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SONY Hack Was An Inside Job!!!!!

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 The SONY Hack story continues to get more and more suspicious. The top cyber security team in the country say it is  an inside job involving a woman who got laid off after 10 years there. I can believe that. The F.B.I. is still blaming North Korea. I think they are towing the President’s line to make him look good since he said it was North Korea.

 If Obama is responsible for turning off North Korea’s internet when they aren’t responsible that is a very, very dangerous move. It can be construed as an act of war. To accuse a country like North Korea of doing something they didn’t do is a precarious move especially with a maniac like Kim Jung UN as the leader in charge. Like I mentioned in my previous blog, Obama is known for making statements and jumping  into  things before he knows all the facts. So it is with this situation. He seems to suffer from foot in mouth disease. 😀

 The FBI has blamed the government of North Korea, allegedly as reprisal for the movie The Interview. The movie depicts a talk show host and producer who score an interview with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and are then recruited by the CIA to assassinate him.

But Kurt Stammberger, a senior vice president with the security firm Norse, told the Security Ledger researchers there believe the hacking was an inside job. Stammberger said the team has even identified one possible perpetrator, a woman who worked for Sony for 10 years before losing her job in a recent reorganization.

The woman has a “very technical background” and has posted angry messages online, Stammberger said. He said a total of at least six people appear to have been involved in the hacking, with the others including two in the United States and others in Canada, Singapore and Thailand.

 Mark Rasch of Rasch Technology and Cyberlaw said the technical details of the hack point away from North Korea — as does the information that was released. He told Security Ledger the perpetrator appears to have a sophisticated knowledge of the movie industry and of what information would be most damaging to Sony if it became public.

 Comen Takeit • 13 hours ago

DOH ! Ya think ? !! Their “Dear Leader” who can do EVERTHING, just like our libs here and especially odummer, prolly did it ALL BY HIMSELF. Or at least, that’s what their media is prolly telling the “huddled masses” of slave labor !! That “they had outside help” is just for the trolls and libs here to suck up and spew. Misdirection and misinformation- a commie trick.

JerO • 14 hours ago

There are MANY communists in the USA, this is most likely a PLOY to make Kenyan in Chief look good.


US Suspects NKorea Did Not Act Alone in Sony Hack


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North Korea‘s Internet Paralyzed.Kim Calls Obama Monkey

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I hate to say this about the Dear Leader fat boy who tortures, starves and kills his own people including relatives, but he is right about Obama. Obama does jump into saying things without knowing all the facts. Libs here are jumping on the racist  bandwagon, even though Kim doesn’t mean it that way.

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – North Korea’s Internet and 3G mobile networks were paralyzed again on Saturday evening, China’s official Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday, with the North Korean government blaming the United States for systemic instability in the country’s networks.

Internet connectivity had not returned to normal as of 21:30 local time, Xinhua reported, citing reporters in the country that had confirmed the situation over fixed telephone systems.

The report comes after the North Korean government called Obama a “monkey” and blamed the United States for enduring instability in the country’s internet infrastructure, after the U.S. blamed North Korea for hacking attack on Sony Studios.

The attack was allegedly conducted to deter Sony from showing a comedy film called “The Interview,” the plot of which featured a scheme to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and it resulted in major expense and embarrassment for Sony.

U.S. President Barack Obama promised retaliation for the attack but did not specify its form. North Korea has denied responsibility for the attack on Sony.

“Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest,” an unidentified spokesman at the commission’s policy department said in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency.

The North has denied involvement in a crippling cyberattack on Sony Pictures, but has expressed fury over the comedy, which depicts the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Sony Pictures initially called off the release of the film, citing threats of terror attacks against U.S. movie theaters. Obama criticized Sony’s decision, and the movie opened this past week.

On Saturday, the North’s powerful National Defense Commission, which is led by Kim and is the country’s top governing body, said Obama was behind the release of “The Interview.” It described the movie as illegal, dishonest and reactionary.

