Obama: The Man Who Would Be King and His Republican Enabelers

13 Feb

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Erik Erikson, Editor in Chief of Red State hit it perfectly today when he said:

“The House and Senate Republicans have handed Barack Obama a blank check to raise the national debt as much as he wants.

Throughout last year, Republicans said conservatives should fight on the debt ceiling, not the continuing resolution. They said they should filibuster the debt ceiling, not the continuing resolution. They said they should shut down the government over the debt ceiling, not the continuing resolution.

After conservatives balked at their lies and the Democrats shut down the government, Republican leaders scrambled as fast as possible to throw conservatives under the bus and reopen the government. Still, they said, the debt ceiling fight was coming up and they’d hold the Democrats accountable.

Just two weeks ago, Senator Mitch McConnell claimed the GOP would refuse a clean debt ceiling increase and demand cuts and reform.

But this week the GOP caved across the board. They gave the President the right to raise the debt as much as he wants until March of 2015 — as much as he wants. 

Mitch McConnell became the key vote today to give Barack Obama blank check to increase the national debt. This debt ceiling increase is not tied to a month, but rather a time period. Consequently, the President can grow the national debt as much as he wants during that time. “

Yes Obama is acting like a true King now saying he will by-pass congress to get things done, “I have the pen and I have the phone” he brazenly said at his SOTU speech recently. Recently when he was with French President Hollande and they broke away from the press conference he said, “We’re breaking protocol here. I’m the president I can do what I want.”

Yes this is a man who is out of control and completely lawless. He’s caused five million people and counting to lose their doctors and health insurance, he keeps changing and bending his healthcare law at will changing it 14 times so far. Once a law has become “law of the land” like Obamacare and passed into law, you can’t keep changing it like that. He is a socialist dictator.

Of course the libs at the far left Huiffington Post say that because of his socialist dictatorial actions, unemployment is down to 6.6% (that’s not counting the 9 or 10 million who are off the record and stopped looking for work) and the deficit is cut in half, but I think those figures can be disputed .A record 50 million people are on food stamps now, he’s raised the debt to 17 trillion and spent more than all the presidents combined and now expects us to pay for it thru his MyRa scam. He’s also promising people free healthcare being paid for  by the rich in this country and those that sign up for it and pay which half haven’t so far missing the Jan.1st deadline. The founding fathers must be turning in their graves.

If this were a republican president he’d be having his head handed to him on a silver platter, castigated, impeached and thrown out of office, but don’t expect that to happen here with this feckless group of republicans, especially people like Boehner and McConnell who cave at his every whim.

Yes Obama should be impeached and all of what I just mentioned, but don’t expect that to happen to the “first black president.” They’d be called a bunch of racists. In fact anytime you criticize Obama you are labeled a racist. Martin Luther King said he wanted to see a society where you judge a person by the content of their character not the color of their skin. With Obama and his minions everything is about color.

Obama’s MyRA Scam: Your Savings Pays for US Debt

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Dick Morris: Boehner Move on Debt Bill Could Cost Speakership

Matalin: GOP ‘Spooked’ by Blame for Shutdown

“We’re looking at the numbers, and Romney’s beating Obama, but then they just turned out their hard-core base, and our hard-core base stayed home,” she said. “Which they’re going to do again, because of what they’re seeing as the lack of, I don’t want to say leadership, but just who is speaking out is being maligned by our own people. We’re eating ourselves alive.”

(I agree with Mary here. Obama and Debbie Wasserman Schultz planned the shut down and the plan was to blame the republicans which they and the media did.)-Jaycee

‘You can’t impeach 1st black president,’ or can you? (Listen to these sound bites by El Rushbo here on this very topic.)

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