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Republican Debate Without Trump



Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum

Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum, left, and Donald Trump, center, laugh as they listens to Mike Huckabee during a campaign event on the campus of Drake University Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

The Republican debate went off as scheduled while Donald Trump had his own special program to raise money for the veterans at the same time on CNN. I switched on and off between them to catch both but soon stayed with the debate because I didn’t care for all the CNN pendants commenting on everything whiled the special was going on.

The debate was moderated by FOX News anchors Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace who posed questions to John Kaisich, Rand Paul, N.J. governor Chris Christie, Dr. Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush.

Even though he wasn’t there the candidates took biting jabs at Trump. Megyn Kelly naturally opened up with a question about Trump to get everything rolling. I thought she should have left well enough alone since she is in enough controversy over her fiery relationship with Trump in past debates, but I guess she relishes the attention and publicity. And what are they trying to do with Megyn Kelly? I hate that short combed back hair and her eye make-up makes her look very stark and fierce and almost like a high class prostitute.

Earlier in the evening, Cruz responded to a question about Trump’s boycott by channeling the real-estate magnate himself during the debate.

“Let me say that I’m a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid fat and ugly, and Ben, you’re a terrible surgeon,” Cruz said, referring to retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.”Now that we’ve got the Donald Trump portion out of the way, I want to thank everyone here for showing the men and women of Iowa the respect to show up and make the case to the people of this state why each of us would make the best commander in chief,” he continued. At least one presidential candidate promised that they wouldn’t leave the debate in protest.”Don’t worry — I’m not leaving the stage no matter what you ask me,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) said.

The debate started with questions mostly to Ted Cruz since he is the second runner up and quickly switched to Marco Rubio who was very passionate to every question. Marco got in a fierce emotional debate with Ted Cruz over immigration and both accusing the other of flip flopping over amnesty with Megyn Kelly rudely interjecting with her two cents worth and quickly started giving more time to the other candidates towards the end. Bush couldn’t stop bringing up Trump and sarcastically made a few jabs at him probably because Trump picked on him a lot in the past. Bush even made a sly remark that he missed Trump. .What I didn’t  like was when Bush answering question from a You-tube Muslim girl Nabela Noor, who has called Trump a bigot and compared him to Hitler, about Muslim immigrants being under attack. Bush said Trump wants to ban all Muslims and disparages Hispanics, ”What kind of leader is that?”Bush said. Actually none of what he said there was factual and he was propagating the much misinterpreted lie about Trump’s statement. Trump said he wants a “temporary ban “on Muslims until we can figure out who is who and what is going on. People have misinterpreted that to mean a permanent ban on Muslims. Trump also said “Mexico was not sending their greatest and “SOME” not all are rapists and murderers” which is true. One just has to look at the prison population and you see many illegals from Mexico there who are rapists and murderers. Again people including Bush here took his comments out of proportion and are using them to say he’s racist against Hispanics branding all Mexicans as rapists and murderers. Another you tube question came from a young girl named Dulce Candy who admitted she sneaked across the border in the night with her mother when she was very young served in the military and is now an entrepreneur.

Overall it was a fair debate though somewhat dry without Trump there to liven things up  and the candidates didn’t say anything new that you haven’t heard before which makes me wonder why do they  have to have so many debates. I think it was also rigged to favor Rubio and Bush while they trashed Cruz. At one point as they were breaking for a commercial Megyn Kelly said, “Stay tuned and when we come back you’ll see something you haven’t seen before.” I kept watching but nothing happened. Maybe she was trying to get viewers to stay with it and not switch over to Trump’s event.

I know the republican elites have been pushing for Bush to be the nominee ever since the beginning. If he does become the candidate then I know this election is rigged for sure.

