American Sniper

29 Jan

Chris Kyle is wearing desert fatigues army outfit, his wife Taya embraces him. They are standing in front of a tattered US flag.

I’ve just returned from seeing the film American Sniper and I must say it is everything it’s cranked up to be. I was stunned, mesmerized and proud all at the same time and by the end I had tears in my eyes.

The movie deals with the true story of navy seal sniper Chris Kyle and his four tours of duty in Iraq and adjusting each time when he comes home. It is directed with pin point accuracy by Clint Eastwood. In fact Chris’ father told Eastwood, “If you discredit my son in any way I’ll bring hell down upon you.” I guess Clint heeded his warning as the story is very accurate to the fine print. Bradley Cooper plays Chris and looks and sounds exactly like him. Sienna Miller plays his wife and looks just like her too.  In a recent interview with Sean Hannity Chris real wife said that is exactly how everything happened.

Known as “The Legend” to his fellow seals Chris was responsible for over 160 kills in protecting his fellow seals and civilians in Iraq. At one point one of his squad members questions why they are there and Chris responds, “Would you rather be fighting them in New York or San Diego.? We’re protecting more than just dirt here.” Well said indeed.

At one point when Chris is home he takes his car into an auto shop to have his tired changed. When he hears the sound of the bolt release gun he shakes a little as having a flashback. While there a young man approached him and tells Chris he saved his life in Iraq and thanks him. Chris asks him how he is doing and he pulls up his pant leg and shows him an artificial leg.

Chris seems more at home while on the battlefield than when he is stateside. At one point his wife says to him, “You don’t know when to give up. I need you here to be human again.”

The battle scenes and emotions are all very real and it is a fantastic film truly worthy of the six award nominations it got. So far it is the highest grossing picture with $105 million on the first day of release on a Friday and $60 million more by Sunday night. I think one of the reasons it is so popular is because of the accuracy in telling Chris ’life and what it is truly like for a soldier in battle and coming home to adjust plus the fact that people are looking for leadership which this country sorely lacks at this point.

See this important riveting   film the first chance you get. It is based on the book “American Sniper” by Chris Kyle. When Chris was appearing with Bill O’Reilly he was asked if he regretted anything. His response was ‘I only regret the people I couldn’t save.” In the film he tells a psychologist the same thing and says,’ “I’m prepared to stand before my maker and account for every shot I took.” This movie really takes a piece out of you. Chris was killed by trying to help a fellow suffering from PTSD on a firing range.

 American Sniper – Official Trailer [HD] – YouTube

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