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American Sniper

Chris Kyle is wearing desert fatigues army outfit, his wife Taya embraces him. They are standing in front of a tattered US flag.

I’ve just returned from seeing the film American Sniper and I must say it is everything it’s cranked up to be. I was stunned, mesmerized and proud all at the same time and by the end I had tears in my eyes.

The movie deals with the true story of navy seal sniper Chris Kyle and his four tours of duty in Iraq and adjusting each time when he comes home. It is directed with pin point accuracy by Clint Eastwood. In fact Chris’ father told Eastwood, “If you discredit my son in any way I’ll bring hell down upon you.” I guess Clint heeded his warning as the story is very accurate to the fine print. Bradley Cooper plays Chris and looks and sounds exactly like him. Sienna Miller plays his wife and looks just like her too.  In a recent interview with Sean Hannity Chris real wife said that is exactly how everything happened.

Known as “The Legend” to his fellow seals Chris was responsible for over 160 kills in protecting his fellow seals and civilians in Iraq. At one point one of his squad members questions why they are there and Chris responds, “Would you rather be fighting them in New York or San Diego.? We’re protecting more than just dirt here.” Well said indeed.

At one point when Chris is home he takes his car into an auto shop to have his tired changed. When he hears the sound of the bolt release gun he shakes a little as having a flashback. While there a young man approached him and tells Chris he saved his life in Iraq and thanks him. Chris asks him how he is doing and he pulls up his pant leg and shows him an artificial leg.

Chris seems more at home while on the battlefield than when he is stateside. At one point his wife says to him, “You don’t know when to give up. I need you here to be human again.”

The battle scenes and emotions are all very real and it is a fantastic film truly worthy of the six award nominations it got. So far it is the highest grossing picture with $105 million on the first day of release on a Friday and $60 million more by Sunday night. I think one of the reasons it is so popular is because of the accuracy in telling Chris ’life and what it is truly like for a soldier in battle and coming home to adjust plus the fact that people are looking for leadership which this country sorely lacks at this point.

See this important riveting   film the first chance you get. It is based on the book “American Sniper” by Chris Kyle. When Chris was appearing with Bill O’Reilly he was asked if he regretted anything. His response was ‘I only regret the people I couldn’t save.” In the film he tells a psychologist the same thing and says,’ “I’m prepared to stand before my maker and account for every shot I took.” This movie really takes a piece out of you. Chris was killed by trying to help a fellow suffering from PTSD on a firing range.

 American Sniper – Official Trailer [HD] – YouTube

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The Superstorm That Fizzled…Sort of….At Least in New York and New Jersey

 Once again the media reports something, builds it up and lets everything fall like dominoes. At first this was supposed to be the storm of the century. The last time we were to see anything like this was in the 1800’s. Two feet of snow was forecast for New York, New Jersey and up thru New England. Mayor Diblasio of New York City, Gov. Cuomo and Gov. Christie in New Jersey all held televised press conferences saying they wanted everything off the roads by first responders could clear the roads. Anyone caught on the road after that would be given a ticket.

Newark airport, JFK and LaGuardia all closed down and 2000 flights were cancelled. People rushed food stores and shelves soon became empty. Companies in New York and New Jersey closed down for the next day in anticipation of the superstorm . All during the night the reports kept changing. First there  were reports of two feet of snow with two inches falling every hour, then 18-20 inches, then 12-14 inches, then 8-10 inches and finally 5-8 inches which is what we were finally left with and closer to five inches.  People became angry at the missed forecast causing them a lot of panic and disruptions.

Meteorologists across the Northeast were scrambling to get back in good graces with the public on Tuesday — apologizing on Twitter for forecasting the “historic blizzard” that never was.

“My deepest apologies to many key decision makers and so many members of the general public,” tweeted National Weather Service meteorologist Gary Szatkowski. “This is a big forecast miss.”

 South Jersey’s NBC Channel 40 weatherman Adam Rutt added, “No other way to put it…this was a major bust of a forecast, the biggest in my short career. I was wrong…very wrong…and I am sorry.”

