Pope Taken To Task On Immigration Reform

26 Sep

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Socialism is good until you run out of other people’s money——Margaret Thatcher

 On Thursday, in Washington, the pope waded into bitter disputes while speaking to Congress, entreating the nation to share its immense wealth with those less fortunate. He also urged the nation to abolish the death penalty, fight global warming and embrace immigrants.

An immigration enforcement advocacy organization says the pope is pushing an immigration policy that advocates being charitable with other people’s resources.

During his address to a joint session of Congress on Thursday, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church urged the members of Congress and the United States as a whole not to be afraid of immigrants but to welcome them as fellow human beings. Pope Francis says people are not things that can be discarded just because they are troublesome. The pontiff’s admonition comes amidst the problem of illegal immigration from Mexico and Latin America and the U.S. weighing how many Islamic migrants to accept from wars in the Middle East.

Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), says the pope clearly views immigration as an act of charity on the part of wealthier countries. The problem with that approach, says Mehlman, is that the pope is “advocating charity with other people’s resources.”

“There is no moral or ethical doctrine that allows anybody to be charitable with other people’s resources,” the FAIR spokesman continues. “You can’t be charitable with your neighbor’s job; you can’t be charitable with your neighbor’s children’s educational opportunities. And yet this is the real-world impact on people in the receiving countries when you have mass immigration.

“Simply to say that the solution is to bring everybody to countries like the United States inflicts great harm on a lot of people,” he concludes.

We already do most of those things he’s telling us to do. We give more to the rest of the world than any other country even to countries that hate us. In fact we give more than the top ten countries combined. We are accepting more immigrants than any other country. Islamic countries aren’t accepting any of the Syrian refugees, but we’re expected to take in 200,000.  We already have 12 million illegals in here now and he wants us to take in more?  He wants us to concentrate on global warming he says. Global warning has been exposed by leading scientist and WIKI Leaks as a big scam. The polar ice caps are increasing and bigger than ever. According to Al Gore the ice caps were supposed to be completely melted by now.

Pope needs to stick to preaching and leave the world politics to those that know what they are talking about if there is anybody who knows what they are talking about  today. Everybody’s an expert these days and you can see the world of hurt we are in from it.

Here are some interesting comments I found:

Comment by joeconservative
Let me get this straight, Pope Francis is telling us that we should welcome foreigners because they can be troublesome?
One wonders how many Muslims immigrants that the Vatican has welcomed. I’m thinking none, because they are too troublesome

Comment by roy32
Christian faith’s always preached love thy neighbor, help the poor, but it was always on an individual basis. The Pope seems now to be delegating tenets of faith to the governments and that makes it a Cardinal Sin.
Government’s are only too happy to quote the Pope and impose mandatory controls on the masses of people.

Comment by medrake
September 25, 2015 @ 2:26 pm

Obama has set out to be the anti-Reagan and to reverse the victory of the West and of democratic capitalism over Communism. Sadly this disappointing comedown from the incisive mind and theological scholarship of Benedict XVI has now revealed himself to be the anti-John Paul II, and proposes to reverse the victories over atheism, secularism and Marxism that the Polish saint achieved. Pope Pius IX would not compromise with the Italian government after the forcible reunification of Italy in the 19th century because he said that this would make him merely the Italian king’s chaplain; sadly, we now have a Pontiff who is willing to be the chaplain of Obama and Juan Peron.


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