19 Apr

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (left) prepares to pour water on the feet of Yamile Cruz, 10, with the help of Bishop Marc Andrus during a Holy Week foot-washing ceremony at Saint John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in San Francisco. Photo: Leah Millis, San Francisco Chronicle

When Obama recently met with the Pope, the Pope gave him a set of rosary beads he personally blessed for him. So what does Obama do with them? The moment he got back here, the first thing he did was give them to Nancy Pelosi. What an insult, but insulting this country is nothing new to this muslim squatting in our white house. It was like he was saying, ”Here Nancy you can have them I have no use for them.” If anyone received such a once in a lifetime gift they would hold onto it for dear life, but not this guy. He gives it away.

Now during Easter week the Pope washed the feet of the disabled in Rome. Here Nancy Pelosi follows suit by washing the feet of two immigrant children in a church and uses it as a photo op to defend HR15, the immigration reform bill pending in congress saying,“It would reduce the deficit by nearly $1 trillion, secure our borders, unite our families, protect our workers and provide an earned pathway to citizenship.” She told the congregation.

What a fake, phony, hypocritical fraud. One minute she’s beating the war drums to get us involved in a war with Syria, and defending the NSA and CIA spying on Americans, and the next minute she’s the pious Catholic. Can you imagine if Laura Bush or some republican woman did this?  Can you imagine the outcry from the left about separation of church and state? This woman is the biggest proponent of abortion which kills millions of babies each year and here she is in a church mixing religion and politics which the left is always criticizing the right for doing. She should be ex-communicated. Let’s see what Jesus thinks about all of this when she stands before his final judgment seat to determine whether she is worthy of heaven, or damned to hell.

Hey Nancy how is HR15 going to reduce the deficit by a trillion dollars and secure our borders? We heard that in Obamcare too. How it was only going to cost 9 billion dollars and so far it is at 2 trillion and climbing. Obama himself has added seven trillion to the debt. To paraphrase Ms. Pelosi,” I guess they’ll just have to pass it to know what’s in it. 😀


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