 As I mentioned in my last blog, Obama is great for jumping in and making statements before he knows all the facts. He immediately blamed North Korea and said he would respond in a timely fashion in an unspecified time and place and now North Korea’s internet is shut down and Kim is blaming the U.S. for it. However FBI investigators have now confirmed it wasn’t North Korea, but an inside job in SONY.

I think SONY or someone inside SONY, a disgruntled employee maybe, planned this knowing this movie was going to cost them and be a bomb so they hired a hacker to do this and blame it on North Korea. Now everyone is lining up to see it and the critics have panned it big time and audiences are saying it’s not that great. Many are saying the publicity leading up to it was more exciting. I think Obama was even in on it with Hollywood when he urged people to see it since he owes them big time for sending him millions in political donations.

 Obama better be careful what he says and does on the international stage now with Kim. By shutting down their internet in a cyber retaliation when they didn’t do it in the first place can be construed as an act of war by North Korea and this little fat boy Dear Leader is crazy enough to do something serious to us.

 Everybody knows Obama is a wimp, friends, enemies, other countries. Putin laughs in his face, Assad laughs at his lines drawn in the sand and now North Korea calls him a monkey. Kim has also recently aligned himself with Putin so Obama better be careful. North Korea now has nukes and this Dear Leader fat boy is insane enough to use them. This is the guy who killed his own uncle, put his aunt into slavery and publicly executed 10 of his guards for watching western soap operas. The current joke making the rounds is  that Kim’s comment is an insult to monkeys. 😀


Internet, 3G mobile network ‘paralyzed’…

Korea insults Obama, blames U.S. for Web outage – USA Today


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Race Baiters and America Haters


Illustration on Eric Holder's exacerbation of problems in Ferguson, Mo. by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times

Al Sharpton (Associated Press)



The current crop of demonstrations and riots against the police which is spreading nationwide is being fermented by people who hate America and follow Obama and don’t want to see this nation as No.1 and an example for equal opportunity for all. I hold the current crop of agitators all the way up to the presidency as perpetrators. That’s right, Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis (Calypso Louie)Farakhan all responsible.

 In his book The Audacity of Hope Obama blames America for all the problems in the world. He claims America’s wealth was stolen and has to be given back, hence his massive redistribution of wealth program. He said it’s not fair that America is No.1 in the world and should be more like Europe hence his Obamacare program. When he first got in office the first thing he did was go on an apology tour to the Middle East apologizing for America throughout history. This is the man people elected twice. That’s what you get for voting for someone you know nothing about. Gruber is right. Americans are stupid. No wonder there is so much tension in the world and country today. When my wife, friend and I went to our favorite diner last week and saw our favorite waitress she said she’s never seen so much hate in the world as today. She is so right.

 Just take a look at some of these quotes and decide for yourself as Obama jumps into situations without having all the facts: Obama; “The Camebridge police acted stupidly!”

 Obama on Trevon Martin: “if I had a son he would look like Treyvon” even though Treyvon was a known thug.

 Obama on the Ferguson rioters and demonstrators: “Stay the course.”

 Eric Holder: “When it comes to racism the United States is a nation of cowards!”

 Eric Holder to the Ferguson demonstrators: “I come to you as a black man. I know what it is like for a black person to face a white cop.”

 Louis Farakhan: “They take one of ours, we take one of theirs!”

 Then there is the king race baiter and American hater Al Sharpton who needs no explanation and quote here. The fact that Obama takes this fake, phony,fraud preacher and agitator and race baiter to be his chief laison between  the government and the black community speaks volumes about  him and where he stands. No wonder there are riots all over the place and hate everywhere with these people in charge.

Never before since the Vietnam war and prior to that the civil war has the country been so divided from an administration as now and this could be  worse. I’ve seen people say that Obama wants a race war and this is just what’s happening. This is all part of his Saul Alinsky upbringing.

 There has been a conspiracy since the 60s to destroy LOCAL police authority and replace them with a Gestapo federal police.  This has been the mission of communists and socialists, who want a POWERFUL central government to begin with.  Communists like Sharpton and Holder WANT anarchy in the streets to create MORE LAWS and MORE government as a solution.  Like the 20th century communists and nazis, they use anarchy knowing people will demand a POLICE STATE. 

