Godzilla 2014 the Movie

07 Jun

After several weeks of wanting to see the new Godzilla movie and not being able to for various reasons, I finally got to see it this week. It made 93 million dollars the first week it was out right behind Captain America. I was always a fan of the original Godzilla from the 50’s and always got a kick out of the many Japanese ones released which were much bigger in Japan than here. This Godzilla is CGI and not a guy in the suit (a good read is about the guys in the Godzilla  suit in Japan and how they sweated profusely in it and had to drink lots of water to keep from getting dehydrated) and is the biggest, baddest  one yet. I agree with some of the Japanese reviewers that said he is fatter than the original and his head does seem to go straight into his body.

 I thought a lot of the production scenes were great, but you don’t get to see Godzilla in full until about an hour and a half into the movie. Up until then you catch maybe a dorsal fin or a glimpse of his tail for about two seconds. The story is bland as is the acting and there is too much dialogue and flashbacks with the young kid and his father who later grows up to be a lieutenant in the army and a main character.

There are two other monsters attacking here that look like gigantic roaches with six long dangling legs and they are laying eggs all over the town. One is female and the other a male. My friend kiddingly said they were on their honeymoon. 😀 These two destroy Honolulu and make their way to San Francisco and do a lot of damage there before Godzilla makes the scene. At first they think he is a threat as he is knocking down buildings too to fight these other two which is a continuation from a fight from the early 50’s when they were first spawned from atomic testing. The army sends out missiles and fighter jets to him which of course do not phase the mighty lizard. There are excellent shots of him coming up in front of you and behind people all of a sudden so you get an idea of his mammoth size.

My one criticism is the whole fight between him and the two creatures one of which is female and one male (only the male can fly) takes place at night so it is hard to see what is going on. When Godzilla finally uses his fire breath that is really great  to see at night and my friend and I said “finally” as he fights for a long time before using it.

I read  they were making a sequel so I knew  he probably doesn’t die and after he defeats the two other monsters and a building collapses on him just when you think he’s dead an eye opens and he rises and slinks back into the ocean with a banner on TV saying “Godzilla Savior of our city.” This whole fight scene take  place in the last half hour of the movie and I felt they could have cut out at least 30 minutes out  to make a faster paced movie. It is still worth seeing though if you are a fan of the Godzilla movies and this one takes place  here so he is not destroying Tokyo for once. As one commnent I saw said,”only Barack Obama’s Hawaii, Harry Reid’s Nevada, and Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco are destroyed. 😀

Godzilla – Official Main Trailer [HD] – YouTube

Godzilla Official Extended Trailer (2014) Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen HD –

Godzilla Official Movie Clip – Monster Mash (2014) Bryan Cranston HD – YouTube


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