Is This The End Of Days As Prophesied?

16 Feb

 bikiniatoll1End of world

 Our country is in tremendous decline.  I cannot emphasize that enough. We are in a cataclysmic decline and no one is doing anything about it. To succeed, we must start by admitting the United States is slowly starting to become just another country in the modern world. The Republican Party’s inability to admit and assess the problem has led us down this dangerous road. I do not blame Obama, Democrats, or kids on college campuses; I blame every elected Republican official from the year 2000 until present day for not acting and taking a front row seat in the demise of our country. They are all to blame in this. If you are in any type of elected office, you will be remembered in the history books for doing absolutely nothing. We have been engaged in a war for 15 years against an enemy in which is merely a fraction of what we are militarily. We overthrew England, toppled Nazi Germany, and even went to the moon in less time than it has taken to kill a few thousand terrorists in the Middle East. It is utterly sickening to watch our finest people suffer because of our belief that we must fight this war in a certain manner. How can we possibly lead the free world if we cannot destroy religious extremists dwelling in a massive sand box?  Why Donald Trump? – Justin Holcomb

 To answer the above question we have to look at history and the bible prophecies that will clear a few things up.  Alexander Cain is a theology professor at one of the largest universities in Arkansas. He earned a doctor’s degree in archeology and ancient history and dedicated 17 years of his life to the study of the most cryptic texts in the bible and what he found was chilling indeed.

According to what Dr. Cain found, four major biblical prophets claim something truly terrifying  is coming our way and will hit out homeland before Jan. 1st 2017. Dr. Cain has a video that is circulating around the internet  that I am reporting on here and getting a lot of notice. I have a link to it at the end of my blog here.

When I was growing up and attending Sunday school classes the topic of the end of times and biblical signs frequently came up. The signs I was told were 1) wars and rumors of wars. There are currently more wars going on now between countries than even the crusades, 50 countries are now involved in wars with each other. 2) Disease and pestilence throughout the world.  Diseases like  ebola, and now the Zika virus that were confined to  third world countries are now making their  way to our country. Diseases  that were once vanquished from our country like measles, mumps, chicken pox  and turberculosis  are now coming back due to mass migration from third world countries to here. 3) Natural disasters. There have been more natural disasters  in recent  years like Tsunamis, floods, earthquakes and tornadoes  than at any time in history especially here in the United States. Earthquakes  in Kentucky of all places that are of a huge magnitude. There were other signs I remembered hearing too too like fruits and flowers blooming out of season. Could this be  global warming? Miraculous inventions was another one I remembered hearing. The internet alone is a miraculous invention as are many technological  advancements happening at a rapid rate.

I recently came across Dr. Cain’s video and saw people commenting on it around the internet so I decided to investigate  it myself. According to Dr. Cain who spent 17 years of his life exploring the bible’s cryptic messages, Babylon is mentioned as the hammer of the whole earth and center of trade (Jeremiah 50:23). Ancient Babylon was supposed to be what is now known as Iraq.  Dr. Cain wondered how Babylon could be this great civilization where people came from all over the world when it was weighted down by government and we all know Iraq never had a real democratic government. Jeremiah also talks about “Babylon will reach into space and mount up to heaven and reach above the stars of God.”Dr. Cain wondered how they could talk about space when space travel wasn’t discovered until the 20th century ?   Babylon is also a coastal nation with many rivers and deep water parts. Most of Iraq is a desert and limited to water ways so how could Iraq be Babylon?

The only nation to reach space is a democracy with a huge government and mighty military, pollutes its’ land and sits on waters abundance in treasures as described in Isaiah and Jeremiah  is the current United States.

Babylon is also referred to as a woman who sits atop water holds a golden cup in her hand and has seven rays coming out of her head and reins over the Kings of the earth.  The United Nations is in New York and the statue of Liberty is by the sea and has seven points coming out of her head.

It is written that in the end of times Babylon turns upon its’ heritage and destroys all the principles that made this country great. Recent administrations have greatly expanded the size and instated laws that limit our constitution’s freedoms and destroyed the capitalist bases that made our country great. Sounds exactly like what Obama is doing. Think of food stamps, the patriot act, other entitlements and undeclared wars.

Babylon’s pride, greed and wealth will lead to the greatest event in human history.  “They came from a country to destroy the whole land (Isaiah 50:3) and “For out of the north there cometh up a nation against her which shall make her land desolate.” (Jeremiah 50:3) If you go north you will see the great enemy of Babylon, Russia the one according to the bible will destroy Babylon. This clue according to Dr. Cain pinpoints the two countries capable of starting WW3.

The book of Daniel tells of two kings who are destined to fight the greatest war at the end of times. They are the King of the North and the King of the South. Daniel had his vision in Jerusalem. Vladimir Putin was born in St. Petersburg which is north of Jerusalem. The question is if Obama is the King of the South. He was either born in Kenya or Hawaii depending on who you want to believe, both which relative to the equator  are south of Jerusalem.

According to Dr. Cain both leaders are on track to fulfill their destinies according to the scriptures. U.S. backed military instructors, humvees   and drones have started arriving in the Ukraine and Russia has warned that arming the Ukraine could start a real war.  There are already murmurings of a new cold war already with Russia.

The U.S. has imposed economic   sanctions against Russia to drive down the price of oil. As Russia goes bankrupt , Putin will attack without warning and destroy Mystery Babylon, Obama’s America.

The bible describes a   “weapon of indignation” leaves Babylon in darkness. There is much talk about an EMP attack could knock out our grids and send us all into darkness. Our military and country is very susceptible to an EMP attack. All this will occur by Jan.1, 2017according to Dr. Cain. What I have written about above is part and partial of what is all contained in the video below. You can check it out by clicking on the link. I’m not saying I support Dr.Cain, but it is interesting nevertheless. I report, you decide.

Alive After The Fall







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