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE means keep them independent from central government control. 

Now two NYC offcers werre assasinated while sitting in their car by a black man named Ismaaiyl Brinsley who later committed suicide.The media is quick to ignore his background and concentrate on the fact that Farakhan said  if they kill one of ours we kill one of theirs,but there is a big part they are not telling.This low life perpetrator was a muslim and a member of the Black Guerilla Army which is devoted to overthrowing the government and is an offshoot of the  60’s radical group  the Weather Underground which Bill Ayers was head  honcho.  Since he was a radical muslim they shouldn’t be quick to discount the lone wolf attacks that are still ongoing. I guess they don’t want to offend the normal muslim community.

 Explosives, bricks hurled at officers in new protests…

Support for police surges across USA.

Firefighters targeted in drive-by shooting; 1 hurt…

 Giuliani: ‘Cruel Lie’ to Say Most Cops Are Racist

Farrakhan On Ferguson: ‘We’ll Tear This G**damn Country Up

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SONY Surrenders To Terrorists!!!!! America’s Outraged

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The Interview Now that SONY has surrendered to the terrorists, Americans left right and center are all outraged saying who are they or any country to tell us what he can see and can’t see. The movie called  “The Interview” starring James Franco and Seth Rogen was a comedy about the assassination  of North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un.  It did look funny from the trailer I saw even though it got bad advanced reviews. Now everybody wants to see it. Even Sean Hannity said no matter how bad it is he would still see it to show up North Korea that we aren’t afraid of their threats. Even Obama urged people to see it for the same reason.
 However I see this as a double edged sword with SONY pulling the movie. The terrorists who have been identified as from North Korea with possible help from Iran, China or Russia were very crafty in their cyber warfare. First they released embarrassing e-mails of SONY heads Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin showing them as they really are making all kinds of racist comments which is why they are in so much hot water now and she faces being replaced on her job. Then they released the social security numbers and personal medical information of all their employees along with new unreleased movies. Third they made threats bringing up 9/11 references of an attack on Christmas Day in any theater showing the movie and anyone living near a movie theater showing it should be out of their house that day. SONY then capitulated and surrendered causing America to lose their first cyber war.  
I say this is a double edged sword because by SONY surrendering they are showing other countries how weak we are and making us vulnerable to other countries doing the same thing to bring us down. The House Cyber chairman has warned that our grids, Wall Street or even Washington could be next. On the other hand suppose SONY refused to give into their demands and show the movie and a movie theater or several movie theaters got blown up on that day. Have we forgotten so soon what one maniac did in a Colorado movie theater not too long ago? This is a country we are dealing with making these threats who probably have agents in this country right now willing to die for the cause. I’m sure if a movie theater got blown up then all these people would be saying SONY should have  held back on releasing the film as it is better to be safe than sorry. So SONY was caught between a rock and a hard place. Release the film and risk having movie theater blown up or not release it and make us appear vulnerable to the rest of the world.
 Obama then insisted that America would strike back at the hermit kingdom for sponsoring the hacking of Sony Pictures. “We’ll respond proportionally … in a place, time and manner that we choose,” said the president.
 What’s he going to do? Sanctions? We don’t deal with North Korea. As one commenter  recently remarked:  
And what, exactly, would you have done, Obama? Putin laughs in your face. Assad laughs at your “red lines”. The Taliban is back in business and now we have ISIS to deal with. Like North Korea would take anything you said seriously? I don’t think so, toothless tiger.
The software used in the hacking was at a level of sophistication not previously seen in past North Korean attacks, a US intelligence source told Fox News, adding that China, Iran and Russia had all used the technology previously. The hackers who launched a cyberattack on Sony Pictures praised the company’s decision to cancel the release of The Interview on Friday and said its data will be secure if they continue to comply, CNN reported. “It’s very wise that you have made a decision to cancel the release of ‘The Interview,'” the message said, according to CNN. “We ensure the security of your data unless you make additional trouble.”
 Meanwhile Obama hasn’t helped matters any in keeping us strong. He has reduced our military to pre WW11 status and reduced our nuke capacity by 85% (see link below). North Korea has nukes now and Obama has lifted sanctions on Iran’s uranium enrichment program thus causing them to build nukes. Iran views us as the Great Satan and must be destroyed along with Isreal. Iran is also being viewed as being in on this cyber attack. Under Obama he has turned our friends into enemies and enemies into friends. Our friends no longer trust us and enemies no longer fear us. God help us!!!!
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What The Hack!!!!