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The Real Reason Trump Dropped Out of the Debate.(It’s Not What You Think)

Like everyone I was shocked and confused to hear Trump dropped out of the debate. The mainstream media and FOX  News said it was because he was afraid of Megyn Kelly and said she was unfair to him last time. Pendants started saying he was afraid of her and how would he deal with Putin and the mullahs in Iran if he couldn’t take criticism and runs if anyone criticizes him. I knew there must be some other reason as I don’t believe the media anymore. Rush Limbaugh hit it perfectly on his radio show and confirmed what I suspected. He said:

So far Trump says he’s not showing up.  He claims he’s not showing up because Megyn Kelly is going to continue to be a moderator.  And if you believe that, I can give you substantive reasons.  And it’s all in The Art of the Deal.  Trump is not that hard to understand if you pay attention to him and read his books.  In The Art of the Deal, one of the things that he makes a huge deal about is being able to know when to walk away and have the guts and the courage to do it. 

Trump is so far outside the formula that has been established for American politics that people who are inside the formula can’t comprehend it.  They don’t understand why somebody would want to venture so far outside it, because it is what it is, and there’s a ladder of success that you have to climb.  And somebody challenging it like this in more ways than one, as Trump is doing, has just got everybody experiencing every kind of emotion you can:  They’re angry, they are flabbergasted, they’re shocked, they’re stunned —  and all of it because he’s leading. 

Everything he’s doing goes against the book.  Everything that any analyst or consultant or professional would tell you not to do, Donald Trump is doing it, and he’s leading the pack.  This creates its own set of emotions and feelings and thoughts that run from person to person.  Now, the political business, if you want to look at it that way, is like any other business.  It has its people who are considered the elites in it — and like any business, they hate outsiders.  They don’t want outsiders just storming in trying to take over, and much less succeeding at it. 

Like any group of elites, they’re exclusionary. 

They want to keep people out. 

They want to be in charge of who gets in the club. They want to be in charge of who’s allowed to rise or climb the ladder in the club.  Politics is no different, and all of those determinations are made by who gets money and who doesn’t.  But Trump is functioning totally outside this structure that has existed for decades.  As such, the people who are only familiar with the structure and believe in it and cherish it and want to protect it, feel threatened in ways that you can’t even comprehend.  So that leads them to try to figure out: How is all this working for Trump?  Why do his followers grow? Why does his support expand every time he busts a rule wide open? Trump Refuses to Play by the Rules – The Rush Limbaugh Show

Yes Rush hit it right. The people at the top of the RNC don’t want Trump in there. They sent orders down to get rid of him. They are using the Megyn Kelly excuse to make him look timid and afraid.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Like Rush says “this is all part of the deal.” Trump is no dummy and did not get to where he is by being stupid or timid. He has buildings all over the world and met with world leaders so he knows how to make deals and successful too.

This was evident during the first republican debate when the candidates wanted him to sign a pledge saying he would support the candidate if he lost. He responded by saying he would sign it if they would sign a pledge saying they would support him when he gets it.

Trump also found out they planned to ambush him by having these three young You tubers ask questions, one of which was a young Muslim woman who called Trump a bigot and compared him to Hitler because of his “temporary” ban on Muslims. These young people didn’t hear the word “temporary” and I guess in their poor liberal biased education they weren’t told that liberal president Jimmy Carter banned the Iranians for four years during the Iran hostage crisis. So naturally Trump is going to say “Who needs this?” and dropped out. Since then Roger Ailes  the CEO of FOX and who thinks the world of Megyn Kelly has since contacted Trump’s wife and daughter begging them to make him come back. Trump said the only one he will talk to is Aile’s boss Rupert Murdoch. Again all part of the deal.  

Every time Trump appears on Fox in the debates they have the highest  ratings in history. Fox always charges the advertisers more when they have a debate with him on it. Trump told FOX he didn’t like them exploiting him like that and they should donate some of their profits  to veterans’ charities.

