Emperor Obama

20 Nov
There is a crisis of confidence by the American people with the white house because of Obama’s constant deceiving us to advance his radical agenda of transforming  America. First there was the stimulus package with the bogus shovel ready jobs, then there was the Obamacare hoax about keeping your plan and doctor, then fast and furious, then the IRS scandal, BenghazI cover-up and now the amnesty issue.

 When the Republicans won the election, the N.Y. Post ran a front page picture of a naked Obama with a barrel around him with the headline that read ‘The Emperor has No Clothes’ :D. Ever since then he is acting out and acting like a sociopathic meglomaniac. A  sociopath in being a person who talks nicely to you and gains your confidence and then stabs you in the back and a megalomaniac in that he is ruling by decree and bypassing congress with his executive orders.

 He’s declaring war on the constitution which he calls “an outdated document” by granting amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants by executive order. I realize critics will say Reagan, Clinton and Bush did it too, but  they didn’t do anything on this grand a scale. Besides if they jumped off a bridge does that mean Obama should too? (Well maybe he should ).:D

He knows what he is doing is lawless and unconstitutional, but he is going to do it anyway. He knows by granting millions  amnesty he will get them all to vote democrat and in essence destroy  the republican party which is part of his transformation of America.

 In 2011 he said for him to grant amnesty without consent of congress is wrong and would undermine his role as president. He further stated,” I am not the emperor of the U.S. I’m the president and my job is to uphold the laws that are already passed.”

 In 2014 he said, “We are a nation of laws and I am constrained by what I can do.” He said he doesn’t have the power, but he is going to do it anyway. Obama doesn’t want to get boxed in when the republicans come in January with a border security bill which he doesn’t want.

 Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, on Monday called on Democrats in the Senate to stand up to President Barack Obama’s intent to take executive action on immigration and “remind the president he is not a king.”

The newest member of Utah’s congressional delegation, GOP Rep.- elect Mia Love, joined in the criticism of the president’s unilaterally removing the threat of deportation for up to 5 million immigrants in the country illegally.

Love, who is in Washington, D.C., for orientation sessions in preparation for taking office Jan. 3, said Obama “is behaving more like a dictatorship than an elected official. … (He’s) acting as if he’s an elite that is capable of making decisions for everyone.

 President Barack Obama thinks he’s an “emperor” and will prove it Thursday with an expected plan to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation, conservative commentator and radio host Rush Limbaugh says.

The president’s declaration in February 2013 that “I’m not . . . the emperor of the United States” and can’t stop deportations that would tear immigrant families apart was just “buying time,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Wednesday.

“What he didn’t say was, ‘I don’t care about any of that,'” Limbaugh said. “‘The only thing stopping me is there’s an election coming up, and, when the election’s over, that’s when I’ll do it. But I’m not gonna do it before that because that will hurt my party and maybe me.’

“He should have just told them to be patient and wait until after the election, because he doesn’t believe he’s not an emperor,” Limbaugh charged.

Obama, who is expected to outline a plan Thursday to give temporary legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants, is doing exactly what he said he couldn’t, Limbaugh said.

He lied,” Limbaugh charged. “Obama knows everything he’s doing. He knows who he lies to, he knows why he lies, and he knows he’s going to get away with it. He knows he’s not gonna be called on it.”

But, Limbaugh said, “the point is much larger than Obama is a hypocrite. He is exactly what he claims that he is not.”

This is what I have always said over and over again ,listen to what Obama says and then think the opposite to get to know what he really means which I have always  done. What he always says and does are two different things.

I guess Obama is so used to living in places like Kenya where he grew up that have monarchs and visited and bowed to Sheiks and kings that he himself thinks of himself as an emperor.

Just check out some of these comments from  the people who are fed up with Obama.

Sunshinegirl /FedupwBpharma  

Yes he does Rush – Its about Time we remind the Emperor that his Kingdom can see right through his transparency .
Its past time for Obama to be Dethroned .

 Prophet  Sunshinegirl /FedupwBpharma 

He not only thinks it- he believes it. Some of his most trusted honestly believe he is their Savior and Emperor. But the real truth is he only a empty promise with no hope of ever changing.

Comment by gharrod
November 20, 2014 @ 9:54 am

Congressional democrats need to feel the hot breath of their constituents breathing down their necks, or they will forget the whupping they took in the last election. Obama is an out-of-control megalomaniac and tyrant who needs  to be hauled up short before he destroys the Republic and the democrat party with it. If they don’t step up and defy him for the good of their party, the nation and the American people, the 2016 elections will set democrats back on their heels and doom them to minority party status for a generation or more. The PEOPLE are getting more pissed off by the hour, and democrats at ALL levels of government, local, state and federal will be fools not to heed what THE PEOPLE are telling them.

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