Here’s What Incompetance Leads To!!!

12 Jun
Obama-in-Apocalypse-Now--56325 obama-speech-e1342050505906

 When Obama came into office he vowed to end the war in Iraq “YAY”  the people shouted ”Bush’s war. Bush lied and thousands died. Get us out of here oh great one.” Obama said he was going to close GITMO and end the Afghanistan war.

“Yes” cried the  people, “Get us out of there too.”

Now five years later after pulling out of Iraq and having more deaths in Afghanistan than Bush, Obama is facing a new crisis. He’s considering going back into Iraq.

In the past several months, radical Islamist militants have been on the march in Iraq, securing the bulk of the western Anbar Province in January and just this week taking control of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq. They are now on the march to Baghdad to take control of the country and have declared an end to the border between Syria and Iraq. Iraqis are fleeing Mosul and other cities by the hundreds of thousands. The Islamists are reportedly beheading some of those left behind.

The primary actor behind the instability is the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham, or ISIS, originally an al-Qaeda affiliate responsible for such heinous atrocities in Syria that even al-Qaeda has publicly distanced itself from the group.

Terrorists have become a full blown army and Islamists are taking over and there are mass beheadings by Al -Qaida.  In spite of what Obama said Al -Qaida is not on the run Obama and his lib dem co-horts were warned this would happen if we pulled out, but Obama bending to his liberal ideology that war is bad and if we pull out all will be right with the world if we’re only nice to them they’ll be nice to us and all sing cum-by-ya has now caused chaos and ruin in Iraq and millions of people put under Sharia law where democracy was once taking over and women could hold jobs and drive cars. Now all that is reversed and Obama is considering using military help again .In other words he’s going back in to the very thing he was against.  “What we’ve seen over the last couple of days indicates the degree to which Iraq is going to need more help,” Obama said. “It’s going to need more help from us, and it’s going to need more help from the international community.”

He added: “We do have a stake in making sure that these jihadists are not getting a permanent foothold in either Iraq, or Syria for that matter.”

 What people don’t understand is that the goal of Islam is world domination. The Islamic religion has been hijacked by radicals who want to make the mid-east one big caliphate and from  there  they will take on Europe and eventually the United States mostly by infiltrating and establishing mosques everywhere and using violence  by any means if possible to achieve their ends.

This guy is so incompetent in everything he does. He hates America and thought he could change it and is doing a good job destroying it. He’s acting like a dictator and bypassing congress in everything he does making us like a banana republic. Charles Krauthammer summed Obama’s incompetence up best recently saying: “Obama’s ruling by executive order and making us like a bananna republic. It’s the worst recovery since WW11 he’s shown incompetence in Obamacare. He can’t even get a website to work and it cost us 17 million dollars, he’s shown incompetence and banality in running the veterans affairs, there’s abuse in the IRS, he’s re-written drug enforcement laws unilaterally, he’s rewritten Obamacare 38 times unilaterally an d nobody lifts a finger and now he’s doing climate change through government regulation which no one has done before. He’s on autopilot and liberalism will suffer and so will the country.”

 I found the following comment very telling and truthful:


I guess it is NOW obvious our well educated, charismatic, Rev Wright indoctrinated, Christian con man does not care about our military personnel or their families.
After over 10 years, in 2 wars, knowing that all military personnel/their families were incredibly stressed out, from long/repeated/deadly tours of duty, STILL, Commander in Chief Obama inflicted his sexual/social engineering experiments on the American military. The RESULTS of his experiments have been devastating.
Highest number of suicides (double) in military history..
Highest number of yearly divorces in military history .
Highest number of PTSD cases in military history.
Highest number of sexual assaults and rapes against men AND women in the history of the military.
Forced the largest number of officers/commanders out of the military, that did not agree with his ideology, during ANY PREVIOUS Commander in Chiefs term. All that is left is YES military men at the highest levels, that want to keep their jobs until retirement.
Stabbed the military in the back by offering at Congressional Sequester negotiations, that 50% of Sequester cuts would be taken by the military.
Approved the mention of God be taken out of the Air Force Academy oath.
Demanded Pentagon make plans to close as many military commissaries as possible, critical to soldiers and their families.
Commanded Secretary of Defense Hagel to make plans to allow Transgenders into the military.
Bragged during his first Presidential election that the VA was broken and he would fix it (2008).
Responsible for the deaths of 45 plus Veterans deaths from HIS VA administrations incompetence.
What has the Commander in Chief done, ON HIS WATCH, to reverse this ongoing, terrible destruction of our military society? PLAN TO SEND THE MILITARY BACK TO IRAQ WITH ALL THE GITMO TERRORISTS he has let loose
God help/save our Military personnel and their families from this diabolical President


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