Tonite  a Superpac has offered one and a half million dollars to veterans charities if Trump will debate Cruz by Saturday for one hour. Carly Fiorina has jumped in with offering two million. On Sean Hannity’s show Sean was interviewing the other candidates in Iowa and both Chris Christie and Jeb Bush naturally brought into the narrative of Trump being scared and said “What kind of leader is that.? ” This is all part of them getting him out of the way to better their chances. Sean wondered why Trump would accuse Fox of being unfair to him when they’ve had him on more than any other candidate and Greta, Fox and Friends, O’Reilly and he have all been fair to him. Either Sean really doesn’t know what’s really going on or he’s just playing along with the false narrative to keep it alive and protect his job. Besides Trump said he doesn’t need Fox News to win the nomination. 10 Reasons Fox News Hates Trump

The establishment big boys want Bush in there so they can control him. They can’t control Trump as he would shake the status quo up and they could all lose their jobs so he has to go. Bush is only at 3%. He can’t win against Hillary, but the establishment doesn’t care if Hillary gets in because at least they will still have their jobs. Otherwise why would they want to get rid of their front runner so bad?

My wife and I watch the TV show Blacklist and it deals with an underlying theme that there is this cabal that controls the way elections go. I think this is what is happening here. As one comment I saw said,” I think the next president  has already been chosen and this is just a dog and pony show to make us think we have a voice.” Yes I think the election of 2016 is rigged. It wouldn’t  surprise me.



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The Islamization of the World


There is much talk about Islam being the religion of peace, but what I have found is anything but a religion of peace. Islam is only peaceful if you are in it. Muhammad was a warlord who founded Islam to keep his conquered foes in line and submissive to him. Muhammad gained few early followers, and met hostility from some Meccan tribes. To escape persecution, Muhammad sent some followers to Abyssinia before he and his followers migrated from Mecca to Medina (then known as Yathrib) in the year 622. This event, the Hijra, marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar, also known as the Hijri Calendar. In Medina, Muhammad united the tribes under the Constitution of Medina. In December 629, after eight years of intermittent conflict with Meccan tribes, Muhammad gathered an army of 10,000 Muslim converts and marched on the city of Mecca. The attack went largely uncontested and Muhammad seized the city with little bloodshed. He destroyed 360 pagan idols at the Kaaba.[17] In 632, a few months after returning from the Farewell Pilgrimage, Muhammad fell ill and died. Before his death, most of the Arabian Peninsula had converted to Islam.[18][19] Muhammad in Islam – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Modern day Islam has been hijacked and is not a religion, but a cult of followers much like Scientology is passed off as a religion, but is really a cult.

Modern day Islamization appears to be a return of the individual to Muslim values, communities, and dress codes, and a strengthened community.[4]

However, polls have shown that majority of worldwide Muslim wants democracy embedded with Islam and Sharia [6][7] which is cause of concern for some commentators at the rapid growing Western European Islamic population, the lack of assimilation of said migrants, and that these groups are allegedly potential breeding grounds for terrorists. Islamization – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 The goal of radical Islam is world domination and if you oppose Islam you are an outsider and branded an infidel and have to die. It’s convert or die which is why I think many moderate Muslims here are afraid to speak out for fear of families in Islamic countries   being killed. Currently in countries like Iran and Iraq there is a war on Christians. Recently 30 Christians in Iran were marched by the sea and beheaded. Others were put in cages and lowered in vats of water and drowned. In Islamic countries gays are either hung or thrown off the top of buildings. If a woman is raped under Sharia law she must have five eye witnesses. If a woman cheats on her husband she is stoned to death. Women have to be covered up or they are beaten. Does this sound like a religion of peace? These people are living in hell holes of a country  that is still in the  7th century with their belief system and that’s what is now heading in the west and even here in the U.S.

The Muslim leaders have stated they have a three point plan for taking us over without firing a shot from within. First get as many Muslims in here as possible. There are currently anywhere from 4-6 million Muslims here now. Second get as many mosques built as possible. There are currently 2500 mosques here now. Third get elected to office so you can change things. Obama and his administration are Islamic. Obama’s top advisor Valerie Jarrett who is a Muslim herself said her job is to make this country more Islamic.

Will America ever realize the truth about Islam? The only way Islam is peaceful is if you are in it. When Muslims are under 2% of the population they are friendly,  kind and good neighbors. When they reach 4-6% of the population they begin to demand special rights such as special foods and clothing.  When they reach 8-10%  they begin to become aggressive towards Jews and Christians and have Muslim only neighborhoods and set up Sharia courts. This is happening already here and they are only at 2% here so far.

