My Thoughts On The South Carolina Shootings

19 Jun

Obama and Hillary wasted no time and raced too soon to use this latest episode to denounce gun violence. More people are saved by guns in this country than are killed by them, but the media doesn’t report those statistics. This was a drugged up kid who did this. Why did his father give him a gun on his birthday when he’s been arrested twice before for hard core illegal drugs and he was on this anti-opiate drug that makes people go violent? Why didn’t anyone say anything when he told his friend he was planning this for six months.  Didn’t his mother suspect anything when he had all this white supremist and skinhead videos and literature in his room?  Yet people still say where were  the red flags whenever something like this happens. Well they were right there in front of you, but noone raised a finger or said anything. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Obama says this doesn’t happen in other countries but it does. Has he forgotten France so soon? Has he forgotten the mass beheadings in Iran so soon? Has he forgotten the mass killings by ISIS  so soon where they lined Iraqi soldiers up in a ditch and shot them all?? Ireland has had its’ share of mass killings also. Meanwhile more blacks have been killed by other blacks in the thousands, but the media only reports when one white person does a mass killing like in Newtown and Colorado and now here.

The left always calls for more gun control. Don’t they realize there are close to 100 gun control laws in effect now? The only next step would be to confisgate all guns and that’s exactly what Hitler did and we know what followed there. Besides, who really is responsible for anyone person carrying a gun. Surely it is impossible that it is them. (I say wryly)

Check out some of these comments below:

rtmsluci 18 hours ago

He reloaded FIVE times. Plenty of time for a good guy with a gun to stop this tragedy. Probably would have saved a  half dozen lives. But the morons on the left don’t understand that.

TaxSlaveToWelfare 18 hours ago

Saul Alinsky Communism 101 “Never let a Tragedy go to waste” Obama said nothing about the 14 Blacks that were killed yesterday in St Louis why? No Whites were involved and their wasn’t division opportunity for Communist Gun Control. 

Sick People will always get a weapon of some kind and kill someone nothing new. 

But never give up you Right to defend your family and Country form the Hitler’s, Muslim Terrorist and imported Drug gangs from Mexico. 

Chicago Obama’s home town has the strictest gun laws in the Country and one of the most Violent gun crimes deaths. Why? Criminals don’t obey laws.

raddison4x 18 hours ago

Here we go again…..the left will call for gun control when the truth is this was a mentally ill, crack head guy who was being medicated for drug addictions….. IF someone had a gun in the church they could have stopped him and this would be a different outcome.

BUT the left will focus on that it was a crime against blacks with a gun. Barry ran to the micro phone to talk about it. I don’t recall him talking about anything when the Muslim beheaded a co-worker and was trying to be-head another one when he was shot and killed because someone had a gun!

The president urged a broader response in emotional remarks on the deadly Charleston shooting Thursday.

‘This type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries’



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One response to “My Thoughts On The South Carolina Shootings


    June 19, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    I agree, we have a lot of “mentally ill” people and the last two month have proven this with the likes of a man becoming a woman and a white woman becoming a black one….good grief! But not everything can be blamed on M. I. Dr. Krauthammer Our youngsters are being raised by “Electronics” and “Idleness”. They are sitting all day around doing absolutely nothing but play with their electronic toys. Their heads are empty of anything positive. Now they are going to College and the liberal communist Professors take these “Mush heads” and turn them into hateful, envious, sadistic, demanding Lunatics. And we know the result over and over again. MHO Fraz


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