The Moscow-Washington-Teheran-Axis of Evil and Creeping Sharia Law in the U.S.

05 Oct

obama_axis_evilRecently Vladimir Putin accomplished in two days what we were attempting in the last four years and accomplished nothing. That is the war against ISIS in the Middle East by bombing Syria.   We didn’t accomplish anything because our traitor-in-chief Obama was propping up ISIS, most likely.  From the get-go, he called it ISIL, a term which leaves Israel off the map and we know how much he hates Isreal. He is our enemy within, as well as an enemy to the entire free world,

An article in GOPUSA raised this important question:

 The conventional wisdom is that Vladimir Putin has blindsided Barack Obama in the Middle East, catching the U.S. off-guard. It’s another Obama “failure,” we’re told. “Obama administration scrambles as Russia attempts to seize initiative in Syria,” is how a Washington Post headline described it. A popular cartoon shows Putin kicking sand in the faces of Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry on a beach.

The conventional wisdom is driven by the notion that Obama has the best of intentions but that he’s been outmaneuvered. What if his intention all along has been to remake the Middle East to the advantage of Moscow and its client state Iran? What if he knows exactly what he’s doing? Too many commentators refuse to consider that Obama is deliberately working against U.S. interests and in favor of the enemies of the U.S. and Israel.

 Before Putin further consolidates his military position in the Middle East and Iran makes more progress in nuclear weapons development, Netanyahu will have to launch a preemptive strike on the Islamic state. “Israel will not allow Iran to break in, to sneak in or to walk in to the nuclear weapons club,” the Israeli Prime Minister said.

In launching such a strike before the end of Obama’s second presidential term, Israel would bring down the wrath of the world, led by Russia and the U.S., on the Jewish state. Maybe that’s Obama’s plan all along.  » The Moscow-Washington-Tehran Axis of Evil » Commentary — GOPUSA

The goal of radicaI   Islam is world domination and the establishment of world Sharia Law. It is creeping rapidly and nobody is doing anything to stop it. In our schools they are teaching young impressionable kids about worshiping Allah and having them dress in mid-eastern clothing and writing poems and essays about Islam while hardly studying Christianity.  I recently saw this right on comment:

It is readily apparent that Muslims don’t want to assimilate into societies, When you take a good, hard look at Islamic values their motives become clear; they demand submission and control. These people want a caliphate (which means basically Muslims unite regardless of geographical location). They don’t want to integrate into our way of life, and they do not respect our common values. They want global domination, brutal Sharia law,they consider this jihad.

For those of you still not familiar with Sharia Law here are a few examples. Under Sharia a woman can’t drive or go to work. A woman can’t be seen in public unless she is with someone she’s related to. If a woman is raped she needs five eye witnesses and so on. Get the picture?

I recently received this letter from Frank Gaffney President of Secure Freedom. For twenty-seven years, they have forged partnerships between elected and other government officials, past and present military leaders, experts and citizens to safeguard our U.S. national security against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Here is his letter:

This  letter is about the growing foothold Islamic supremacists and their agenda for dominating the world known as Shariah are achieving in America.

Alarmingly, those who believe Islam and its repressive anti-Constitutional Shariah must rule the whole world, are making serious inroads in towns and cities right here in America – sometimes with our own tax dollars!

What’s more, the followers of Islam’s Shariah are not simply believers in a “religion.” Instead, they are waging jihad (holy war) – in one form or another – to force the whole world to submit to their dictates, non-Muslim and Muslim alike . . .

. . . even coercing or forcing what we would consider to be “the good Muslims” to join them in conforming to Shariah.

And with illegal and legal Muslim immigration in America growing at record rates, Shariah-adherent immigrants are challenging the Judeo-Christian foundation of our U.S. Constitution, our culture and values – often in ways unknown to most Americans.

Worse yet, Islamic leaders are cleverly using our own 1st Amendment rights to establish and defend so-called “Islamic Centers” here in our country, that in reality are Shariah-adherent mosques that advance “Jihad” against America . . .

. . . often providing safe-havens for terrorist recruitment and indoctrination in their quest for world dominance and power.

Whether or not this problem has affected your area yet, just think about this:

  • An undercover investigation found that a staggering 80% of Islamic mosques or “cultural centers” in America are under the influence of the Shariah-promoting Saudi (Wahabbist) wing of Islam. Under Shariah, gender and religion determine specific “rights” in ways at odds with our Constitutional ones.
  • And Shariah promotes “jihad” . . . violence and terrorism against all Islamic “non-believers.”

All we need to do is look to Europe to see where our country is headed.

Great Britain now has 85 Shariah courts. In Germany, Shariah law has been used to defend a husband’s right to beat his wife and practice polygamy. France has overhauled its domestic tax laws to accommodate “Islamic Finance.”

Just think about what is already happening in America:

Secure Freedom has identified 146 U.S. court cases in which an attempt was made to use Shariah to decide the dispute. In one in five instances, the judge agreed. We expect those numbers to grow. And recently, a group of Muslims in northern Texas tried to establish the first official “Islamic tribunal” to dispense Shariah law in the United States.

How can this be happening in our country?