Currently Germany has taken in 1.1 million refugees from Syria and North Africa and Iran, almost all young men 16-40 years old and they are destroying the country, raping women, defecating in public, destroying property assaulting women and making huge demands. According to one woman who was assigned to help the refugees, they became so belligerent   with threats of beheadings to her and other workers, assaulting  them and demanding cars houses and luxury items and when told they couldn’t have them they rioted and threatened them.

On New Years’ eve in France over 100 women were raped. The authorities didn’t do much for fear of being labeled anti-immigrant. When local citizens demonstrated against the immigrants the police met them with fire hoses.

At a German swimming pool girls were in bikinis and the immigrants shouted at them and called them whores and bitches. One migrant assaulted a woman and when the police asked why he said her face wasn’t covered so he thought she was coming onto him. Another said they thought the German girls were there to have sex with them. It has gotten so bad that the German authorities have put up signs around the city instructing the migrants not to grab women or insult gay couples, etc. which is really a passive way of trying to say you are doing something about the problem.

In Islam they don’t assimilate, they expect you to assimilate to them. An example is what is happening in Germany now with this massive invasion. The Muslim  refugees in Germany is now demanding that the German government ban all alcohol, otherwise the sexual assaults will continue.  This is further proof that Islamic refugees expect their host nations to integrate with them instead of the opposite way.  The number of sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve has risen to almost 520 and over all reported crimes is approaching 900.  The refugees are also blaming German women for the sexual attacks, citing their clothing.

Okay.  I think I’ve got it now.  If German women don’t want to get raped, they need to wear mumus about 3 sizes too big, quit wearing perfume, ban all alcohol don’t handle any goats or travel anywhere that refugees might go.

Sweden is another country with a refugee problem. Sweden used to be crime free and now it is known as the rape capital of the world.

As  the population shrinks so does the culture.  The entire European Union of 31 countries the fertility rate is 1.3 children per family. In a matter of a few years the continent known as Europe will no longer exist yet the population of Europe is not declining because of Islamic immigration. In France there are 1.8 children per family. Muslims have 8.1 children per family. There are more mosques than children. In fact 30% of children under 20 are Islamic. In 30 years France will be an Islamic republic. In England there are over 1000 mosques many of them former churches. In the Netherlands 50% of newborns are Muslims. In 15 years half the population of the Netherlands will be Muslim. One third of European children will be born to Muslim families by 2025. Changing Demographics – How Muslims are growing and Islam is spreading – Video

And now to make matters worse, Germany admits it can’t account for 600,000 of  its’ asylum seekers and many could be using multiple identities to travel across Europe. Germany loses track of half its Muslim migrants


Donald Trump – Angela Merkel’s Immigration Policies Are INSANE – YouTube

INVASION: Obama Floods America With 100,000 Muslim Immigrants… But It Gets W


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Hillary’s Health Scare

Dr. Drew: Hillary Clinton Could Die Suddenly From A Pulmonary Embolism

The mainstream media speculated about Ronald Reagan’s mental fitness, Dick Cheney’s heart, and whether John McCain could have a cancer relapse, but reporters seem to be giving a free pass to major health issues surrounding Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Clinton has a history of potentially serious blood clots — and is currently taking one of the most unpredictable prescription drugs on the market today- a blood thinner Coumadin used for people with blood clots..

In humans, anyone taking it, even a president – especially a president – requires constant supervision, including regular tests to ensure the blood doesn’t get too thin.When it does, you could literally bleed to death.

Health questions have swirled around Clinton since a December 2012 fall that caused a concussion and led to a subsequent diagnosis of a blood clot near her brain. Clinton was knocked so hard she was seeing double for months – and had to wear glasses with special lines in them just so she could see straight.

Over the summer, Clinton tried to dismiss the persistent questions about her health by releasing a statement from her doctor that concludes: “She is in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as President of the United States.”

Even more concerning, this drug’s side effects include  severe headaches, fainting, coughing up blood, confusion, slurred speech and more.

