Demonstrators,Idiots,Low Information Voters And Assorted Haters Of America Against Trump

12 Mar

 Donald Trump-MSA-000824

On Friday night as Donald Trump was speaking at a rally in Chicago, several thousand demonstrators sponsored by that radical left wing group Move On.Org and left wing domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers demonstrated outside. I could tell by their signs that they were ignorant and easily manipulated. Many were young kids just laughing and acting like they were out having a good time from their otherwise boring lives.

These people come to Trump rallies with the intent to disrupt and start trouble. They aren’t respecting other people’s rights of free speech as they shout down others and then proceed to claim the mantle of free speech for themselves. Then they have the nerve to call Trump a fascist when they are the fascists as they try to silence him and others who disagree with them. They whine about Trump being so hateful as they hold “F**k Trump!” signs and shut down free speech when they are the true haters. Hypocrites!! They deserve what they get. They take everything Trump says out of context and are only listening to what they are fed by others. They probably can’t even read and most likely dropped out of high school. Of course the media eats this all up and plays right into their hands for TV ratings just like the debates which are far too many now.

On Friday night, the hard left hit the Trump rally in Chicago. The troublemakers were inside and outside the UIC Pavillion where it was to take place. They scream, chant and accuse to create violence. It’s a tactic called the Heckler’s Veto. The police had information that they were going to rush the stage with Donald Trump on it.

No matter how many times this has happened since the first Occupy Wall Street movement in 2009, the media and other politicians don’t seem to know who is behind the “protests” like this one in Chicago. The victim, who in this latest case is Donald Trump, will be blamed. Trump’s opponents are using the event, not to deal with the issue, but to attack Trump.

It’s not simply radicalized college youth who don’t even know why they are there. It’s the same people who Obama has promoted and who were behind all the other riots and protests since the Obama administration took over.

Greta Van Susteren, Megyn Kelly and others on Fox asked their guests last night, who is behind the assault on the Trump rally.

The answer is that this is part of the hard left movement. They cause violence and they use the violence to draw support and stop future Republican rallies. It’s called the Heckler’s Veto.

MoveOn, Occupy Wall Street – yes, it still exists-, Anarchists, F**k The Police (FTP), Black Lives Matter (BLM), Assata’s Daughters, other outright communist groups, and pro-Islamist, pro-Palestine, anti-Israel groups and open borders organizations have been uniting and growing at least since 2011 in order to overthrow Capitalism.

Trump is a top businessman in the world and I really believe he can bring companies and jobs back to America and make us great again. He cares about our vets and people out of work. He loves our country and hates to see it going to waste like it is, but I guess these demonstrators don’t want to see that. They have been so spoon fed by these radical leftists teachers in high schools and colleges and on the internet to believe that government knows what’s best for them and to have everything handed to them.

I am also disgusted with Ted Cruz now. I used to like him as a second choice if Donald didn’t get the nomination, but now he’s off my list after blaming Donald for the violence at his rallies instead of the instigators and haters who demonstrated against him. In doing so Cruz turned off a lot of supporters who are now switching to Trump. During the outburst of thuggery in the Windy City last night that shut down a Trump rally, Ted Cruz stepped up to a podium to make an ass of himself. He blamed the existence of the hateful left on Donald J. Trump. The hateful left existed long before Trump announced that he was running for president last summer. Cruz scolded the Donald for creating “an environment that encourages this sort of nasty discourse.”

Just check out their posts scolding Cruz and switching to Donald here and see Cruz’s video,.



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