Imigration Mish Mosh-America Gone!!!

14 Oct

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  Hey I can’t read that sign out there please tell me what it says/We have to have things written in five languages these days–Ron and Kay Rivoli-Press One For English. (see link below)

 “You get healthcare, welfare, free education/ help with your voter registration / driver’s license and credit cards and license plates for your new car/ lots of jobs for you to do and employers who will turn a blind eye too./The border is a swinging door. Go home for a visit and come back for more –Ray Stevens-Come to the U.S.A. (see link below)

 When the founding fathers came to our country they were escaping the repression of King George in Europe. They came from countries such as England, Scotland, France and Ireland. They set up two ingenious documents known as The Constitution and Bill of Rights that guaranteed them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These documents withstood the test of time and are what holds our country together.

 As more and more immigrants came from Europe they came for a better life. They worked hard and sacrificed to make this a better country for themselves and their children and they did. The country grew and all assimilated and spoke one language the English language. In 1907 then President Theodore Roosevelt spoke to new immigrants arriving here saying, “We have room for one flag, the American flag…We have room for one language, the English language…and we have room for one loyalty and that is the loyalty to the American people.”

 As time went on immigrants from other countries such as Japan, the Philippines,China and India arrived. They also assimilated and went into professional fields like medical and electronics and further improved our country. They also learned English while keeping their language at home.

 In the last 50 years things changed. We got an influx of immigrants of a different kind from more third world countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.. These immigrants heard about the wealth of the United States and are more radicalized and many come here with their hands out and to rip off.  People like Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama added to this mess with their socialized form of government running roughshod over the Constitution tearing it to shreds calling it an outdated document while increasing the handouts and redistributing the wealth to these immigrants who are sitting on their collective asses making demands and collecting all kinds of government assistance. There are now over 100 languages spoken in this country and a total of 40 million immigrants here now. If this country is so bad as these protestors are saying then why does  everyone want to come here? The only bad thing is that as these third world people come here they are bringing their customs and languages here and not assimilating and they will eventually find they are coming to the very thing they escaped from.

 These immigrants are bringing in old diseases we once vanquished from this country such as measles and tuberculosis and new diseases such as the entrovirus brought in from the mass influx of Mexican kids who were distributed throughout the country and not tested for diseases and now we have the threat of ebola from countries in Africa such as Liberia and Sierra Leone.

 Radical Mexicans have formed a movement called La Raza which says that they are entitled to get California, Washington, Utah, Colorado ,Arizona,Texas and New Mexico back since  they claim it rightfully belongs to them and was taken away when this country was  first settled.

Newly released figures show that the U.S. immigrant population grew by 1.4 million from July 2010 to the middle of last year, reaching a record 41.3 million in July 2013.

About 3.3 million new immigrants settled in the United States in that period, but the number was offset by deaths and return immigration among the existing population.

The 41.3 million figure was double the number in 1990, nearly triple the number in 1980, and more than quadruple the figure in 1970, when it stood at 9.6 million, according to the data from the Census Bureau’s latest American Community Survey.

Immigrants — all those in the country who were not U.S. citizens at birth, including illegal immigrants — comprised 13.1 percent of all U.S. residents last year, the highest percentage in 93 years, the Center for Immigration Studies noted.

As recently as 1980, the figure was just 6.2 percent.

The largest number of immigrants in the country in 2013 originally came from Mexico, 11.58 million, but that was down by 126,126 since 2010.

The region showing the greatest growth in U.S. immigration from 2010 to 2013 was South Asia, with 372,546 new immigrants, including 254,355 from India, bringing the total number of immigrants from that region to 2.71 million.

In raw numbers, the largest number of immigrants in the country last year came from East Asia, 7.88 million, including 2.38 million from China and more than a million each from Korea and Vietnam.

There were 3.9 million immigrants from the Caribbean last year, including 1.14 from Cuba and 991,046 from the Dominican Republic.

About 3.16 million immigrants from Central America were in the country, including 1.25 million from El Salvador and 902,293 from Guatemala.

The greatest share of the 2.76 million immigrants from South America were from Colombia, 677,231.

The U.S. was home to 1.81 million immigrants from the Middle East, with the largest number — 363,972 — from Iran.

There were also 4.88 million immigrants from Europe, 1.5 million from Sub-Saharan Africa, and 846,921 from Canada.

California was home to more immigrants last year than any other state, 10.31 million, followed by Texas with 4.36 million.

But the state with the largest percentage growth in its immigrant population from 2010 to 2013 was North Dakota, 27 percent.

I agree with the comment below:


It is so sad for them and for our nation to now have the very worst president to ever sit in our White House. He has lowered the bar on everything from the military, marriage, race relations, jobs to communist china, dumbing down our youth with that awful political correctness, his cheap gun grab, lying liberal media, obama care ponzi scheme, marriage etc. He is indeed a failed social experiment, and NO that wild eyed media hog feminist cult member Hillary Clinton would not be any better. America needs a strong moral leader not this liberal extremist do nothing, know nothing nonsense that has turned America into a cess pool of moral decay.

Ray Stevens – Come to the USA – YouTube

YouTube – Press One For English

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