                  635524564393064261-Screen-Shot-2014-11-24-at-5.02.49-PM.jpg (534×401)    

  amy-pascal.jpg (288×312)

Scott Rudin

One good thing about the SONY hackers is that they have shown what fakes, frauds and phony hypocrits these Hollywood elites are after the revelation of blatantly racist comments about President Barack Obama from Sony top executives Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin. These Hollywood liberals are always so sanctimonious in calling conservatives racist bigots and homophobes and claiming that they are so tolerant. Well now we see  two Sony heads Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin not only making racist comments about Obama ,but also calling Leonardo  DeCaprio “despicable” because he wouldn’t accept a role as Steve Jobs and Angeline Jolie as “a minimally talented spoiled brat from Crazyland.”

Fox News Channel contributor Juan Williams has issued a scathing denunciation of Hollywood white liberal movie-makers after the revelation of blatantly racist comments about President Barack Obama from Sony top executives Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin.

“What they have revealed is how demeaning and patronizing their liberal minds can be even when the man is the leader of the nation,” Williams is quoted as saying in 
Real Clear Politics.

“Let’s take a long look at white liberals revealing themselves so nakedly, condescending to even the president of the United States because he’s black,” Williams said.

“I know from personal experience at National Public Radio that white liberals can be very intolerant if they suspect they are dealing with a black person who is not afraid to depart from liberal orthodoxy,” Williams said. “In my case I was fired and afterwards described as a bigot in need of a psychiatric care.

The reason Wiliams was fired was because he used to work for NPR and made a statement that when he gets on an airplane and sees a bunch of muslims together he gets worried. NPR fired him for that statement and FOX hired him which is where he is today.

Sony’s lawyer, David Boies, sent a letter Sunday to media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Bloomberg News, warning them not to publish or use anything discovered in the trove of internal files stolen in last month’s Sony cyberattack and leaked online.

The effort by Sony to keep a lid on the hacked documents has renewed First Amendment questions over the legality of publishing information stolen by hackers. Legal experts say Sony and Mr. Boies probably wouldn’t get very far in court if the company followed through with a lawsuit.

“It would be very hard for Sony to block media outlets from publishing most anything that’s in the public interest,” University of Minnesota Law School professor William McGeveran, who specializes in information law and data privacy, told Law Blog. And courts, he said, “are quite deferential to the established media and its judgment about what’s newsworthy

In my previous blog I mentioned where is the rest of the media in the SONY hackers scandal. Well they now are covering it only after the e-mails surfaced about Rudin and Pascal.They never mentioned anything about the hackers shutting down  SONY’s computers so they couldn’t pay their employees, they never mentioned about the threatening image that appeared on  all the employees computer screens saying “we know everything about you and all your secrets and top secrets” (seen above), they never mentioned about how all SONY’s employees healthcare records were exposed even those about their children. They never mentioned about how new unreleased movies were released. No, none of that. They were only concerned about the e-mails and went after that angle like gossipy old ladies.

Now the hackers are threatening a big “Christmas gift” that will “include tons of more releases and things “that regular people will enjoy reading about, but will hurt SONY.” Does  the regular media report that? I don’t think so. In fact I bet they are waiting with baited breath for more to gossip about. Everything is fine as long as it isn’t them.

Sony exec Amy Pascal likely to be fired over emails: source – …

Juan Williams: Sony Hack Unmasks Intolerant ‘White Liberals’

SONY tries to stop hack feeding frenzy…

Pascal apologizes to Harvey Weinstein, lining up supporters…

Studio chiefs aim to reassure employees…


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Where Is The Rest Of The Media On The SONY Hackers Story?