Clinton appears to be prone to clots, which can lead to a stroke — something the media has talked little about. Her own doctor admitted that she suffered at least three clots (that we know of) in recent years. This included deep vein thrombosis in 1998 and 2009 (which usually occurs in the legs), and the third clot in 2012 that affected a vein that drains blood from the brain.

That clot could have led to a potentially fatal brain hemorrhage or stroke, doctors say.

Dr. Larry Goldstein, director of Duke University’s stroke center, told the Associated Press that getting this type of clot was “not the most common thing” after a concussion. He explained that the clot formed in “a drainage channel, the equivalent of a big vein inside the skull” that brings blood back to the heart.

On Tuesday night’s Dr. Drew pinsky’s show he had a hematologist on and both were discussing Hillary and the fact that she has three blood clots, one in the brain and two in the legs and both agreed she was a very sick woman. She has been known to faint a lot and Bill says he is worried about her. Hillary’s aid Huma Abedin has said that Hilary gets confused a lot and forgets things. “When you read she had a history of previous deep venous thrombosis in 1998 and 2009 – she’s had twice a clot in her leg – these are serious clots that lead to something called pulmonary embolism, which can also cause sudden death,” Pinksy said, according to Breitbart News.

“You think somebody who’s a candidate for president [would] have one of the newer anticoagulants that are safer, and the indications for her staying on anticoagulants are kind of spurious,” he added. “It makes me worry about the sophistication of the healthcare she is getting.”

At a recent democrat debate Hillary was late coming back after the break and there were jokes about her taking a bathroom break, but people close to her said she felt faint. The last democrat debate on Sunday night ended seven minutes earlier. Could that have been related to Hillary’s health?

This is very serious and the media is keeping a tight lid on it. The danger is that the heavy pressur of the campaign and even the job itself if she becomes president could kill her.

A recent comment I saw had this to say: Any blockage of blood flow “inside the skull” is a CVA (cerebrovascular accident) and that is a STROKE! They can rearrange the language anyway that they like but the truth is that Hillary had a stroke. Giving her Coumadin (the pharmaceutical brand name for one type of Warfarin) is often reserved for those who have the complicating factor of atrial fibrillation which also predisposes those patients to further strokes. Unfortunately, giving Coumadin also predisposes to cerebral hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain) which is an even more serious stroke. If Hillary is elected, the stress of being President could kill her–if the campaign doesn’t get her.

Her docs have probably told her that she cannot campaign hard–the likely reason for turning Bill “the big dog” loose in N.H. They kept Bill quiet during Hillary’s last campaign for the Presidency in 2008, but he is better than nothing–maybe–if he doesn’t make any big bloopers. Debbie Washerwoman Schultz has warned Hillary’s opponents that they had better not attack Bill, as it would likely not turn out well. Isn’t it nice that she is so concerned about Bill’s critics? *sarcasm off* The real reason is that they know Bill is most likely to make some stupid remark when pressed by criticism.

Recently Monica Crowley was on Sean Hannity’s show talking about all of Hillary’s problems with the e-mail scandal and Clinton foundation that might force her to drop out and be replaced by Joe Biden. Biden has said the one regret he has was not running for president. Well maybe this could be his comeback after he finds a cure for cancer that Obama appointed him to at the last SOTU speech of course. Only time will tell.

The Hillary health scare NOBODY is talking about – The Horn News

Dr. Drew: Hillary Clinton Could Die Suddenly From A …

 Dr. Drew Warns Hillary Clinton Could Suddenly Drop Dead …


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Sixth Republican Debate 1/2016


On Thursday night January 14th the sixth republican debate was held in North Charleston South Carolina and what a lively and fun debate it was. Hosted by FOX Business anchors Maria Bartilomo and Neil Cavuto, who did an outstanding job, the candidates answered questions dealing with the economy, internal politics,taxes and world events. Many times sharp barbs were thrown at one another which made it entertaining as well as informative. I thought all the candidates seemed more polished than the last couple of debates and answered very substantive questions with hard core facts rather than resorting to pure emotion like democrats are prone to do.