The powerful winter storm that was supposed to hammer the Big Apple and other parts of the metropolitan area overnight Monday turned out to be a lackluster headache that dropped merely inches of snow — despite forecasts which called for more than 2 feet in some parts of New York and New Jersey.

Alright, this dunce is headed to bed,” tweeted CBS Philadelphia meteorologist Kate Bilo. “Lots more snow chances ahead as the cold gets locked in. We’ll get the next one.”
She added, “If the forecast has to be wrong, I’d rather it be overestimated. Less risk to lives and property.  But I’m sorry it ended up this way.” She was right there. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Gov.Christie had lifted the travel ban for vehicles south of I-195 at 7 a.m., with the snowstorm being less-than-expected.

All vehicles – except for emergency personnel, news media, utility workers, food-service employees and other necessary personnel – were included in the order.

Christie, speaking via telephone on NBC News 4 New York, said the delay in lifting the travel ban in the northern part of the state was due to coordinating the change with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, to match the change in New York City in particular.

Christie said the ban was justified, given the weather predictions.

“I’m looking at snow accumulations that were predicted at 20 inches plus,” he said on NBC. “We still got 6 to 10. We responded based on the forecast at 9, 10 o’clock last night. 

“We erred on the side of protecting human life,” Christie said. The lower snow totals will make getting back to normal much easier, he said. 

Later, on ABC7, when Christie was asked what he would tell people who criticize all the closings and travel bans, he said, “I’ll say we listened to you guys!”

The snowstorm that was supposed to batter all of New Jersey was much less than historic, with no more than 7 inches falling in Monmouth County, and half as much elsewhere.

It’s a double edged sword because if they didn’t take these precautions people would still be clamoring saying “Why didn’t you close things down?” You just can’t win.

 NYC, Boston ban road travel… 

New Yorkers told to stay off sidewalks? 

De Blasio Orders Indefinite Street Closure…

‘You’re committing a crime’ if you violate ban…

Directs employers not to be ‘cheapskates’…

Subway shut…

WIRE: Storm fails predictions…

Six inches in NYC?

Meteorologist apologizes…

Weather Service to ‘evaluate modeling’…

. 6,000+ flights canceled…

Grocery stores cleaned out… 

CHRISTIE: Be Home By 9.



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Sha-Na-Na in Concert

 I’ve just returned from seeing Sha-Na-Na in concert. For those of you who may not be familiar with them, Sha-Na-Na was a comedy oldies rock group from the 60’s and 70’s. They started out at  the famous Woodstock rock festival in the 60’s and went onto having a very successful TV show for about five years in the 70’s. They performed really clever and funny comedy skits while remaining true to the songs which you can see below in some of the links I provided. This is the 46th anniversary of Sha-Na-Na.

 Today only three of the original members of the group are still performing with them. They are Screamin’ Scott Simon, Donny York and Jocko. Lead singer Johnny Contardo now lives in L.A. does occasional solo spots and gives singing lessons. John  (Bowser) Bauman, he of the deep bass voice and a group favorite graduatesd from Columbia University now lives in New York State with his family and hosts oldies shows. Dennis Green, the only black member of the group went into law after leaving Sha-Na-Na and is now a visiting law professor. Another member Santini is now an orthopedic surgeon so you can see these were not just off the cuff street performers. They had advanced degree backgrounds.

At Friday night’s show I thought they started out rather low key doing a litany of various oldies songs  such as “Save the Last Dance for Me “ and “Teenager in Love” and “In theStill of the Night”getting the audience to sing along and at times inviting young ladies to come up on stage and dance with them. A particular highlight of the show was when they did “Itsy Bitsy Teeney Weeney Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”. Original member Scott Simon came out with a wig on and towel wrapped around him and revealed a yellow polka dot bikini. 😀

I thought original member Donny York in his trade mark red and black striped sleeveless t-shirt sunglasses and greaser hair cut was the most animated and looks exactly the same. Up close after the show I noticed he did look older, but still as I remembered him.

