Is This Another Overseas Contingency Operation?

10 Aug

isis-iraq-marching.jpg (570×329)

6c00f64a4c9a8bfd2e4fee4ddec938cd.jpg (467×350)

obama_iraq_isis.jpg (620×383)When Bush got us into Iraq and Afghanistan it was labeled the “War on Terror.” When Obama came into power he quickly changed it to a PC version calling them an “overseas contingency operation” and domestic terror acts like Fort Hood were similarly labeled “work place violence.”

When we went into Iraq the media played up that we were looking for Saddam’s WMD’s, but we did much more than that. Much more.  Prior to going into Iraq Saddam had his country under Sharia law. Women couldn’t work, women couldn’t be seen with another man unless she was related to him, women had to be covered up at all times and if a woman was raped she needed four eye-witnesses. After we defeated Saddam we brought those people out of the dark ages. We held free elections and everyone voted. Remember the famous photos of the purple fingers showing they had voted for the first time? We built schools and infrastructure for them. Women could serve in government and hold positions there and be free again, but to maintain all of this we would have to be there for several years  until  they got established like we do in all countries after we liberate them from oppression.

Enter Obama saying he was going to pull us out of Iraq. In fact he couldn’t wait to do it fast enough which he did leaving only 300 troops behind to defend the embassy there. In 2009 Obama released the leading terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi from GITMO whereupon he told his guards “See you in New York.”  This madman proceeded to form and head ISIS  (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) made up of parts of the anti-Syrian rebels along with Al Qaeda which we were arming. ISIS proceeded to become an army of 800 and successfully had the Iraqi army we were training of 1300 surrender to them. ISIS then began taking over Iraq city after city destroying everything we did there burning buildings and putting the land under Sharia law again hoping to eventually team up with Hamas and the muslim brotherhood and make the entire mid-east one big caliphate. From there they would take on the west in Europe and eventually the United States. In fact recently they proclaimed “the Islamic flag will fly over the white house.” They have since taken over the largest dam in Iraq and if they blow that up enitre sections of Iraq  will be under water and half a million people will die.Obama was warned this would happen if he pulled out too soon, but he didn’t listen and now faces the cold hard reality facts.

ISIS in conquering city after city is telling everyone to convert to ISLAM, pay a tax or die.  Many  Christians are threatened and forced to leave. ISIS is beheading men, women and children and killing anyone who does not comply.

As these Islamic fanatics murder their way through Iraq they have captured and enslaved hundreds of women who fell into their clutches. Many of these women are members of an ancient sect called Yazidis who ISIS considers “infidels and devil worshippers.” They intend to make slaves out of them. “They are holding them in schools in the city of Mosul and will do terrible, animalistic things to them,” said a spokesman for the Iraq human rights ministry.

Those that escaped are in the mountains and in dire need of food and water. Obama has ordered bombing raids on the ISIS group and humanitarian aid by dropping food and water supplies to the refugees in the mountain area.  These fanticas have no sanctity for human life and you can’t reason with them. It’s their way or the hyway. The only way to deal with them is to destroy them. So since Obama doesn’t consider these murdering, fanatical Islamic thugs terrorists or doesn’t consider this a war on terror and since this operation doesn’t have a name is it just another overseas contingency operation?

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