This was the title of an article I read recently on my web: “The Regime Uses Words and Phrases Designed to Bamboozle Us!” How true that is. It’s a practice that falls under two categories: Outright lies, like we hear daily from Obama and his idiot press secretaries, Josh and Jay, and propaganda, as was used so efficiently by a fellow named Joseph Goebbels, a few years ago. To obfuscate, confuse and deflect criticism is the reason to lie and propagandize but the end goal is to overcome voters, especially the low information ones, products of a dumbed down education since the 1960’s.

The radical Islamic-Iraqi problem now engulfing the middle-east, were not unknown to Obama. He knew that would happen when he withdrew America’s military out of the region and drew ‘Red Lines” in the sand. Why would he do that? Because it’s another crisis that takes our eyes off his own crimes, like Fast and Furious, his roll in the Benghazi murders, his attack on conservatives using the IRS, his attack on a free press, his financing, with tax payer funds, of failing unions and business’s to empty our treasury and his failed immigration policy. I had to have missed something!

What do we get from Obama for all the crisis his administration is responsible for? More propaganda and lies. In Goebbels time, the party tightly controlled the means of mass communication. In today’s electronic media savvy world of the Internet and smart phones, TV and talk radio, why do lies and propaganda still appeal to over 50% of the populous? It’s all perception and illusion of course, created by the propagandists trick of repeating the same lie over and over and over again. A compliant press helps maintain the charade. Obama must keep up the facade of competence because “Losing an illusion makes us wiser than finding a truth.”

Americans still have a misplaced, but fast eroding faith in our Government. At first we could not force ourselves to believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that our Federal government had become a thuggish criminal organization, its ranks filled with greedy cheats and tax evaders with the sole intent of retaining political power and nothing else. Obama’s programs are prima facie, unconstitutional. Any ruling from a liberal judge that supports government edicts does not change the simple fact that their programs, rules, laws and edicts, still do not meet the levels of constitutionality intended by our founders.

When Americans finally lose all faith in their government, as Obama’s government is surely accomplishing, then that government, for its own self-defense, will become despotic, militaristic and tyrannical. It is at this point, that all law enforcement officers should reflect on their solemn oaths to “protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic”. Chief’s of Police, Sheriff’s, Marshall’s, Federal Agents, National Guard and military Reserve Commanding Officers, in all categories’, should recognize their oath’s and refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws forced upon us by the developing domestic enemy which is now our Federal Government. The Obama controlled media does not help in Americans keeping faith with their government. When that faith is finally lost, it’s lost for a long, long time. Thank God, I finally got my official Obama Bull S___ decoder ring in the mail to alert me.

From our own administration, officials whose every utterance is now suspected as a fabrication if not a outright lie, like we get from the IRS officials, the flow of Obama’s propaganda continues apace. Worse, it comes not from a single sourced minister of propaganda, but from a deluge of every idiot with a microphone put in front of him, like Reid, Hoyer. Pelosi and Durbin, thus closing the doors to legitimate inqui

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