 After a short intermission after playing only 45 minutes they returned. It was in the second half I thought they really shined and displayed the versatility of each member moreso.

 In the second set newer members guitarist Randy Hill who plays a real mean guitar and Downtown Michael Brown who plays a mean sax exchanged musical rifts doing “Tequila” and other long, but great dance instrumentals such as “Wipeout”.

 Scott Simon told the story how they were appearing in New Brunswick, N.J. once and there was this new guy doing a 20 minute song about driving his chevy to the levy (Don McLean). Scott said afterwards they said to him,” Don that song will never be a hit. The day the music died? That’s such a maudlin idea.” Little did they know what a hit that would become.  They then went into” Everyday” by Buddy Holley, “Chantilly Lace” by the Big Bopper and “La Bamba” by Ritchie Valens.

Following that set they went into “Rhythm of the Rain.”sporting umbrellas. Scott told how they appeared in the movie “Grease” and he wrote a song for it he wanted to do, but they got this guy from New Jersey named John Travolta to sing it. 😀 They then did “Sandy” from Grease followed by “Greased Lightning,” “Hopelessly Devoted to YOU”  ”You’re the One that I want,” and “Stranded at the Drive-in” all from Grease.

Overall it was a pleasant trip down memory lane and good to hear the oldies as always. 😉

The Official Sha Na Na Website!

Sha Na Na: 16 Tons – YouTube ( the original song featuring Bowser with funny skits in between verses with them as miners)

Sha Na Na – Ghost Riders In The Sky – YouTube (Original song featuring Bowser with funny skits in between verses.)

TRIBUTE TO JOHNNY CONTARDO (SHA NA NA ) ” IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT ” – YouTube  (a really great tribute to Johnny done by a fan with him singing “In the Still of the Night” while showing pictures of him from childhood to him today. Johnny looks different today, but still a very good looking man and a cool guy. Check it out. 😉

Sha Na Na ~Stand by me – YouTube  (Featuring Dennis Green. The tall bald guy in the group is Santini who is an orthopedic surgeon today.)

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The King Enters His Fourth Quarter

Obama_King_22.jpg (530×336)
At the SOTU address Obama still acts like he’s king of the world and everything is just hunky dory even after the shellacking he took in the mid-terms.

He says is the economy is the fastest growing since 1999 and took credit for all the jobs it’s created. Let’s look at a few statistics. In 2009 when he came into office people on food stamps numbered at 33.4 million. In 2014 they were at 46.5 million. People on welfare and in poverty have doubled.

In 2009 the labor participation rate was at 65.7%.  In 2014 it is at 62.7 %. 90 million people are out of work. That’s almost a third of the country.

In 2009 the national debt was at 10 trillion. In 2014 it is at 18 trillion. Obama called Bush “unpatriotic” for having a debt of 9 trillion and he has added 9 trillion on his own. That’s more than all the presidents put together from Washington to Bush. Now who is unpatriotic?

In 2009 the average premium for health insurance was $4,824. In 2014 it is $6,025.

 In 2014 the top 1% of wage earners pay 38% of the taxes and the bottom 50% paid only 2%. The top 1% are  the ones he wants to pay more taxes.

He will not say the words “radical Islam” and insists Al Queda is on the run when they just took over Yemen and ISIS is advancing all over the middle east.  Either he actually believes these things in which case he is very delusional or he purposely is lying to further his agenda of “transforming (destroying) America.”

The new republican congress can reverse all this by securing our borders, defunding amnesty and Obamacare since they have the power of the purse and saving the debt by cutting one penny from every dollar that’s spent, but they won’t. They have already approved and secured spending for these things until next Oct.