        635524564393064261-Screen-Shot-2014-11-24-at-5.02.49-PM.jpg (534×401)            

 While the media is concerning itself with the Ferguson affair and Eric Garner situation and CIA hearings Sony Pictures studios have been hacked into and the personal information of over 40,000 employees past and present has been released to the public. Such information as personal social security numbers, e-mails, salaries of actors and executives, phone numbers of actors and  personal health information of their children.  Also threats have been made by these hackers, who call themselves Guardians of Peace to the studios. Much of this has proven to be very embarrassing for everyone and has them scared to death with all their personal information out there. In one e-mail Producer Scott Rudin called Angeline Jolie “a minimally talented spoiled brat from Crazyland.” which got her to demand an apology.

 The hackers have said that no one will be able to find them and they will release new information every few days. Investigators have found that the hackers went thru several servors located throughout the world in such places as Thailand, Bosnia, Hungary and a few other countries.

 Another document leaked in the hack is a spreadsheet from a human resources folder on Sony’s servers that includes the birth dates, gender, health condition and medical costs for 34 Sony employees, their spouses and children who had very high medical bills. The conditions listed include premature births, cancer, kidney failure and alcoholic liver cirrhosis. The document doesn’t include employees’ names.

A Sony spokesperson didn’t respond to a request for comment.

The health documents are part of a devastating computer attack on the company’s Culver City, California-based unit Sony Pictures that sent thousands of files circling the Web between various file-sharing sites used by hackers. The information revealed has included the salaries of thousands of employees and e-mails taking shots at President Barack Obama and at Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie. The release of the health information could be some of the most damaging material, said Deborah Peel, director ofPatient Privacy Rights, a non-profit group.

The media is covering these e-mail releases as a scandal calling it an e-mail scandal with racist overtones and no mention of the hacker release.: In an email exchange, which was part of documents that have been posted after a massive Sony hack, discussed how  Sony Co-chair Amy Pascal should handle a meeting with President Obama at a JeffreyKatzenberg-hosted fundraiser in November 2013. Pascal and Rudin appeared to mock movies featuring black casts and gauge the president’s possible interest in them.

Pascal:”What should I ask the President at this stupid Jeffrey breakfast?” That’s a referral to Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.

“Would he like to finance some movies?” Rudin wrote, referring to the president. Pascal wrote back, “I doubt it. Should I ask him if he liked DJANGO?” Rudin responded with “12 YEARS,” and Pascal volleyed back by listing other films starring African-Americans: “Or the butler. Or think like a man? [sic].” Rudin suggested that the president might especially like comedian Kevin Hart.

“The content of my emails to Scott were insensitive and inappropriate but are not an accurate reflection of who I am,” Pascal said in a statement.

“Although this was a private communication that was stolen, I accept full responsibility for what I wrote and apologize to everyone who was offended,” she said.

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd promised to show Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal’s husband, Bernard Weinraub, — a former Times reporter — a version of a column featuring Pascal before publication.

The end result was a column that painted Pascal in such a good light that she engaged in a round of mutual adulation with Dowd over email after its publication. It also scored Pascal points back at the studio, with Sony’s then-communications-chief calling the column “impressive.”

 Dowd, Pascal, and Weinraub are friendly, the emails show — Dowd would send Pascal links to New York Times stories and bought birthday presents for Pascal and Weinraub’s teenage son.

This whole Sony hacking situation started when SONY was planning a comedy movie with Seth Rogen and James Franco on the assassination of North Korean President Kim Jung UN. North Korea immediately went in an uproar and opposed it. It is suspected that North Korean hackers are behind this. The hackers are demanding that the film be removed or they will keep relasing more sensitive documents. North Korea denies it is behind this,but said they support what the hackers are doing. Another suspicion is that it could be some former disgruntled employees who were let go. In the meantime more and more sensitive documents are being released every few days.

