Ferguson Riots After Verdict=Black Rage

25 Nov
“Just as every cop’s a criminal and all you sinners saints.You have to understand just call me Lucifer because I’m in need of some restraint.”—-“The Rolling Stones,Sympathy for the Devil.”

Never before in history have we had a president so divisive as Obama. He and his administration pit men against women, blacks against whites, rich against poor, old against young. All Saul Alinsky tactics who he learned from to divide and conquer.

Obama and his administration has set civil rights back 200 years with his statements  such as , “The Boston police acted stupidly,” “if I had a son he would look like Treyvon,” and  now telling the crowd in Ferguson to “remain calm, but I understand your anger.” His speech seemed to just ramble on saying much about nothing and fanning the flames in a subtle manner.  When the first beheading of an American happened he gave a few seconds speech and returned to the golf course. Obama also told the rioters and looters to “stay the course” before hand so I guess we know where his allegiance lies. When Eric Holder went to Ferguson he announced publicly, “I come to you as a black man.” This fanned the flames and whipped the masses up in rally of support. When the agitator in chief, Al Sharpton isn’t doing his TV show or visiting the white house (he went 82 times) he was in Ferguson whipping the masses into an anti-white frenzy. Brown’s  parents called for calm no matter what he decision was and Obama himself called for calm though he said “the anger was understandable” which further fans the flames and they still rioted.  This is playing both sides against the middle and is being further divisive.  

This guy Michael Brown was a thug. When a cop tells you to get off the street you get off the street and  don’t confront him and punch  him. Brown was shot from the front as he charged the cop. He was a big brute who wore gang clothes and assaulted a store employee and stole from the store. The fool robs a store then struts down the middle of the street with an attitude and we wonder why he gets shot?? The same was with Treyvon Martin. He was no innocent kid either like the media portrayed  him to be. He was a thug too.

I heard a black commentator on FOX displaying his disgust with the rioting and said he greatly feared that history will be re-written to show Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown to be heroes like Rosa Parks when they are not even in the same league as her.

These rioters could have caused more deaths with their  looting, burning buildings and rioting, but they  obviously don’t  care when things don’t go their way. I thought the prosecutor did an excellent job of explaining the case and I learned more  in ten minutes than I did in these last weeks. To these  people who are rioting they are all emotion and no facts. I saw them working  themselves up into a frenzy  before the decision came  down.

I saw this interesting article in Red State Newsletter today that sums things up perfectly:

Too many people on both sides have too much of an incentive to keep tensions going. It is a TV ratings bonanza for cable news and reality shows. Too many  profit off it. Listening to the reporters question the District Attorney in Ferguson proved it. The agenda was apparent. The press corps was not interested in facts or justice, but social justice. They were interested in the grievance. One reporter tried to claim, after the DA recounted the facts, that it was Officer Wilson who had said Michael Brown charged toward him. Actually, it was a black witness. Another reporter asked a loaded question about how it was okay for police to shoot an unarmed black man with his hands down or in the air. Another yelled out asking how the DA could sleep with himself. White liberals on twitter were positively Levitical in their demands that Darren Wilson be found guilty, then tried, for murder. Ezra Klein of Vox went so far on twitter as to ask who represented Michael Brown before the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury is not there for either side to represent themselves. It is there to try to ascertain, as best as possible, fact and truth. It is a collection of citizens who are there to serve their community.

 And I agree with this statement too from a commenter to an article  I saw:

michael05121988  This has got to be the WORST show of support for a “cause!!!” Protesters from all around America are causing problems for law biding citizens who could potentially need police, fire, or medical help right now. I blame this whole up roar on social media and the news outlets! Individuals posted false information and it spread like wild fire all over the world. This situation has NOTHING to do with race! A Police officer who just so happened to be of the opposite race legally and within his right of self-defense killed an un-compliant individual regardless his race, but rather actions taken by that individual that indicated a justified use of deadly force. But we have certain individuals to include the media portraying this as a RACE CRIME?!?!? For the individuals who may disagree with what I’m saying, Google “use of force model.” You will find the table that police officers from all around America are expected to obey by at all times when on duty. The facts and truth came out, but there are still a lot of people who are letting emotions and rage cloud the truth just because the “verdict” didn’t go your way. Instead of looting, burning buildings, and causing havoc, look at your self and say, “is this helping or hurting my image?” STOP complaining about racial in equality and get off your couch and enroll in the nearest college. Enlist in the military. Apply for any job and save your money and move out of the dump neighborhood you may live in. I’m 26, was raised poor, but my parents instilled discipline and drive in me to not be a bum. I fully own my home and car. I have no debt. I’m not living check to check on the government’s expense (working mans tax money). ALL BECAUSE I chose to take the tuff road, just like every other successful person in the world. PLEASE STOP!!!

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