In an article from World Net Daily  they said: Outside his base of leftists and “low-information voters,” the current president is now widely regarded as being essentially untethered from reality. Before Christmas – prior to jetting off to Hawaii for another prolonged vacation – Obama, whose policies were massively repudiated at the polls just weeks earlier, proclaimed victory and declared 2014 a “breakthrough year” for America. Boasting of “more jobs, more people insured, a growing economy, shrinking deficits, bustling industry, booming energy,” he concluded: “Take any metric that you want. America’s resurgence is real. We are better off.”

Reality, of course, is quite the opposite. With an astonishing 92 million Americans now out of the workforce, the labor participation rate under Obama is at its lowest since the Carter “malaise” of 1978; Obamacare is causing the slow, agonizing death of the American healthcare system; the national debt is in outer space; America at home is being overrun with illegal aliens, and abroad is ridiculed by enemies and mistrusted by friends; and a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll revealed that only 22 percent of Americans – 1 in 5 – believe they’re “better off” under Obama.


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SOTU=More of the Same Old Rheteric Plus a Fresh New Face!

   Joni Ernst - Official Portrait - 84th GA.jpg

 While liberals are fawning over Obama and having orgasms over his last SOTU speech I thought it was more of the same. He resorted to the same empty promises and redistribution of wealth and used lots of emotion at times sounding like a rebel rousing preacher particularly when speaking about equal rights for transgenders, etc. However I was very impressed with the republican response given by senate freshman Joni Ernst. It was like coming out of a polluted cloud and breathing fresh air, but more on her later.

In his speech Obama’s arrogance showed thru once again as he talked about civility then immediately attacked republicans as he mentioned the end of his career and republicans applauded.

President Obama spent much of Tuesday’s State of the Union calling for civility in politics — then taunted Republicans over his two election victories, after many of them applauded the looming end of his political career.

Mr. Obama issued a broad call for “a better politics” that began with common principles, and said his agenda isn’t political, pointing out “I have no more campaigns to run.”

hat drew rousing applause from the GOP side of the aisle, which had sat on its hands as Mr. Obama had ticked off partisan proposals he wanted to see, and threatened vetoes of bipartisan bills Republicans are trying to pass.

The applause was too much for Mr. Obama, who punctuated his declaration that his campaigns are over by saying, “I know, because I won both of them.”

Democrats roared with delight, while red-faces Republicans grimaced.

This was so unprofessional and typical of Obama. He’s like an arrogant, petulant immature child who doesn’t get his way all the time. He’s great at dishing it out, but can’t take it.

During his speech Obama laid out his plan for again taxing the rich and redistributing the wealth for middle class tax breaks. First of all the rich aren’t people just sitting around on a pile of money. They are people who worked hard for their money some six and seven days a week. They are people who hire people and own companies.  When you tax the rich that hurts small businesses, companies don’t hire and layoff people. Right now inspite of what Obama says about the economy being good, which it isn’t, now is not the time to raise taxes. More people are out of work than are working.

Obama also resorted to his usual platitudes and emotional phrases to sound pro American (which he isn’t) and to get you on his side. He used such phrases as “Tonite we turn the page” and “It’s up to us to chose who we want to be,” ’Everyone does best when they have a fair shot’ (so get government out of our lives Mr. President) “We have risen from recession” (we haven’t) and so forth like he always does. Yes he is the spider and the low information voters and liberals that follow him are the flies attracted to his web of lies.

Obama touted his healthcare program saying 11 million have coverage now and he will veto any act that takes that away. Yes they have coverage, but many can’t afford the deductibles and high premiums. If you don’t have coverage he fines you with a tax. That is totally unamerican. Over 5 million people have lost their doctor and plan because of him.

Obama talked about how U.S. Leadership stopped ISIL’s advances (incidentally the difference between ISIS and ISIL is when you mention ISIL you are stating that you don’t recognize Isreal as a sovereign state. I don’t think many politicians realize that as I’ve heard people in both parties say ISIL.) If it wasn’t for him pulling out of Iraq ISIS wouldn’t have come in the first place and they are still gaining territory.

