My Reply To Hillary and Diane Feinstein On Release of CIA Report

10 Dec

Recently Hillary Clinton made what I consider the preposterous statement saying “we must empathize with our enemies.” Diane Feinstein went on the Senate floor to criticize the CIA report saying how we tortured and waterboarded terrorists and said,  “We must see that this never happens again.” The left wants us to believe that anything we do to terrorists that is mean is torture.

To these two women I have this to say. The tactics we used saved thousands of lives and by waterboarding  Kahlil Sheik Mohammed it led to the capture of the courier who led them to Bin Laden. These “enemies” that Hillary wants us to empathize with are the lowest, most ruthless,violent, scum sucking pieces of crap alive today. These are the people who recently chopped off the heads of little kids who wouldn’t convert to Islam. These are the people who want us to be an Islamic state and would just as soon chop off Hillary’s head and Ms. Feinstein’s head or any of us if they had the chance to do so. They’ve recently chopped off the heads of our social workers over there.  Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of young women and sold them into slavery.These are the lowlife animals Hillary wants us to empathize with? I challenge Hillary and Ms Feinstein to witness the beheadings. They can look them up on Google if they are not taken off yet.

To Hillary and Ms. Feinstein I propose this scenario. Suppose your husband Ms. Feinstein and your daughter, Chelsea Mrs. Clinton are kidnapped by terrorists.  A CIA agent informs you they captured one of the terrorists and they will let you ask them where your husband and Chelsea are?  What are you going to do? Play nice with them and say “Please Mr. Terrorist I empathize with you so where is my husband and Chelsea?” Because if you go down that route I got news for you, your husband and Chelsea are already dead. (This is not in any way meant as a threat by the way).  This is why we use the tactics that we do with these animals, but now all that  has been exposed and you all have put hundreds if not thousands of lives in danger again. Especially  with this plot now to hijack five European airlines this Christmas.

 CIA interrogators have to go thru waterboarding themselves when they are in training so they know what it is like. Here are three interesting comments I saw. I’ll let them speak for themselves:


Interesting….right after 911 the dems said “Whatever it takes “. Now the cowards are castigating the folks who put their lives on the line every day while these jerks sit behind their desks in complete safety.

 Once more, Obama tries to knock America down another peg and succeeds because people are intimidated & afraid to call Obama what he really is. “An Anti-American POS”. He’s the only American President to actually have a Communist in Our WH as one of his advisers, until he got caught.  LOOK IT UP!  (Ithink he’s referring here to Van Jones who was an admitted communist and that’s just the one we know of)

Thanks Dem Voters you gave us a real scum bag racist POS and you’ll probably try to do it again ,by shoving Obama’s sister from another Mother, Hillary, down our throat.
America needs the honesty, integrity and intelligence of Dr. Ben Carson….NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  What’s brutal is when innocent Americans and other foreigners are tortured and beheaded by Islamic terrorists. What brutal is when people innocently working in high rise buildings by the thousands are blown up, what is brutal is when hundreds of Americans innocently travel on airliners were turned into weapons of mass destruction and slaughtered. The Congressional leaders including Senator Feinstein were briefed as early as 2002 and have forgotten, she is upset because the Obama CIA spied on her and her staffers while putting a one-sided report together. So let us put every American in a foreign country at risk because she is upset and is losing her Chairmanship this week.

 Does Torture Work? The C.I.A.’s Claims and What the Committee Found – NYTimes.



Senate Report Condemns CIA Interrogation Program…

Bush Kept in Dark… 

 Al Qaeda Terrorist Wanted by FBI Crossed Back and Forth Into USA From Mexico…

Rep. King: Report Slanders Men and Women of CIA


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