Jade Helm 15-Rehersal For Martial Law by Obama?

16 May

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When Obama first became president he said he wanted an internal army bigger than our regular army for domestic problems and fighting terrorism. This has given rise to speculation of him declaring martial law at one point. Now with Obama ignoring our constitution calling it “an outdated document” and using executive orders at his whim, he is acting more and more like a dictator. Now we have this Jade Helm15 exercise taking place. In a recent article in GOPUSA they stated:  “The three-month exercise begins in July and involves about 1,200 troops – special operations forces from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force as well as members of the 82nd Airborne Division. It’s spread across seven states – Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida – and will be conducted mainly on military installations but also on some remote public and private lands with the approval of landowners.

The diverse locations are meant to replicate the various climates and conditions the special operations forces would face when deployed around the world, and allow them to hone their combat skills.

According to officials, no live ammunition will be used, but there will likely be blank ammunition and other pyrotechnics, such as smoke grenades. The troops will train for a variety of military missions during the day and night, including rescue and recovery attempts, airborne operations and long-range combat movements.

Internet suspicions about Jade Helm spiked on some conservative websites and social media after a map labeled Texas, Utah and parts of California as “hostile” areas for the purposes of the exercise. Military training often includes mock-ups of enemy camps or other facilities so that the U.S. forces can practices infiltration and other missions.”

Why are they labeling those states as “hostile areas”. Could it be that those are the states Obama referred to as people clinging to their guns and religion?”

An Article in World Net Daily had this to say:

Over the past week, the Internet and talk radio have been buzzing about an Executive Order quietly signed by President Obama that allegedly authorizes the Department of Homeland Security to get ready to shut down all domestic communication in case of a declared national emergency. Let me repeat: All domestic communication, which includes “New Generation Systems” – a.k.a. the Internet – within the United States.

Just exactly what qualifies as a “national emergency” is not clearly defined. But something tells me we’ll soon find out.

White House Executive Order 13618, signed July 6, 2012, and titled “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions,” could be used to prevent communication between U.S. citizens, allege some concerned, thus allowing the president to eliminate any and all opposition to his plans. You decide. The complete EO can be read here.

An article that recently appeared in Zero Hedge (“Guest Post: What Is President Obama So Afraid Of?”) connects the dots:

Taken in conjunction with the NSA’s new Utah spy center (which will collect and archive the complete contents of every email, tweet, Facebook post, Google search, phone call and text message) and the National Defense Authorization Act, it’s clear that the Obama administration is expecting trouble from within.”

Conservative writer Rick Wiles claimed that protests in Ferguson, Missouri, were all part of a plot to enable “Emperor Obama” to “start a civil war,” which would give him a reason to implement stringent gun control so people could no longer “protect themselves from tyrants.” His fellow conservative talk show host Jesse Lee Peterson said that Obama brought “chaos” to Baltimore just so “he can federalize the police departments around the country.” World Net Daily columnist Morgan Brittany claimed that the Baltimore riots were “planned” by the government, which she said is bent on “stirring up unrest” in order to give Obama the justification “to institute martial law to preserve order, form a national police force and postpone the 2016 elections.”  Even Al Sharpton suggested that Obama nationalize the police after riots in Ferguson and Baltimore.-

Recently Obama has purged over 900 officers from all factions of the military and reduced our military to pre- WW11 conditions. Obama said it is because of the new technology we have such as drones that we don’t need as much, but with all the riots going on in black communities and Obama seemingly siding with the rioters and not the police other suspicions have arisen such as him declaring martial law and becoming America’s first dictator. Some conspiratorial folks have even gone as far as saying there won’t be any elections. Obama even has transferred all this military hardware like trucks, heavy duty weapons, etc. over to local police departments. .The Obama regime continuously tramples underfoot the Constitution with the consent of the Congress and Senate who do nothing to countermand it, so why would or should the people believe or trust the government anymore?

When one general was recently asked if Obama planned martial law his reply was, “What do you think the purge was for?” Some officers have claimed that before they were let go they were asked if they would take up arms against civilians. When they said “no” they were let go.

In any event as folk singer Bob Dylan once said, “Because you know something is happening, but you don’t know what it is,do you Mr. Jones?”

Who would oppose Obama 3rd term?

Obama preparing for citizen uprising?

 Concern about Jade Helm 15 training reflects citizen distrust of government

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2 responses to “Jade Helm 15-Rehersal For Martial Law by Obama?

  1. jan brown

    May 16, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    “Buzz” does NOT always mean TRUTH. Actually it is closer to RUMOR and can be dangerous. The ‘buzz’ around Jade Helm is chocked full of clandestine conspiracy theories. (none of which offer proof) I readily admit that particularly with this president, anything is possible. Part of this training will be ‘almost in sight’ of MY backyard,,,, Ranchers that ‘chose’ to participate were paid for use of their land and all/any damages will be compensated for. It was NOT mandatory. The citizens inside of Big Spring City Limits have ‘volunteered’ to be ‘subdued’ as such. The city is being well compensated.
    Because of all the ‘buzz’, Gov Abbott requested that National Guard Troops be allowed to monitor the operation to assure everyone that it is just as represented…and eliminate ‘fear’ that these rumors and theories have created.
    While ‘fear of the unknown’ may be without bases, it is normal…and so start the ‘what if’ stories.

    Jade Helm is on a larger scale than we’ve known, but so is the threat against our Nation. This is a type of ‘insurance’ that our military is READY !! The selected terrains are similar to that in the Arab countries…..Simulation is an excellent training tool.

    This is not new….in 1957 at Ft Lewis Washington the 5th Infantry ran an operation for 2 weeks with about 7000 troops…We have annual joint training with other nations on their ground.

    Fear paralyzes….and besides,,,let me ask,….IF there is an ulterior motive,, What are you prepared to do about it?

    • jayceecommentaries

      May 17, 2015 at 3:20 pm

      Thanks for replying Jan;I agree with you on what the exercise really is with troops preparing for war time situations in other parts of the world and thought this would be fun to write about..It’s just that everything Obama does festers this kind of thinking from saying he wants an internal civilian army bigger than our regular army to his wanting to transform America which he is doing, transferring all this military hardware over to local police, reducing our military to pre w.w 11 levels disregarding our constitution left and right calling it an outdated document,bringing in millions of illegals now mostly muslims and siding with the rioters and not the cops.They should have impeached this danger to America a long time ago,but the republicans don’t have the back bone to do it and Boehner and McConnell have betrayed us so there is nothing we can do.


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