The Planned Destruction of America by Obama and Co.

13 Jul






Remember when Rahm Emanuel told Obama to “never let  a good crisis go to waste because it gives you a chance to do things you normally could not do?” Well ever since he took office, Obama’s administration has been one crisis after another which he creates and then denies and covers up with a new crisis when things get hot so we forget the previous one.

First we had Fast and Furious with sending thousands of guns to the drug cartels in Mexico under the auspices they were trying to see who intercepts them and said Bush did the same thing. The only thing is under Bush all the guns were recovered as they had GPS systems in them. When things got hot and people demanded Holder’s resignation, suddenly the NSA scandal erupted with the government spying on its’ citizens phone calls, e-mails, texts and other electronic communications all stored for 90 days in that giant building in Utah.. Obama claimed he didn’t know about it until he read about it in the newspapers. We also had Obamacare then with him saying what is now known as the lie of the century saying “if you like your plan you can keep your plan and if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” Meanwhile 5 million plus people lost their insurance and doctors and the administration said they knew this would happen as far back as 2010.

 Then came their scandal with the IRS  spying on Republican and pro life and pro Isreali groups denying them funds to publicize their messages and advertise during an election year.Obama said he didn’t know about the IRS and NSA scandals until he read about them in the newspapers. When the people became enraged at that suddenly Benghazi explodes. Obama was nowhere to be found during that time and blamed it on a you- tube video which was later proven to be false and the filmmaker spent a year in jail at Obama’s orders. He should sue the government.

 Just when that scandal was at its’ height and Obama seemed in trouble along comes the VA scandal. After a few days of that suddenly Obama exchanges five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world for this deserter Bergdahl. At the same time Obama withdrew our forces from Iraq and  ISIS takes over conquering city after city, burning buildings and schools we built and undoing everything we did to bring these people up to the 20th century and proceeded to put everyone there under Sharia law again. The ISIS group are led by a terrorist Obama freed in 2009 who told his guards “See you in New York.” Now they  are heading towards Saudi Arabia which is predominantly Sunni and then Mecca.

 As people complained about Obama pulling troops out too soon all of a sudden we have this border crisis with tens of thousands of illegals (including  gang members  like MS13 coming in here and recruiting)  bringing in all sorts of diseases such as tuberculosis, measels, leprosy, lice and other communicable  diseases. Obama has pledged 4 billion dollars for the relief of these immigrants which has incurred the wrath of Jesse Jackson and the black community that voted for him. Jackson said the 4 billion should be used to combat violence in Chicago which is a better idea.

 Yes Obama said he was going to transform America and has made no apology for his distain  for America. He has said he would side with the muslims and everything he does goes to them. He’s freeing radical muslims from GITMO and given a billion dollars to the muslim brotherhood in Egypt along with 200 Abrams tanks and 14 F-16 jets.  He’s  committing  impeachable offense after impeachable offense and should be tried and convicted, but no one raises a finger to do anything. Clinton was impeached for lying about sex for God’s sake.

 Yes Rahm Emanuel was right.”Never let a good crisis go to waste because it allows you to do things you normally couldn’t do,” like destroying America.

Check out the comment below from a commenter to an article I read and also Ray Steven’s song about illegal immigration which is more  true now than when he originally did it a few years ago.

TexanForever • 8 hours ago

Obongo the Marxist Muslim isn’t intelligent enough to put all this together all by himself. Vallerie Jarrett et all are the ones calling the shots to bring down the USA in just eight critical years.

There are plenty of dots to connect. Remember the financial disasters, the housing debacle, the destruction of Chrysler and sell-out of GM, the trillions of dollars of new debt, the destruction of the currency with presses running 24/7, gun running to the Mex, cartels via Fast & Furious, and on and on through Bengazi, IRS spying, establishment of an armed Homeland Security Gestapo, reduction of the Army to pre-WW2 levels, giving away hard-won Iraq to ISIS, hanging Israel out to dry, replacing a top quality health system with Obamacare, Ignoring/bypassing Congress and the Supreme Court with presidential directives, and now erasing the borders entirely to the point where we are no longer a nation. He paid homage to the Saudi king, kissing his ring. … A brother Sunni.

These are the dots. Connect them and you have a usurper closet Muslim fighting Jihad from within. … Why are all of his records sealed? … Why is his Social Security number that of a man who died long ago in a state he’s never lived in? … Why in hell can’t (wont?) others see it? … It’s out there in plain sight.

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