Fifty Shades Of Grey-A Review

20 Feb


Controversial comedian Lenny Bruce once said, “A working knowledge of syphilis is not an invitation to get it.” Keeping that in mind I consider myself  well read and informed on the mental, physical and psychological aspects of the dominant/submissive scene. It is with that knowledge I went see the new controversial much hyped film “50 Shades of Grey” based on the novel by E.L. James that grossed 80 million on President’s Day week-end.

Some critics have criticized the movie saying the S&M scenes were pretty tame and soft core, there was no frontal nudity and he made love mostly with his pants on. While that is true, to those critics I say,” Go rent a porno flick if that’s what you are looking for. There are millions of them out there.”

Dakota Johnson plays Anastasia Steele a very shy, awkward virginal, sexually  inexperienced young girl who is sent by her roommate to interview, for their college newspaper, Christian Grey played by Jaime Dornan who is a billionaire bachelor CEO of a large international company with a building named after him. He has a set of suits all hung evenly spaced and all his white shirts are hung perfectly. He keeps his ties and shoes all in separate little compartments.

When he first meets Anastasia in his office for the interview she stumbles and stutters in nervousness. He takes a liking to her and eventually they go out on dates. He tells her he “exercises   complete control in all things” which is why he is so successful.

He is careful not to let her touch him and careful not to get too close.  He tells her “I don’t do romance and I don’t do relationships” yet he keeps inviting her into his life and then telling her to stay away. They eventually have some love making which is really hot, very sensual and extremely erotic and tastefully done. Eventually he tells her he is different and that he is a dominant and looking for a submissive. She wonders what he means and he tells her if she submits to everything he says he’ll become completely  devoted to her. She asks him how many girls he’s been with before this way and he says 15, but assures her she is different. He does become obsessed with her and confesses he was a submissive to one of his mother’s friends for six years and she never knew it. This is very common in the dominant/submissive scene from my research. Many people who are in a dominant position in their every day life are submissive in private to relieve the pressure, but I’ll leave that discussion to the psychiatrists.

He shows her his “playroom” which is his red room of pain, but he says it is more pleasure. At no time does he ever force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do and tells her she can leave anytime she wants. Basically he’s a fair and nice guy with a troubled past. I’ve read critics say the red room scene lasts only 20 minutes, but the show I saw lasted only about ten minutes. It consisted of a few whacks on her rear end while her hands were tied to a bedpost. I said to myself after the scene, “That’s it???” Also the trailer shows him pulling a blindfold out of the drawer and the promo poster shows her blindfolded tied by ropes to a bed neither of which were in the movie. I wonder if the final release was cut?  

 She falls in love with him and tells him she wants more to the relationship, but he says “don’t fall in love with me.” There is a lot of texting and Imming back and forth as they separate and then get back together again and separate again. Chrisitan explains to her about having a contract with him as his submissive. She considers it and keeps stalling. There is an interesting scene of them around a long table discussing the different aspects of the contract.

I thought Jaime Dornan is an interesting character, very handsome with a fascinating stare that looks right at you like he’s hanging on every word you say. Dakota Johnson is cute, but I didn’t think overly attractive. She looks very timid and virginal. At one point when she is standing before him naked he compliments her on what a nice body she has, but I thought she was just average to skinny as her ribs show a lot.

I understand this is a trilogy of books and this is the first movie. This one ends abruptly. If this is the first I think I’ll pass on the next two. The film is two hrs and 15 minutes, but could have been an hour and a half in my book . I wonder how come no feminists are protesting this movie as it is a man dominating a woman and spanking her and again whipping her with his belt while making her count  them. You can see he’s getting off on it. The only people I saw protesting it were a group of dominatrixes out in L.A. 😀

Fifty Shades of Grey Official Trailer #2 (2015) – Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson

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(this is all the trailers put together with music by Beyonce’and subtitles. When you watch this you get the general idea of the movie.)



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