Stevie Wonder has It Wrong. He Should Stick to Singing!!!!

07 Feb

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Recently singer Stevie Wonder was speaking at Andre Crouch’s funeral. Instead of praising Andre for his great gospel music Stevie went into a rant about Obama saying the reason he can’t get anything done is “because of the color of his skin.” Stevie went on to say “I really believed he could unite everyone.” Stevie Wonder was one of many high-profile performers at gospel legend Andraé Crouch’s funeral in Los Angeles on Jan 21. But some funeral attendees were surprised when Wonder made political statements at the event instead of focusing on the Grammy-winning singer’s life and accomplishments.

This immediately prompted my favorite black conservative commentator E.T. Williams, the self proclaimed doctor of common sense to sarcastically say, “Hey Stevie. How do you know what color he is? You can’t see him. If someone told you he was black how do you know you could believe them? You should be talking about Andre not Obama..Don’t go into politics Stevie.” 😀 (See his link below.)

Someone please tell Stevie It’s not the color of his skin, it’s his policies so don’t go playing the race card Stevie.

President Barack Obama, who campaigned on a promise to unify America, instead has become the most polarizing president in modern history.

A Gallup Poll finds that the gap in Obama’s approval rating in his sixth year in office between those who like him, Democrats, and those who do not, Republicans, has held steady at 70 percent, with 79 percent of Democrats voicing approval and only 9 percent of Republicans doing likewise. 

Since the days of President Dwight Eisenhower, in 1953, only one president has equaled Obama’s polarization effect in the sixth year of his presidency, George W. Bush, who won the approval of 79 percent of Republicans but only 9 percent of Democrats in his sixth year in office. 

“Both Bush and Obama were elected with hopes of unifying the country. However, the opposite has happened, at least in the way Americans view the job the president is doing, with presidential evaluations more divided along party lines than ever before,” Gallup commented.

Obama, like Clinton, pits men against women, whites against blacks, rich against poor, old against young and now muslims against Christians all in the name of power. Divide and conquer. Saul Alinsky tactics which Obama  studied.  For those of you who still don’t know at this late date, Saul Alinsky was a radical who wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals” and dedicated it to Satan. This is who Obama follows.

Gallup: Obama on Pace to Be ‘Most Polarizing’ President

Stevie Wonder’s eulogy at Andraé Crouch’s funeral upsets some | Fox News

Whatever Happen To Common Sense (E.T. Williams the doctor of common  sense)




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