Star Wars:The Force Awakens

30 Dec

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I just returned from seeing the latest Star Wars film and I must say I did enjoy it though probably not as much as these diehard fans. I decided to wait until all the hype and hoopla died down so I could better judge it and not have to wait through the crowds.

My wife and I went on a Wednesday night and paid for tickets in advance and it was still a sold out show with us having to sit in the second row since the kids are off from school this week.

This is episode V11 in the franchise that was started 30 years ago. J.J. Abrams secured the rights to direct the film from George Lucas who did the originals.The one thing that is central to Star Wars movies is the family lineage. It helps if you’ve seen the other six like I did. I forgot a lot of  the  connections so I had to be reminded of them afterwards. I thought this one was a reboot of the first one which was really episode 1V with new stuff added and after all it is a continuation of the story.

The story centers around Luke Skywalker  is missing and is a Jedi Master supposedly training new Jedis. Naturally everyone in the universe both good and bad are  looking for him. There is a computer generated map of his whereabouts but an integral part is missing which is hidden in a droid that attaches itself to this young gal named Rey. Meanwhile a storm trooper who has become disenchanted with the evil First Order headed by Kylo Ren leaves them and teams up with Rey and they head out to find  the missing piece unknown that it is in their droid as well as fight the First Order. The resistance is known as the Republic.

The reason it is a reboot as there are many similarities between the first one and this one including even a bar scene with assorted alien creatures. They had a death star and this one has a death planet, they had Darth Vader all in black with a heavy facemask, this one has Kylo Ren all in black with a dark facemask like Vader. Luke called Han Solo’s Millenium  Falcon a piece of Junk. Rey calls it garbage. Darth Vader answered to a holographic emperor. Kylo answers to a holographic giant, ugly being of a supreme leader in charge of the First Order. R2D2 had plans hidden in him just has this droid has the map hidden in him to deliver to the resistance. Then there is the assorted light saber duels and spaceship dog fights and chases. In the first one the special effects were more stylized and paced better. This one seemed more geared towards the video game generation with all the fast paces fighter rockets and shooting them down like in a video game. History operates in cycles, those who don’t learn from it are condemned to repeat it, etc., but the current information suggests history repeated itself exactly. This felt like imitation fan fiction designed to cash in on nostalgia. No wonder Lucas wants nothing to do with it!

While Darth Vader was more imposing in his appearance and the way he firmly walked eschewing dominance all the way , Kylo Ren seems like he’s seeking to obtain a similarly mythic, similarly intimidating status, but he’s fumbling through it as best he knows how, since he doesn’t have Vader there to model himself after…only hearsay, legends, and tales. He is the grandson of Vader on his mother’s side General Leia.

I saw this fan reaction which I thought was interesting: What I find most intriguing about Kylo Ren is that he ISN’T some handsome, Darth Revan-looking Sith overlord, but a relatively “normal” kid that dresses up like Darth Vader in an attempt to make himself feel more secure and more powerful. He’s not intimidating when he takes off his mask, not in the slightest. With the mask on and lightsaber in hand, however, suddenly he’s larger than life. The fact that he worships Vader and wants to emulate him only serves to make him scarier when in “the mask”, since we can imagine that his thought process pretty much begins and ends with “what would Vader do”? Not the real Vader, mind you, but the Vader he has built up in his mind – the unstoppable killing machine and Galaxy dominating evil force that he has constructed from his ideal concept of Vader.

When the mask is off he looks more like the college heart throb.

Harrison Ford is back as Han Solo along with his furry pal Chewbaca. Carrie Fisher is back this time as General Leia Organa in charge of the resistance also looking for Luke her brother. She and Han have been separated for a long time and are back again both looking for Kylo Ren who happens to be their son. I had mixed reactions seeing these two again. I thought Ford moved and spoke a bit slower (after all he is 73 years old) and although the Solo wisecracks and quick retorts are there  it just didn’t seem to gell with me seeing a 73 year old Han Solo,yet I did enjoy seeing them again.Ford originally said he wasn’t going to play Solo again,but changed his mind when offered the right price,50 times more than the other players. There was something about Carrie Fisher that wasn’t too personable either and  for some reason her right side of her face by her eye and mouth seemed to droop down. I know she’s been through a lot in her life emotionally with her bi-polar disorder which she has spoken publicly about, but she lacked her cuteness from the earlier film. Well we are all getting older.

Overall Star Wars The  Force Awakens is a good exciting movie and I recommend it to anyone who has always enjoyed this franchise. They plan on making two more sequels  like the original which will open up and answer new questions I’m sure. Check it out.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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