More Horrors of Obamacare-This Time It’s Personal

27 Feb

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While liberal politicians are touting the wonders of Obamacare and liberal voters who signed up for it are having orgasms over Obama for giving them Obamacare,in reality the horrors are just beginning for some. A very good friend of mine who I’ve known for 40 years is having his bouts now because of Obamacare. He’s bi-polar, has asthmatic bronchitis, diabetes, hyper-tension and takes 25 pills a day and lives alone. He is very bright mentally having an MBA and was a former professor.

He recently was diagnosed with a blockage in his heart and a clot in his lung that leaves him breathless when walking a little ways. He recently went for a cardiac catherization for the blockage in his heart. I told him he should really have home healthcare. Last year he had a knee operation and was in the hospital for one day. When he came home he had home nurses come to help him plus physical therapy.

He called his insurance company United Health Care and they told him it would have to come from his primary doctor. He called him and he said they were working on it. Two weeks later he didn’t hear anything so he called his insurance again and this time they told him he would have to call the nursing association. He called them and they said it would have to come from his primary. He felt he was getting the run around so he called the head nurse at St. Barnabas hospital near where he lives and where he was in the hospital for his knee.

The nurse there told him he didn’t qualify because 1) he is on medicare and 2) because he has to be in the hospital more than two days to qualify for home healthcare and with the cardiac catherization he was treated as an outpatient. The nurse said this was a new ruling under Obamacare. If he was poor he  would be able to qualify if he had medicaide,but he makes too much on his disability to qualify even though he qualified last time. She said this is a new rule to save expenses under Obamacare. He was treated like dirt he said when he told them he was on medicare.  Noone wants to get involved with Obamacare, instead they all blame the other person.

I asked him if he read the fine print on his policy and he said he did and home healthcare is part of it, but the nurse said this is a new rule under Obamacare that you have to be in the hospital more than three days to qualify for home heallthcare. So far Obama has changed Obamacare 24 times since it was voted into law which is illegal in the first place.  You can’t keep changing a law once it is voted on, but Obama is a lawless president.  I read recently where his insurance United Healthcare was laying off hundreds of doctors to save expenses under Obamacare and so far 7 million people have lost their insurance policies under Obama. If they can deny home healthcare to people like my friend then they can deny procedures too. Obama said there are no death panels in Obamacare.  That’s another lie. There is the Independent Advisory Board which says who gets what procedure and when according to age vs. cost.

My friend called Medicare and they told him he can’t get it and the representative said this  ” I’m not supposed to talk politics, but people have the right to be happy ,but you can’t be happy under Obamacare and we know it won’t be that way. I’m not supposed to talk politcs, but I’m pissed off at Obama. You can’t have nurses because you’re not  bed ridden and only 59 years old even though you have all these diseases and that’s because of Obama.” He said he never had a representative say anything like that. You know people are rebelling when people in the healthcare industry start talking like that.

 So all these liberals who are praising Obama for Obamacare just wait until they have to find a doctor and hospital that will take it. If it’s so great why did Obama exempt all of congress and the senate from it allowing them to have their own special government plan and why is he exempting unions and others who apply for exemptions from it? Just wondering.

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