At the start of the debate the question was raised about Ted Cruz’s eligibility to run as president since he was born in Canada. Trump took a few jabs at Ted for that and Ted responded that his mother was born in the U.S so that makes him a citizen and eligible.  Many people think Trump was the one who first brought that up, but he claims he read it in a newspaper and decided to question Ted about it. The media has since run with it. Ted said since his mother was born here he was a natural born citizen just like if someone was born overseas to an American citizen they would be a natural born citizen.  I think this had to be started by the liberal news media since Obama was less qualified than Cruz with a faked birth certificate after months of secrecy about his birth place and nobody questioned it.

All the candidates agreed that Obamacare should be repealed and that the country is very angry now because of the lack of action and lawlessness from the Obama administration. The people are angry that their country is slipping away under Obama and are not respected around the world. When you hear the candidates respond with hard core facts like last night to prove their point you realize what a terrible and dangerous and reckless administration the Obama administration is if you didn’t know already. They all agreed that Hillary would just be a third Obama term and a disaster for this country. Bush sited the FBI investigating Hilary and said if she was president she would spend the first 100 days going back and forth from the white house to the court house. 😀

Referring to how the country has been under Obama New Jersey Governor Chris Christie referred to the SOTU speech as “story time with Barack Obama,” 😀 Christie said, “Under this president it is not a democracy but a dictatorship with his constant executive orders when things don’t go his way.” “This president has done nothing and under him and Hillary we have fewer democracies around the world,” he said. Christie called Obama a “petulant child.”

On the topic of immigration and ISIS Donald Trump was all for security. Neil Cavuto asked him about his quote about banning Muslims from this country. Donald quickly corrected him saying it was not a permanent ban and just a temporary one until we can find out who is who and what is going on. Donald said he had Muslim friends who agreed with him. Everyone has their knickers in a twitch over his statement, but Jimmy Carter did it with the Iranians for four years when they took our embassy hostage that time. Trump said “We have a problem with radical Islamists and this president refuses to say radical Islamists. I want security which we don’t have right now.”

Overall it was lively debate and I thought Rubio, Trump, Cruz and Christie all shined. It was hard to make a choice of who won the debate. I thought Cruz won, but the Drudge report  vote has Trump wining with Cruz second and Rubio third.

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Obama’s Final State of the Union Speech!


“It’s only words and words are all he has to take our hearts away”——— (With apologies to the Bee Gees.)

I’ve always said to understand Obama listen to what he says and then think the opposite. Tuesday night’s State of the Union Speech was no different, very emotional like he always does and full of lie after lie. Everything he says – from America’s diversity is its greatest strength, to unemployment cut in half, global warming, America’s reputation improving, preventing a nuclear armed Iran – all lies. The theme of the talk was, everything is great! If you think otherwise then there is something wrong with you. Part-time jobs with no benefits, a middle  east and Europe in crisis are the new norm. The Christians slaughtered in Syria, the people of Paris and San Bernadino under attack.

Obama talked about us all being united in the future when we are divided more than ever thanks to him. He said how the economy is the strongest in the world with the largest streak of job creation,900,000 jobs in the past six  months and unemployment has been cut  in half.. Maybe so, but it has been stronger in the past and maybe because the rest of the world is doing so poorly, but China and Japan are almost greater than ours now. Obviously he didn’t mention the 90 million people out of the work force, 42 million on food stamps and 50 million on welfare. Employment and wages have been stagnant for months. Unemployment rates are higher than economists want, and there hasn’t been growth in months.For a third straight month, the unemployment rate in December was 5 percent, higher than what economists consider healthy. And that doesn’t count people who have stopped looking for jobs

 He mentioned that the deficit has been cut in half. Really?

Obama mentioned that thanks to the Affordable Care Act 18 million people now have healthcare.(too bad they can’t afford the huge deductibles).

He mentioned that we are the strongest nation on earth not the weakest and our troops are the finest in the world. All well and good, but he’s reduced our fighting forces to pre- WW11 levels and purged 900 officers in all our armed forces branches. He said our allies call us not Moscow or China. Meanwhile he’s turned our friends into enemies and enemies into friends. Our allies don’t trust us and enemies don’t fear us.

