Eric Holder Steps Down!!

25 Sep

Eric Holder, 63, the first black attorney general and one of the most corrupt has stepped down. I guess he couldn’t take the heat from Obama’s scandals much more from Fast and Furious (even though that was started under Bush) to using the IRS to spy on republicans and the NSA scandal spying on everyone to his recent partisan trip to Ferguson right after the riots saying, “I come to you as a black man.” He also called the U.S. a “nation of cowards” when it came to race relations and also came under criticism for wanting to hold the 9/11 terror trials in New York City. He later reversed that decision. Obama always let Holder explain everything for him because in Obama’ naieve world view of everything if was  the least he said would make the problem go away and he would let Holder handle it. Holder will probably stay on until Dec. or January when they can get a replacement and it the republicans take the senate in Nov. the confirmation hearings could prove very interesting.

Perhaps Holder knew that after the mid-terms when republicans take the house and Senate and with Obama’s ratings in the tank  his ass would be in a ringer and the only outcome would be to impeach, imprison or both so he is taking the easy way out to save his hide. Besides it is hard being the chief law enforcer in the land when you don’t abide by the law itself. Now maybe more rats will abandon this sinking ship.

Holder’s been the public face of several contentious issues, but it’s not uncommon for Cabinet officials to seek other employment after a few years on the job. In fact Holder is the fourth-longest serving attorney general ever — third-longest if he stays into December.

In the Bush administration, only Labor Secretary Elaine Chao stayed for both terms.

In noting Holder’s age at 63 I also noticed that a lot of Obama’s senior people are just that –seniors!! John Kerry 71, Nancy Pelosi 70, Hillary 67,Harry Reid 75, Janet Yellen 66 are all in their mid or late 60’s and 70’s. Bush had lots of younger people in his administration except for Cheney. I would have thought Obama would have had younger people in his administration. Just  saying.

 FLASHBACK: Holder taken to hospital in Feburary…

Had lowest approval rating of any political figure…

Judge denies DOJ delay request on release of ‘Fast and Furious’ docs…

Just two Obama originals remain..



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