SOTU=More of the Same Old Rheteric Plus a Fresh New Face!

21 Jan
   Joni Ernst - Official Portrait - 84th GA.jpg

 While liberals are fawning over Obama and having orgasms over his last SOTU speech I thought it was more of the same. He resorted to the same empty promises and redistribution of wealth and used lots of emotion at times sounding like a rebel rousing preacher particularly when speaking about equal rights for transgenders, etc. However I was very impressed with the republican response given by senate freshman Joni Ernst. It was like coming out of a polluted cloud and breathing fresh air, but more on her later.

In his speech Obama’s arrogance showed thru once again as he talked about civility then immediately attacked republicans as he mentioned the end of his career and republicans applauded.

President Obama spent much of Tuesday’s State of the Union calling for civility in politics — then taunted Republicans over his two election victories, after many of them applauded the looming end of his political career.

Mr. Obama issued a broad call for “a better politics” that began with common principles, and said his agenda isn’t political, pointing out “I have no more campaigns to run.”

hat drew rousing applause from the GOP side of the aisle, which had sat on its hands as Mr. Obama had ticked off partisan proposals he wanted to see, and threatened vetoes of bipartisan bills Republicans are trying to pass.

The applause was too much for Mr. Obama, who punctuated his declaration that his campaigns are over by saying, “I know, because I won both of them.”

Democrats roared with delight, while red-faces Republicans grimaced.

This was so unprofessional and typical of Obama. He’s like an arrogant, petulant immature child who doesn’t get his way all the time. He’s great at dishing it out, but can’t take it.

During his speech Obama laid out his plan for again taxing the rich and redistributing the wealth for middle class tax breaks. First of all the rich aren’t people just sitting around on a pile of money. They are people who worked hard for their money some six and seven days a week. They are people who hire people and own companies.  When you tax the rich that hurts small businesses, companies don’t hire and layoff people. Right now inspite of what Obama says about the economy being good, which it isn’t, now is not the time to raise taxes. More people are out of work than are working.

Obama also resorted to his usual platitudes and emotional phrases to sound pro American (which he isn’t) and to get you on his side. He used such phrases as “Tonite we turn the page” and “It’s up to us to chose who we want to be,” ’Everyone does best when they have a fair shot’ (so get government out of our lives Mr. President) “We have risen from recession” (we haven’t) and so forth like he always does. Yes he is the spider and the low information voters and liberals that follow him are the flies attracted to his web of lies.

Obama touted his healthcare program saying 11 million have coverage now and he will veto any act that takes that away. Yes they have coverage, but many can’t afford the deductibles and high premiums. If you don’t have coverage he fines you with a tax. That is totally unamerican. Over 5 million people have lost their doctor and plan because of him.

Obama talked about how U.S. Leadership stopped ISIL’s advances (incidentally the difference between ISIS and ISIL is when you mention ISIL you are stating that you don’t recognize Isreal as a sovereign state. I don’t think many politicians realize that as I’ve heard people in both parties say ISIL.) If it wasn’t for him pulling out of Iraq ISIS wouldn’t have come in the first place and they are still gaining territory.

This is why it was a breath of fresh air to here newcomer Joni Ernst speak afterwards. It was so refreshing to hear from a women who loves her country unlike the current occupant who hates this country. Joni is a Lt. Col. in the army reserves and knows what it is to be in combat. I loved how she wore her camouflage heels :D. Joni came from a poor background and a farm girl and knows what it is like to rise from being  poor to being successful on your own. Joni said how the new republicans elected will work to appeal Obamacare and give fair health coverage for everyone. She supports free market alternatives. Unfortunately they will have to get past Boehner, McConnell and Jeb Bush since they all support Obamacare.  I loved her patriotism and if the rest of the newly republican elected are like her then we may stand a chance of winning our country back. Keep your eyes on Joni Ernst. 😉

Joni Ernst – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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