He once said Al Queada is on the run and now says they and ISIS are a direct threat. He said all countries have to pull together to fight terrorism and was against us going into other countries, occupying and nation building. He promised to close GITMO. Meanwhile ISIS has branched out all over the world.

Obama said he regretted bringing the divisions between both parties together. Well Mr. President   you were the one causing that division. Thanks to you our country is divided more than ever.

Obama mentioned his recent Executive Order on gun control and said gun violence is out of control, and that his executive overreach with background checks was necessary. Meanwhile gun violence is down, and no part of Obama’s executive order would have prevented a single mass shooting. Between 1993 and 2013, homicides by gun in the United States plunged by half, from 7.0 per 100,000 to 3.6 per 100,000 according to a report from The Washington Post.

So you can see why I say listen to what Obama says then think the opposite and you know what he really means. But the real absurd part of the speech I thought was when he mentioned he would appoint Joe (gaffe a minute) Biden to head a task force to cure cancer. This is going to be interesting to watch for in these last remaining months.

As one commenter I observed so adequately said “Obama has never been qualified to be president and none of his supposed achievements have been based on merit. I never believed he has American values and he has made our country and relations much worse to serve his personal and the lib left views and desire for power. He has harmed nearly every American

President Obama has destroyed respect for the office and is an embarrassment… hopefully in the future we can overcome all this politics and political correctness and elect decent qualified accomplished people who, while not right on everything, will have decent qualified accomplished people around him with guts and intelligence to balance complex issues and do what is right for most Americans w/o regard to personal or party politics.


Climax • 30 minutes ago

The problem is that the current PC way of handing government is getting us only in the poor house, disrespect around the world, higher debt ceilings, and national borders so full of holes they rival Swiss cheese. Our nation is under cyber attack, under illegal immigration attack, we are under an oppressive attack from our leaders, internal attacks from mentally disabled, gangs, drug pushers, and foreign based crime cartels. Our taxes go up and our services go down. The working stiff gets stiffed even more as we provide for an ever growing number of people who either cannot work, will not work, or are not prepared to work, or make a profession of not working. Our military might as well been cut off at the knees, made smaller, weaker, firing our best military leaders, and service connected medical problems are not treated by our VA in a timely manner. People feel much less safe today than they did only 20 years ago.

 MONTAGE: 140 Unfulfilled Promises From Past Addresses…

TAVIS SMILEY: On Every Economic Issue Blacks Have Lost Ground…

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Obama’s JV Team Strikes Again!!

 obama_over_shoulderPhilly  hooting After the Charlie Hebdo attacks Obama called ISIS the J V team. Later on he said ISIS has been contained. Then that night they struck in France killing over 100 people. Then we had San Bernadino by two ISIS supporting people. Now we have this attack in Philadelphia by a guy claiming he shot the cop in the name of Islam and Allah and belonged to ISIS.

 The Islamic State has recruited thousands of supporters in the United States, far more than previously thought, according to a scathing new report, raising the likelihood that supporters of the terrorist army could be plotting attacks similar to those carried out in Paris. The report accuses Obama of “downplaying” the threat of ISIS while adding to the threat by importing Muslim refugees that are difficult to screen.

The U.S. has imported 70,000 refugees per year for many years, more than half of them from Muslim-dominated countries such as Somalia and Iraq with active jihadist movements, and President Obama has pledged to increase that number to 85,000 this year and 100,000 the following year. Thousands’ of ISIS fighters now inside U.S. cities

 Now a man using a gun stolen from police in 2013 dressed in Muslim garb said he was acting in the name of Islam when he ambushed an officer sitting in his marked cruiser at an intersection, firing shots at point-blank range, authorities said Friday. Both the officer and suspect were injured during the barrage of gunfire.

The suspect, 30-year-old Edward Archer, also pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group when he was questioned after his arrest in the shooting late Thursday, police said.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark said on Sean Hannity’s show last night that ,”This individual should be charged with treason, his rights taken away, charged by a military court in GITMO and executed.” Clark went on to say that “this president is unwilling to face the fact that we are under attack here in the homeland and is incapable of protecting Americans.”