This is why it was a breath of fresh air to here newcomer Joni Ernst speak afterwards. It was so refreshing to hear from a women who loves her country unlike the current occupant who hates this country. Joni is a Lt. Col. in the army reserves and knows what it is to be in combat. I loved how she wore her camouflage heels :D. Joni came from a poor background and a farm girl and knows what it is like to rise from being  poor to being successful on your own. Joni said how the new republicans elected will work to appeal Obamacare and give fair health coverage for everyone. She supports free market alternatives. Unfortunately they will have to get past Boehner, McConnell and Jeb Bush since they all support Obamacare.  I loved her patriotism and if the rest of the newly republican elected are like her then we may stand a chance of winning our country back. Keep your eyes on Joni Ernst. 😉

Joni Ernst – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Obama urges civility, then immediately taunts… 
Knocks ‘Constant Fundraising,’ Asks for Donations…
Quotes himself…
Claims ISIS on the run…
Address sets new record for most veto threats…
Spanish Translation Riddled With Spelling, Grammar Mistakes, Incorrect Translations…

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Was Fox Pressured to Apologize for No-Go Sites in France???

Fox_News_Channel.svg.png (500×466)

Recently Fox News anchors Julie Banderas and Judge Janine Pirro had to apologize for saying that there were no-go zones in France where Sharia law was practiced and outsiders were not allowed in: Fox News issued an unusual on-air apology on Saturday night for having allowed its anchors and guests to repeat the false claim that there are Muslim-only “no-go zones” in European countries like England and France that are not under the control of the state and are ruled according to Shariah law.

The statement was referred to as “a correction” by the Fox Report host Julie Banderas, who said that “over the course of this last week, we have made some regrettable errors on air regarding the Muslim population in Europe, particularly with regard to England and France.”

“Now this applies especially to discussions of so-called no-go zones, areas where non-Muslims allegedly are not allowed in and police supposedly won’t go,” Ms. Banderas continued. “To be clear, there is no formal designation of these zones in either country and no credible information to support the assertion that there are specific areas in these countries that exclude individuals based solely on their religion.”

Their information came from a source named Steve Emerson who is self proclaimed expert on Islamic terrorism.

The broader apology on Saturday, read by Ms. Banderas, came after a week of pressure from a French television host, Yann Barthès, whose comedic news program “Le Petit Journal,” found example after example of the claim being made again and again by anchors and guests on other Fox News programs.

Mr. Barthès even sent a crew to several areas of Paris identified on a map by Fox as “no-go zones” to ask residents if their neighborhoods really did resemble Iraq and Afghanistan, as a guest on “Fox & Friends” had suggested.

There you have it! Pressure from a comedian in France who has a satirical TV show criticized Fox all week and sent crews out to disclaim Fox’s claims. A  comedian on a satirical show and FOX folds like a cheap camera. Something smells fishy to me here. I think there was pressure from other sources like our own administration and the muslim community at large to soften  the image for moderate muslims.

Whether true or not in France, I have seen reports in this country from reliable sources other than FOX over the last several years that show at least 30 such sites in the U.S. in states such as Virgina, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Arizona.

I read about one site is named Islamaburg in New York State and has armed guards outside it and women dressed in black burkas. It is located back in the deep woods and has two roads leading into it. One is called Mecca and the other is called Medina. When a person dies they send the body out to a mortuary then have it sent back to them.

More than 2.6 million Muslim adherents and 2,106 congregations were reported in 592 congregations across the country. One of the most active recruiting grounds for Islam in the USA is in university campuses where many groups have well funded and organized student programs. Key organizations such as CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America, Muslim Students Association of USA, provide religious training, education, and support to Muslim communities and campuses throughout the country.

So if there are such communities in this country why not France and other European countries where muslims are advancing rapidly?

To see videos of FOX’s Banderas and Pirro apologizing click on the link below.

Fox News Apologizes for False Claims of Muslim-Only Areas in England and Franc

Large communities of Muslims in almost every USA major city

Most And Least Muslim States In America (PHOTOS) – Huffington …





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Traitors In Our Midst!!!

