How I Changed From a Liberal to Conservative (And Glad I Did!!!)

28 May

From 1966-1976  I strayed from my republican family upbringing and while in college and  from 1966 to 1976 I was a young skull full of mush as Rush Limbaugh would say and fell into the clutches of liberalism. I fell for the good time, rock ‘n’ roll, plastic banana, peace, love,  harmony, Kumbaya movement known as the 60’s. Needless to say I got into a lot of arguments with my parents who I loved dearly and regret and feel guilty about it to this day especially my dad who was a WW11 vet who lost  his twin  brother in France during the war. I was glad I was able to a make amends with him before he passed away.

By the mid 70’s when I was working in the real word I woke up and discovered liberalism is this vast movement that is a mental disorder with a cult like mentality. They lure you in with good intentions, lots of hand wringing emotion, fashion  music, movies,(this does not mean all music or movies, but  that’s what they use to brainwash you) slogans, sound bites, anti-war, anti-religion and anti-family rhetoric to get you dependant on government for everything in your life. In the 60’s   liberals  said “power to the people” and “big government out of our lives.” Today it’s conservatives who are saying power to the people and opting for smaller government except for the RINOS  (Republicans In Name Only) in congress. People like Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama want as much government in your life as possible to keep you dependant on them so they and their party  remain in power. Nancy Pelosi recently said, “Being unemployed is  good because now you can write that book you always wanted to or paint that portrait while having the government take care of you thru our healthcare plan.” That’s communism and socialism which is what Obamacare is all about.

Conservatives on the other hand are more stable emotionally and all about freedom and obeying the constitution of our founding fathers that kept this country going for the past 239 years.  Now Obama is shredding it calling it an outdated document to exercise his lawlessness. Conservatives believe in being the best you can be and achieving whatever you want with a hard work ethic and integrity if big government would just get out of our way. Liberals say you can’t succeed without having   government  in your life.

Liberals are always whining, complaining, protesting and are always angry, bitter and never satisfied. When they finally get what they want they always want more. Who needs that?? You can’t have a decent discussion with a liberal (lord knows I’ve tried) without them shouting you down. They can’t resort to facts and have to use emotion. Just look how they are on these shows like FOX and CNN and MSNBC. When a conservative speaks they are usually calm and interesting. When the liberals counter act they have to shout and interrupt. All you have to do is just disagree with them and they bring out the name calling.”You’re a racist, you’re a sexist, you’re a homophobe, you’re a Nazi, you’re a fascist, you  have to be silenced” and you’re in the dark ages to boot. They resort to name calling when they don’t have facts to back them up. Just disagree with a lib and that’s what you get because I’ve seen it and experienced it. In fact I’ve never seen such hatred and vitriol come from anyone as I have liberals.

Liberals are also great for using Political Correctness to get their way. Political Correctness  is the government telling  you what to say and what to think and when to say it and when to think it. Well nobody tells me what to say and what to think when to say it and when to think it.

Then there are the celebrity  hypocrits.  Bob Dylan, who I liked and still do like some of his stuff, is one.   When the concert for Bangladesh came out all the musicians volunteered their services. Dylan said he wouldn’t appear unless he got paid so they paid him. He then demanded 25 cents in royalties for every album sold when the others didn’t get anything since it was charity and he got it. People started calling him Bob (“pay me a million dollars and I’ll sing about the poor”) Dylan.

Then there is the biggest liberal icon hypocrite Michael Moore. He’s another one. Pay him a million dollars and he’ll do a movie about the poor like his recent one called “SICKO” about how great the Cuban healthcare system is.  When asked if he would get healthcare there he replied, “Only if Fox News goes first.” Moore lives in a million dollar apartment in New York City and has a million and a half dollar home in Florida. When he is out of his element the folds like the proverbial cheap camera.

When he appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio show he sounded like a little kid wimpering and saying to Sean “yeah you’re right” to everything Sean said. Sean also made a bet with Michael during the last election over something, I don’t recall what, but Sean said if he was wrong he would pay $5000 to any charity Moore picked and if Moore was wrong he had to stand in front of the white house with a sign that said “Sean Hannity was right.” Michael agreed. He lost and chickened out about being in front of the white house so Sean’s station agreed to have him stand in front of a blown up picture of the white house with the sign which he did and Sean showed it on his TV show. I haven’t heard much from Michael lately.  I guess he’s enjoying his millions he made from films he made about the down trodden and poor and people who exploit them.

 So in 1976 I said to liberals   “Love you’ or leave you, I left you,” and was glad I did. 😀

Check out Austin Cuningham’s great catchy song and video tribute to the Girls at Fox News. 😀

“ I used to be a democrat, liberal no doubt.

I didn’t think conservatives knew what life’s about.

Then one day I left the FOX News channel on,

If that’s the station of the right I’ll tell the left so long.” 


“My liberal days are over .Hope Bob Beckel understands.”   Regular viewers of FOX will get this. 😀

Look what’s happened to women of Fox News

Ray Stevens – If You Like Your Plan – YouTube (check out Ray’s hilarious but true take on

 Obamacare  where he mentions about Nancy Pelosi that I mentioned above.) 😀









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