man was pulled over for speeding ...

Where they think man was headed

Gingrich: Liberal War on Poverty at 50 a ‘Failure’
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