Jurassic World

30 Jun
Jurassic World rakes in more crowds — and cash — than the original film, with a perfect blend of unadulterated entertainment and nostalgia

I’ve just returned from seeing Jurassic World and in spite of what the critics said I enjoyed every last suspenseful, screaming moment of it. Jurassic World is the fourth film in the Jurassic Park franchise and is by far the best one yet.  It’s been 20 years since Professor Hammond’s dream of a theme park featuring  live genetically  enhanced dinosaurs has been realized  and the park is now open with 20,000 people a day on it waiting to see  dinosaurs that lived 50 million years ago.

Two young boys whose parents are divorcing are sent to the park where their mother’s sister, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) is the general manager while they work things out.  Meanwhile,  scientists  at the park have mixed DNA from several dinosaurs to create a new dinosaur that’s bigger, badder and scarier than other dinosaurs. Chris Pratt plays Owen a park animal trainer that has a fondness for Claire even though she is all business. Owen believes in communication with the dinosaurs and has a connection with four raptors. Pratt has been touted to play the next Indiana Jones and I can see why. He’d be perfect for the part. His character is courageous in the face of danger and trying to keep his wits about him when being chased by the new big dinosaur Indominus Rex.

There are plenty of suspenseful edge  of your seat moments to keep you occupied. Some critics said there was no characterization like in the first few and it is all CGI effects. Not true. I thought the rapport between the two brothers was excellent and very real as they acted like two brave, but really scared kids with the younger one looking up to the older one who was more  the in charge type while being equally scared on the inside. It was also interesting seeing the relationship between Owen and Claire grow  as they search for the brothers who have become lost  when attacked by some dinosaurs as they rode in the ”hamster Bubble”gyrosphere ride  and fighting off the huge new dinosaur on the loose draws them closer together.

The new dinosaur escapes and is highly intelligent and thus starts a wild chase to contain her. She is extremely vicious and is killing other dinosaurs for sport. The park originally made a male and female dinosaur and when Claire is asked what happened to the mate she responds,   ”She ate him.”

I thought the CGI special effects were nothing short of astounding. I’ve seen many dinosaur flicks over the years and you can always tell where reality meets special effects one way or another, but here the dinosaurs looked absolutely real and moved like real dinosaurs with no jerky motions that you can sometimes detect. An added attraction was in the theater where we were you could feel the theater vibrate when the big dinosaur walked. 🙂

So far Jurassic World holds the record for a summer opening and I’m sure they’ll be a fifth one down the road some time. Check out these exciting trailers from the film below and see Jurassic World either now or when it comes out on DVD. 😉

Jurassic World – Official Global Trailer (HD) – YouTube

Jurassic World – Trailer No. 1 (2015) – Movie | Moviefone

Jurassic World – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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