What The Hack!!!!

16 Dec

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Scott Rudin

One good thing about the SONY hackers is that they have shown what fakes, frauds and phony hypocrits these Hollywood elites are after the revelation of blatantly racist comments about President Barack Obama from Sony top executives Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin. These Hollywood liberals are always so sanctimonious in calling conservatives racist bigots and homophobes and claiming that they are so tolerant. Well now we see  two Sony heads Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin not only making racist comments about Obama ,but also calling Leonardo  DeCaprio “despicable” because he wouldn’t accept a role as Steve Jobs and Angeline Jolie as “a minimally talented spoiled brat from Crazyland.”

Fox News Channel contributor Juan Williams has issued a scathing denunciation of Hollywood white liberal movie-makers after the revelation of blatantly racist comments about President Barack Obama from Sony top executives Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin.

“What they have revealed is how demeaning and patronizing their liberal minds can be even when the man is the leader of the nation,” Williams is quoted as saying in 
Real Clear Politics.

“Let’s take a long look at white liberals revealing themselves so nakedly, condescending to even the president of the United States because he’s black,” Williams said.

“I know from personal experience at National Public Radio that white liberals can be very intolerant if they suspect they are dealing with a black person who is not afraid to depart from liberal orthodoxy,” Williams said. “In my case I was fired and afterwards described as a bigot in need of a psychiatric care.

The reason Wiliams was fired was because he used to work for NPR and made a statement that when he gets on an airplane and sees a bunch of muslims together he gets worried. NPR fired him for that statement and FOX hired him which is where he is today.

Sony’s lawyer, David Boies, sent a letter Sunday to media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Bloomberg News, warning them not to publish or use anything discovered in the trove of internal files stolen in last month’s Sony cyberattack and leaked online.

The effort by Sony to keep a lid on the hacked documents has renewed First Amendment questions over the legality of publishing information stolen by hackers. Legal experts say Sony and Mr. Boies probably wouldn’t get very far in court if the company followed through with a lawsuit.

“It would be very hard for Sony to block media outlets from publishing most anything that’s in the public interest,” University of Minnesota Law School professor William McGeveran, who specializes in information law and data privacy, told Law Blog. And courts, he said, “are quite deferential to the established media and its judgment about what’s newsworthy

In my previous blog I mentioned where is the rest of the media in the SONY hackers scandal. Well they now are covering it only after the e-mails surfaced about Rudin and Pascal.They never mentioned anything about the hackers shutting down  SONY’s computers so they couldn’t pay their employees, they never mentioned about the threatening image that appeared on  all the employees computer screens saying “we know everything about you and all your secrets and top secrets” (seen above), they never mentioned about how all SONY’s employees healthcare records were exposed even those about their children. They never mentioned about how new unreleased movies were released. No, none of that. They were only concerned about the e-mails and went after that angle like gossipy old ladies.

Now the hackers are threatening a big “Christmas gift” that will “include tons of more releases and things “that regular people will enjoy reading about, but will hurt SONY.” Does  the regular media report that? I don’t think so. In fact I bet they are waiting with baited breath for more to gossip about. Everything is fine as long as it isn’t them.

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