So where is Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. in all this? The only place I’ve seen coverage is on Drudge. In the meantime check out the trailer for the movie below .It does look pretty funny. 😀

The Interview’: Film Review


 SONY Hackers Flash Disturbing NEW WARNING on Staffers’ Computers…

NYT Maureen Dowd Promised To Show Column Before Publication… 

FBI to Brief SONY Employees on Cybersecurity… *


SONY HELL: Email Claims Fresh Data Released, Threatens Studio..



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My Reply To Hillary and Diane Feinstein On Release of CIA Report

Recently Hillary Clinton made what I consider the preposterous statement saying “we must empathize with our enemies.” Diane Feinstein went on the Senate floor to criticize the CIA report saying how we tortured and waterboarded terrorists and said,  “We must see that this never happens again.” The left wants us to believe that anything we do to terrorists that is mean is torture.

To these two women I have this to say. The tactics we used saved thousands of lives and by waterboarding  Kahlil Sheik Mohammed it led to the capture of the courier who led them to Bin Laden. These “enemies” that Hillary wants us to empathize with are the lowest, most ruthless,violent, scum sucking pieces of crap alive today. These are the people who recently chopped off the heads of little kids who wouldn’t convert to Islam. These are the people who want us to be an Islamic state and would just as soon chop off Hillary’s head and Ms. Feinstein’s head or any of us if they had the chance to do so. They’ve recently chopped off the heads of our social workers over there.  Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of young women and sold them into slavery.These are the lowlife animals Hillary wants us to empathize with? I challenge Hillary and Ms Feinstein to witness the beheadings. They can look them up on Google if they are not taken off yet.

To Hillary and Ms. Feinstein I propose this scenario. Suppose your husband Ms. Feinstein and your daughter, Chelsea Mrs. Clinton are kidnapped by terrorists.  A CIA agent informs you they captured one of the terrorists and they will let you ask them where your husband and Chelsea are?  What are you going to do? Play nice with them and say “Please Mr. Terrorist I empathize with you so where is my husband and Chelsea?” Because if you go down that route I got news for you, your husband and Chelsea are already dead. (This is not in any way meant as a threat by the way).  This is why we use the tactics that we do with these animals, but now all that  has been exposed and you all have put hundreds if not thousands of lives in danger again. Especially  with this plot now to hijack five European airlines this Christmas.

 CIA interrogators have to go thru waterboarding themselves when they are in training so they know what it is like. Here are three interesting comments I saw. I’ll let them speak for themselves:


Interesting….right after 911 the dems said “Whatever it takes “. Now the cowards are castigating the folks who put their lives on the line every day while these jerks sit behind their desks in complete safety.

 Once more, Obama tries to knock America down another peg and succeeds because people are intimidated & afraid to call Obama what he really is. “An Anti-American POS”. He’s the only American President to actually have a Communist in Our WH as one of his advisers, until he got caught.  LOOK IT UP!  (Ithink he’s referring here to Van Jones who was an admitted communist and that’s just the one we know of)

Thanks Dem Voters you gave us a real scum bag racist POS and you’ll probably try to do it again ,by shoving Obama’s sister from another Mother, Hillary, down our throat.
America needs the honesty, integrity and intelligence of Dr. Ben Carson….NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  What’s brutal is when innocent Americans and other foreigners are tortured and beheaded by Islamic terrorists. What brutal is when people innocently working in high rise buildings by the thousands are blown up, what is brutal is when hundreds of Americans innocently travel on airliners were turned into weapons of mass destruction and slaughtered. The Congressional leaders including Senator Feinstein were briefed as early as 2002 and have forgotten, she is upset because the Obama CIA spied on her and her staffers while putting a one-sided report together. So let us put every American in a foreign country at risk because she is upset and is losing her Chairmanship this week.

 Does Torture Work? The C.I.A.’s Claims and What the Committee Found – NYTimes.



Senate Report Condemns CIA Interrogation Program…

Bush Kept in Dark… 

 Al Qaeda Terrorist Wanted by FBI Crossed Back and Forth Into USA From Mexico…

Rep. King: Report Slanders Men and Women of CIA


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