Bill Cosby Rape Allegations!!What’s the Real Reason?

19 Nov

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Comedian and all American dad Bill Cosby has been embroiled in a series of rape accusations from women who said he raped them 20 and 30 years ago. The media is whipping this up into a media frenzy and the public is going after him like the peasants storming Frankenstein’s castle. It seems every day a new woman comes forward saying she was raped by him 20 or 30 years ago. While we’re at it is there any other woman with dollar signs and stars in their eyes who wants to say Cosby raped them 30 years ago? If so now is your chance or forever hold your peace. Think of the book deals, think of the TV interviews, think of the extortion and he and you won’t be able to prove a thing.

Now this former model Janice Dickerson who’s had so much plastic surgery it looks like someone punched her in the face is coming out saying Cosby raped her. I recently saw an interesting comment about her I am listing here. “She said nothing back in 1982 – no police report, didn’t tell any friends, family, etc…  In fact, she admits that she never said two words to Cosby himself about the alleged incident.  

She waits 32 YEARS before somehow finding the ‘strength’ to come out with her accusations …  the same way that she found the ‘strength’ in the early 2000’s to go on a Reality TV show and publicly accuse her father of being a pedophile.  She tearfully told the story of how she was forced to keep the secret for “16 years”… .  

Seems like a pattern here: a has-been who loves to play up to the camera in the hopes of becoming ‘relevant’ again to rekindle a long-gone career. ..By RogerW 

I’m not defending the man and he may well have done these horrible things, but there is not a shred of evidence, no DNA, no photographs and except for one there is no police reports and that one was inconclusive and so far in this country one is innocent until proven guilty, but  the way things are going that may soon change.

I personally think there is more to this than meets the eye and think it’s political. First of all why are all these women all coming out at the same time now 30 years later when the statute of limitations is over and their careers are going nowhere? Cosby left the liberal  plantation sort of speak and was very vocal in saying black youths should  get off welfare and go out and make it on their own. He told black women to stop having babies with four and five different fathers and to dress more appropriately instead of clothes  with  their breasts hanging out and guys with pants  around their asses. Well the media and socialists would have none of that so they had to discredit him like they did with other successful blacks that left the plantation like they did with Allan West, Condi Rice, Herman Caine and Clarence Thomas.

Another reason I feel they are going after Cosby is because he was outspoken against Treyvon Martin and now Michael Brown. Doesn’t it seem funny that all this is happening now with Ferguson being so hot?

When Juanita Broderick accused Bill Clinton of raping her and Paula Jones  accused Clinton of exposing himself to her the media came down on them like nobody’s business and excoriated them unmercifully and they had more proof than these women with Cosby. Juanita Broderick had a picture of her and Clinton together on that day and she described the buildings outside the window of the room they were in perfectly and when investigators checked the buildings outside the window today the ones she described are no longer there, but a picture from that time showed they were there. When Paula Jones accused Bill Clinton of exposing himself to her she had the backing of the state trooper who brought her up to him and said she could identify markings around Clinton’s privates. She settled out of court after suing Clinton.

These women accusing Cosby have none of that. Like I said he may be guilty of being a serial rapist, but these things coming out at his time go much deeper and leave much to be desired. In this country even the most hardened criminal is innocent until proven guilty.


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