It’s because of a clever technique used by a particularly dangerous Islamic supremacist group, the Muslim Brotherhood. They call it “civilization jihad,” a term that describes how the Brotherhood is aiming at, in their words, “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”

Here are some of the ways the civilization jihadist leaders are stealthily trying to take us down:

  • Islamists are placing Muslim Brothers into positions as advisors to and, in some cases as employees of, our government – placements that facilitate their insidious influence operations.
  • Islamists seek to prevent our free speech – particularly the kind that might allow us to understand and effectively counteract their secretive assaults on our country and its institutions.
  • Islamists are trying to use the “Common Core” curriculum – our children’s textbooks – to promote Islamic supremacism in our academic institutions.
  • Islamists are working to insinuate Shariah into U.S. courts and establish their own parallel “Islamic tribunals” to subvert our rule of law and Constitution.
  • Islamists are using our immigration system – especially our refugee resettlement program – to engage in what the Islamic supremacists call the hijra, a Muslim colonization of America.
  • Islamists enlist leaders of other faiths through so-called “interfaith dialogue” to obscure and enable what is fundamentally a subversive political, not a legitimate religious, agenda. And,
  • Islamists use what is known as “Shariah-Compliant Finance” to penetrate and coopt our capitalist system.

While the Europeans are further down the tubes than we are at the moment, I think you’ll agree there is reason to believe we are catching up. For example:

  • Many national food chains are selling unmarked Shariah-compliant “Halal” meat (the animal is ritually-slaughtered by a Muslim who sacrifices it to Allah), unbeknownst to most Americans who are buying and consuming it.
  • Our own U.S. Treasury Dept. has hosted in its headquarters a course called “Islam Finance 101” to promote Shariah-compliant financial activities. And today, most of our major banks and financial institutions – including one-time government-owned and taxpayer-funded AIG – offer “Shariah-Compliant” products that are overseen by Muslim “scholars” to ensure they comply with Islamic law.
  • Some public and taxpayer-funded university gyms are now providing separate hours for male and female swimming . . . to comply with Shariah laws for Islamic followers.
  • Several years ago, at a Tyson’s chicken processing plant in Tennessee, the American Labor Day holiday was REPLACED with an Islamic religious holiday. A public outcry forced the company to reverse that decision, but it did so by making accommodations for both holidays.
  • A New Jersey judge denied a protective order to a Moroccan-American woman being systematically beaten and tortured by her Muslim husband on the grounds that he was just practicing his faith according to Shariah. And in Virginia, an Islamic school operating under Shariah not only ignored the reports by a little girl that she was being molested by her father, but the principal sent her home for him to “handle it”.
  • A Muslim father murdered his two daughters in Houston a few years ago in an act known as “honor killing” for dating American boys. Others are having their girls’ genitals mutilated – yes, here in the United States.

Make no mistake. These threats will destroy America from within – unless we stop them.

Muslim Brotherhood-associated organizations like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) are trying to suppress the sort of information we need to get out. Their influence operations against our government, media and elites – in which they call truth-tellers “Islamophobes,” “racists” and “bigots” – all-too-often succeed in enforcing Shariah blasphemy restrictions on free expression.

This is all the more outrageous since, in a speech, a former Chairman of CAIR proclaimed:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth”.

Chilling words indeed!

The rise of the barbaric Islamic State (ISIS) and the resurgence of al Qaeda and its affiliates have begun to arouse many of our countrymen and women to the ever-expanding forces of Shariah-adherent Muslims and the clear and present danger their violent jihad increasingly poses to our homeland and citizens.

Now we need to ensure that our fellow Americans are aware as well of the other principal form of jihad – the Muslim Brotherhood’s civilization jihad.

Remember, too many Americans are unaware of the tremendous inroads being achieved by the Islamic supremacists’ global effort to bring Shariah to towns and cities right here in America – often with our very own tax dollars and, in some cases, with the help of the United Nations.

They don’t yet know what you now do: Shariah makes Islam into much more than a “religion.” It is nothing less than a truly global political and military offensive against America and the West. With thousands of mosques in America advancing this program here via stealthy forms of jihad as well, occasionally, as violent ones, we must act now!

No, No, No it can’t happen here you say, but it does!!!

Here are two comments worth thinking about.

Comment by roy32
October 5, 2015 @ 9:32 am

Imagine that, because Republican leadership was afraid to be called bigots they are allowing “The End Times” scenario to fester. They allowed seven years of transforming our country. America has accepted our abandonment of Israel and now say it’s their fight. Not sure we’ll make it to the next election.

Comment by oleteabag
October 5, 2015 @ 10:00 am

I seriously doubt we WILL make it to the next election. Obama has enabled the forces of the prophesied battle of Gog and Magog to move into place, and End Times prophecy completions are falling into place one after another.

The Bible says the Antichrist will establish a One-World government with a One-World currency. I’ve never believed Obama was the Antichrist, but have ALWAYS believed he was one sent to prepare the way for his coming and help usher in the New World Order. That conviction grows stronger EVERY DAY, as I see how events are falling into place to complete that narrative. Obama’s feckless “deal” with Iran makes it clear he is on THEIR side, not OURS, and CERTAINLY not Israel’s! It isn’t that much of STRETCH to assume he welcomes Russia’s help to advance Iran’s interests in the Middle East.  When are people going to stop FOOLING themselves and realize that the most DANGEROUS enemy the US has lives in the White House?


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