Archer’s mother, Valerie Holliday, told The Philadelphia Inquirer he has been hearing voices recently and that family  asked him to get help. She also described him as devout Muslim.

Suspect, Edward Archer, 30, gave a written confession to Thursday’s attempted killing of 33-year-old police offer Jesse Hartnett. He fired 13 rounds from a gun that was stolen in 2013, striking Hartnett three times as he sat in his cruiser,  WND reported.

Archer was not the only Islamic radical taken into custody on Thursday. Two Iraq refugees were arrested in Houston and Sacramento by law enforcement officials on terror-related charges, 

 Philadelphia police commissioner Richard Ross confirmed Archer’s assertion that he was inspired by Islam, KYVTV-3 reported Friday.

 “According to him, police bend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the Quran,” Ross said during a press conference Friday.

Two other  Iraq refugees were arrested  on the same day. Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, 23, is charged with making a false statement involving international terrorism. He has lived in the U.S. since October 2012.

Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, 24, is charged with attempting to provide material support to ISIS. The Houston resident has lived in the U.S. since 2009.

According to the allegations, he(Hardan) also knowingly responded, certified and swore untruthfully on his formal application when applying to become a naturalized U.S. citizen. He allegedly represented that he was not associated with a terrorist organization when, in fact, he associated with members and sympathizers of ISIL throughout 2014, according to the charges.”

Just in case you thought your eyes are deceiving you, they’re not: the United States actually thinks it can stop refugees by asking them on immigration forms whether they are part of a terrorist organization.

Somehow, Al Hardan managed to outsmart authorities by lying. Who could have possibly foreseen that happening?

The indictment further alleges that during an interview in October 2015, Al Hardan falsely represented that he had never received any type of weapons training, when he allegedly received automatic machine gun training.”

Sadly, Al Hardan isn’t the only refugee who’s mastered the dark art of not telling federal authorities the truth. The Sacramento Bee says that another Iraqi refugee, Aws Mohamed Younis Al-Jayab, has been arrested in California for lying about his involvement with the Islamic State group and his travels within Syria.

While the president and his administration continue to scratch their heads over how these two could have outwitted a national security dragnet that relies on terrorists telling the truth, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had a better idea.

“This is precisely why I called for a halt to refugees entering the U.S. from countries substantially controlled by terrorists,” the governor said in a statement released in response to Al Hardan’s arrest. “I once again urge the President to halt the resettlement of these refugees in the United States until there is an effective vetting process that will ensure refugees do not compromise the safety of Americans and Texans.”

“I commend the law enforcement for apprehending these two individuals, but their apprehensions raise the immediate question: Who else is there? What are they planning next?” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Friday in response to the arrests, CNN reported.

 Trump’s right again. Gee, what a surprise. No matter how you look at it, you just can’t get around the fact that Trump didn’t become a multi-billionaire by being anything less than brilliant!! People had better start listen to what Trump has to say. He has been right on all fronts. He did not become what he is by not knowing what is going on in the world . We have to put a halt on all Muslims coming in here until we can get a handle on what’s going on.This is their plan to take us over from within. Jimmy Carter put a halt on Iranian immigration with the Iranians for four years so we can do it again. Obama sure won’t do it that’s for sure they’re his people. Radical Islam is a way of thinking and is influencing lone wolf attacks. It keeps happening because Obama refuses to come to terms that we are under attack. Here are two comments that I agree with and sum it all up.

 Kevsh • Islam is here to kill us plain and simple they hate our law the US Constitution. The Constitution is totally contrary to the Sharai Law, and Obama might as well stick us the middle finger on live television its same difference. The US is a divided nation, and until it gets undivided we won’t survive.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
Abraham Lincoln

 Valor   Until civilized people grasp the fact Islam is a barbarian totalitarian ideology disguised as a theology by a barbarian warlord named Mohamed to coerce ignorant savages to accept his rule. Until this is looked at the way it should be this cancer will continue to spread until civilization is destroyed.

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