Sean Hannity’s Conservative Solutions for America

17 Apr



Recently Donald Trump appeared with Sean Hannity on Sean’s TV show. Sean told Donald his plan to save America and Donald wholeheartedly agreed. Sean’s plan is also outlined in an article in World Net Daily which I have linked below.

“I am suggesting that America is at a tipping point, and is a country in desperate need of a major course correction. It is self-evident that government today has become an increasing burden. Government is now an obstacle in people’s lives, obstructing the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.”

Stipulating that he is neither calling for “abolishing the government or secession,” nor advocating a third party, he cites Ronald Regan’s 1975 speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference calling for a “revitalized second party, with no pale pastels, but bold colored differences.”

In that spirit, Hannity’s plan, outlined in his “Conservative Solutions Caucus 2014,” includes the following:

  • Cut a penny from every dollar the government spends for six years, which will result in a balanced budget;
  • Pass a balanced-budget amendment to keep it that way;
  • Limit the amount of taxes the government can collect;
  • Encourage home-grown energy resources, conquering in one fell swoop unemployment, high energy prices and dependence on hostile foreign powers;
  • Replace Obamacare with health-care savings accounts so people can use the money to buy their own insurance in the private market;
  • Enact term limits: six years in the House, with only one term in leadership, and 12 years in the Senate with only two years in leadership;
  • Allow school choice; and
  • Secure the borders.

The penny plan for balancing the budget

In describing America’s troubled economy, Hannity goes beyond figures and balance sheets, framing it as the “moral issue of our time.”

“We are literally stealing from our children and grandchildren. We are taking a sledgehammer to their piggy banks, removing any spare change, and borrowing even more money from countries like China. They will end up spending their entire working lives paying this money back, unless we do something bold today.”

He cites the record national debt of more than $17 trillion, $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities, record deficits, the impending bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare, the lowest labor participation rate America has seen in decades and nearly 1 in 6 Americans living in poverty, among other problems.

I agree with Sean’s plan and it makes a lot of sense but the problem is all of these are simple common sense solutions. Which is why they will never be enacted. Those in power never vote themselves out of power.

Hannity proposes ‘major course correction’

Sean Hannity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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