Customer Service? What Customer Service? My Wife’s E-bay-Massacree.

23 Mar

 It seems the more technologically advanced we become the harder it is to get good customer service. That combined with all the hacking going on now that everything is done online these days. Case in point was with my wife’s latest incident with EBAY and a hacking incident in her account. In 2011 she purchased an item on Ebay and paid in full. In 2015 she received an e-mail from them billing her for a sellers  fee of $100 for selling a remote control helicopter part. A t first she thought it was spam as there is so much of that out there that say things like that to get your attention.  After a while we started receiving phone calls from them. I never picked it up as I thought it was a tellemarketer and I don’t pickup for tellemarketers and they never left a voicemail. I’ll let her tell you her story in her own words. She wants everyone to know this is not an attack on all customer service people as that is a hard job and this is just an isolated incident.

 Here is her story told in her words: In January 2015 I started receiving e-mails from people (buyers supposedly from e-bay) asking about an item I had for sale. I ignored these e-mails thinking they were some kind of spam. I wasn’t selling anything on e-bay and had never sold anything there. In fact,the last time I had been on e-bay was in 2011. When I started getting e-mails from e-bay detailing complaints made by buyers of this product (some kind of model helicopter motor) that I hadn’t shipped the item, that I owed the buyers money back, etc, that I decided to investigate. I take nothing at face value. I logged into my account to confirm that these messages were from e-bay. They were!! I called e-bay explaining to a rep that I had never sold anything, hadn’t been on my account in years and that I wanted to close my account to prevent further fraud. I was told that my account would be closed and that there was nothing further I needed to worry about. I heard nothing from any disgruntled buyers or from e-bay so I assumed all was taken care of. Well you know what happens when one assumes….. About two weeks ago I started getting e-mails from E-bay claiming I owed them $100 sellers’ fee for selling the helicopter motor thingie.  I again logged into my account, which was not closed after all, to verify that these communications were from E-bay. They were!! So on a quiet friday evening I called  E-bay’s customer service line only to hear that it was closed and past normal business hours, but I should check the website to see if my problem could be  solved in the morning. I went back to the website where I was provided with another “special” customer service number and a special one-time code to use when calling this number. And so my not so magical mystery tour began. My call was answered by a woman named Belle who after listening to my sad story informed me she did not have the power to help me and she was going to transfer me to someone else. This led me to Ivey who again needed me to repeat my sad tale, wanted to know who had transferred me to her and who then passed me on to Joy.

Joy had me repeat my story (yes again-doesn’t anyone take notes?) and quickly told me I needed the billing department and so I was transferred to Jed.

Jed ,believe  it or not, actually had a part of my story in that I was asking to be credited  the fee E-bay was trying to charge me and we established that I was closing my account and that I had been hacked as well. Jed then said he needed to establish who I was  and who I said I was and proceeded to ask me many multiple choice questions about where I lived ,where I worked, the two middle digits of my s. s. number and my underwear size (O.K so I embellished the story there) :D. Jed then said to me that the initial event that someone putting the motor up for sale as me had happened in December and why had I waited so long to bring it to E-bay’s attention. Well I’m a very patient person, but this struck a nerve. I proceed to raise my voice (not shouting, but proceeding to move to the livid side) and explained yet again, that I had a previous conversation  with E-bay on this matter in January that all was well and now after speaking to four people and answering  his stupid questions he wanted to know why it took me so long to speak to E-bay? Well Jed did some quick back peddling and told me he had a person who would be able to help me and passed me on to Alexa.

Alexa, unfortunately did not get to speak to the nice Judy (me). She opened with that before anything could be done they would have to investigate my allegations.(Let me pause here to explain just what I wanted E-bay to do 1)stop billing me for the sellers’ fee and 2) close my account so this would not happen again.) Well at this point I lost it and those bad words we are told not to use came spinning from my lips, “I was told you are the woman who could help me Alexa. ARE YOU THAT WOMAN? I WANT THIS TO ALL GO AWAY!!!! You can investigate to your heart’s content, but not on my time. If you can’t help me then I want someone who can.” I went on for some time in this manner. Alexa told me that this was a two step process/problem. That billing (wasn’t that Jed?) would have to credit my account and that trust and security would want to investigate and that they could assist in closing my account.  Alexa did say, “You know if you close your account you won’t be able to use it again.” To which I replied,” “I would rather shoot myself in the head rather than do business with  E-bay  again.”  After a few moments of silence Alexa passed me on to Reno.

When Reno picked up the phone I greeted him with, ”You’re number six Reno.” I imagined Reno thinking, “Why did I pick up this call?”Reno actually summed up my problem in the same way Alexa had: that it was two functions, crediting my account for the sellers fee and then closing my account.(possibly E-bay doing its’ own investigation). He then proceeded to ask me the same questions Jed did (Remember Jed?) to prove my identity. After I passed the test (so comforting to know I am who I think I am) Reno put me on hold to credit my account. He then said that E-bay could not close my account, but he could put a lock on it and that I would be able to complete the closure. He told me to expect two messages from E-bay: one about crediting my account and one about locking my account that would contain instructions on how to complete the closure. My conversation with E-bay ended about 80 minutes after I started.  I’m happy to report that two messages from E-bay did make it to my mailbox the next morning as promised. I don’t know why it took six people to handle this issue ; however if I find myself in need of a job I can always work for E-bay as the only skills you apparently need is the ability to transfer phone calls. 😀              

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