Low Information Voters VS. ISIS Terrorism

01 Oct
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The rise of ISIS has appealed to many young people who think it is just the coolest thing on the planet. Several hundred foreign born from the Minnesota area have joined and two British teen-age girls in England have run away to join after becoming radicalized to Islam on the internet. They are stupidly and naievely lured with the promise of money for giving the ISIS followers children. The goal of Islam is world domination and Obama being a muslim himself, (he admitted it outright to the Egyptian president recently when he said, “I am a muslim, the proud son of a muslim father and a muslim step-father.” Do we need any more proof ? )  is making it more difficult to fight Islam as more and more muslims come into this country. Many think that is another reason he treads so carefully and reluctantly in opposing ISIS.

When Obama put together this coalition to fight ISIS he made a deal with Iran that he would lift sanctions on them if they would join with him in fighting ISIS. That was another stupid thing for him to do. Bibi Netanyahu warned him by doing that Iran would buildup their nuclear stockpile and would use it against Isreal and the United States and told Obama Iran must not get nukes.

I heard a retired colonel say that ISIS is recruiting at the rate of 3500 a day and that Obama is allowing other countries to build up their war chests and nukes while cutting us back to pre WW11 days. This is insane in today’s world.

Recently  on Bill O’Reilly’s show  his segment “Waters’ World” with Jesse Waters went to Boston University to ask them about ISIS.  Some students said they never heard of ISIS. Another women student didn’t know they were beheading people and another said he never watches the news and didn’t know what FOX was. One female student was more interested in showing off her stockings than answering the question. Only one girl was an expert while 99% of the others didn’t know about ISIS.

The low information voter also makes it hard to defeat radical Islam in this country. Recently I heard a spot on example on Sean Hannity’s radio show  when he told off  a low information voter who didn’t consider the Oklahoma beheader  a terrorists. The conversation went something like this:

Caller: Sean, I don’t think that guy in Oklahoma is a terrorist.

Sean Hannity: You mean the guy that cut off that woman’s head and threatened other employees with a knife three days after the head of ISIS called for lone wolf attacks here?

Cal: Yeah that guy.

SH: You mean the guy that said women that don’t follow Islam should be stoned to death?

Cal: Yeah that guy.

SH: You mean the guy that tried to convert his fellow workers to Islam?

Cal: Yeah that guy

SH: You mean the guy that has a picture of a terrorist holding a severed head on his facebook page?

Cal: Yeah that guy

SH: You mean the guy that said death to Isreal and America on his facebook page and said he followed Osama Bin Laden?

Cal: Yeah that guy.

SH: Well If he’s not a terrorist then what is he?

The caller didn’t give a direct answer but said he thought the one that killed the state trooper in Pa. was the real terrorist because he caused a whole town to be locked down.

Sean told him he was just as bad as the people on MSNBC who referred to the beheading as work place violence instead of terrorism just like with the Major Hassan case and went on to say that “Obama is in complete denial about ISIS taking over Baghdad, Obama is in complete denial about ISIS being a threat to the U.S., Obama is in complete denial about ISIS being Islamic and Obama is in complete denial that we are at war with ISIS.”

The fact is that this administration was quick to jump into the Ferguson, Mo. situation, but very slow in responding to ISIS. Obama has spent more time on the golf course than attending his intel briefings. In fact he missed 60% of his intelligence  briefings saying he receives them electronically and reads them. The problem with that is that by not having face to face briefings he misses the opportunity to ask serious questions. Lt .Col. Ralph Peters said “It’s like Obama doesn’t even care.” Now Obama refuses to take any blame for not knowing about the threat of ISIS sooner (even though he was told at least a year ago about them and was warned this would happen if he pulled out)  and blames his intelligence committee which made a lot of people there very, very mad at him.

Low information voter – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

REPORT: President skips nearly 60% of daily intelligence briefings? *

 Neighbors say murder defendant in Oklahoma beheading case was odd and quiet



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