                                        From left, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, walk through Statuary Hall as they leave the Congressional Republicans' bicameral healthcare reform strategy session on the House floor on Thursday, March 18, 2010.  (Photo By Bill Clark/Roll Call/Getty Images)

House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio listens at left as President Barack Obama speaks to media during a meeting with bipartisan, bicameral leadership of Congress to discuss a wide range of issues, Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015, in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

In 2012 the republicans were so disgusted with the way things were going that many of them stayed home and Obama got in again. In 2013 they came out in droves and sent a strong message they wanted Obamacare repealed and amnesty defunded and consequently won a majority in both the House and Senate. So what did our duly elected officials do? Why they betrayed the people who elected them and voted to fund Obamacare for another year and also amnesty.

House majority leader John Boehner proved himself such a wimp and co-hort to Obama that the people demanded their representatives oust him and replace him with someone more conservative and stronger. Again they were betrayed as he was elected majority leader once again and the world watched as Nancy Pelosi hugged him and Obama shook his hand and smiled.

So it’s business as usual in Congress and not a bit of difference in either party. Jeb Bush supports Obamacare, amnesty and same sex marriage. Both Boehner and McConnell say the issues are off the table and Obamacare and amnesty are killers for America. In fact republicans are working on a secret strategy for a broad immigration bill.

I just got the sense that the senators are all about how little is possible,” says one republican congressman, referring to Senate GOP reminders that they need 60 votes to overcome a filibuster. The narrower the bill — some Democrats dislike Obama’s most recent “adult amnesty,” but favor the program for younger immigrants – the more likely it is to pass the Senate.

According  to an article in National Review Online: Rather than discuss the next step in the executive-amnesty fight, Republicans discussed their own immigration policies. House Homeland Security Committee chairman Michael McCaul (R., Texas) outlined a “strong” border-security bill that will take clearer shape through a bottom-up drafting process, heartening conservatives frustrated with his efforts during the border crisis. House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte (R., Va.) talked about proceeding with legislation to tighten interior enforcement, and Republicans discussed reforming guest-worker programs and expanding high-tech-visa reforms. Taken together, the proposals could develop into a package of immigration bills that shape a broader GOP agenda, undermining the center-left coalition pushing for the comprehensive immigration bill favored by President Obama.

Of course the biggest traitor is Obama himself who is giving into the terrorists.  He sees America thru different eyes than the rest of us from his upbringing in middle east countries and an atheist mother and muslim father and step father who railed against America. A recent article I saw  stated it perfectly” By refusing to name the enemy – and the strict Islamic beliefs favored by millions of Muslims around the world are the enemy because they are inimical to liberty as we understand it and have enshrined it in our Constitution – Obama directly aids those Islamic supremacists who are right now today working to undermine Western civilization generally, and especially constitutional government here in America.”   He thinks America is the cause of all the problems in the world. He calls our constitution “an outdated document.” He gave the Muslim Brotherhood 14 F-16 jets, 400  tanks and over a billion dollars. He has Muslim Brotherhood members in his administration and by going easy on terror attacks he shows his true colors. When our people were beheaded over in Iran he was on the golf course, he gave a three minute speech and then went back on the golf course. By not showing up in Paris after the terror attacks there he showed his true allegiance also. After the whole country left and right was up in arms over him not showing and hearing flimsy excuses by Josh Ernest he decides to send Kerry over there. Kerry goes over gives Hollande a hug and brings James Taylor over there to sing’ “You’ve Got a Friend” his first big hit in the 70’s. That smacks of phony baloney plastic banannaism. Unfortunately it’s too little too late. We are now the laughing stock of the world. Thanks Obama. I guess this is what you wanted all along.

 Senate GOP leaders may abandon House effort to defund amnesty… 

McConnell: ‘We’re going to try to pass it’… 

Republican lawmaker details secret effort for broad immigration bill…

GOP RETREAT! ‘There is no exit strategy’…


‘A big hug’…

Brings James Taylor to Serenade French With ‘You’ve Got a Friend’…


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