Stephen King: “Obama’s Doing a Terrific Job.” Really??? In What Universe????

29 Sep

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Horror writer Stephen King recently said he thinks Obama is doing a terrific job under the circumstances and blames republican obstructionism naturally like all libs do and Obama does. Well I guess you have been so wrapped up in your horror writing Stephen that you haven’t seen what’s going on in the last five years because if you have you would have noticed that:

Under Obama government has grown fatter, bigger and more intrusive than ever before.

Under Obama unemployment has risen to almost 20% with 92 million and counting unemployed.

Under Obama our enemies no longer fear us and our allies no longer trust us,

Under Obama our border has become so porous and millions upon millions have illegally entered   there bringing in all sorts of crime and diseases and terrorists.

Obama added seven trillion dollars to the national debt after calling Bush “unpatriotic” for adding  four trillion to it bringing our debt to 17 trillion and growing.

Under Obama 5 million plus people have lost their doctors and health insurance after he said they could keep their doctors and their plans.

Under Obama terrorism has flourished with ISIS growing by leaps and bounds while he traded  five top Taliban leaders in Gitmo for a deserter.

Obama’s ratings have fallen to the mid 30’s.

Obama blames everyone else but himself for his woes. If something is positive he uses “I” if it is negative he uses “we” or “The U.S.”

Obama cut our military defenses down to pre WW11 levels.

Under Obamacare you now have to pay a 3% tax when selling your house and a 50% inheritance tax.

Under Obama  race relations have fallen to a new low.

Under Obama crime is way up in spite of his saying the contrary.

Under Obama the economy is suffering and rising at the speed of a tortoise.

Half of his administration if not more are muslim brotherhood members.

Under the circumstances I guess Steven King is right. Obama is doing a terrific job. A terrific  job of destroying the country.

Stephen King On Obama: ‘Under The Circumstances, He’s Done A Terrific Job’ – A

 Obama’s Defense Cuts Would Eliminate Missiles Used Against ISIS

The future of the Tomahawk program is threatened because of Defense Department budget cuts.

Peter King: Obama Blames ‘Everyone But Himself’ on ISIS

REPORT: One-fifth of US workers were laid off in past 5 years…



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