Creed: A Movie Review

26 Mar


I just had the chance to see the film Creed after missing it in the theaters and found it to be interesting but no “Eye of the Tiger.” Filming began on January 19, 2015 in Liverpool, and later also took place in Philadelphia, Rocky’s hometown. Creed was released in the United States on November 25, 2015, the fortieth anniversary of the date of the opening scene in 1976’s Rocky. The seventh installment of the series and sequel to 2006’s Rocky Balboa, the film received acclaim from critics, who called it the best Rocky film in many years. For his performance, Stallone was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, his first Oscar nomination since the original film.

Thef ilm opens up in In 1998 and centers around Adonis “Donnie” Johnson, the son of an extramarital lover of former heavyweight champion Apollo Creed ,(Rocky’s original nemisis and later ringside trainer and buddy) is serving time in a Los Angeles youth facility when Creed’s widow, Mary Anne, (played by Phylicia Rashad) pays him a visit and offers to take him in.

Seventeen years later, Donnie walks away from his job at a securities firm to pursue his dream of becoming a professional boxer. Mary Anne vehemently opposes this, remembering how her husband was killed in the ring 30 years earlier against Ivan Drago. He tries to get a slot at Los Angeles’ elite Delphi Boxing Academy, but is turned down. Undaunted, Donnie travels to Philadelphia in hopes of getting in touch with his father’s old friend and rival, Rocky Balboa.

Donnie tracks down Rocky at Rocky’s Italian restaurant,  Adrian’s, named in honor of his deceased wife, and asks Rocky to become his trainer. Rocky is reluctant to get back into boxing, having already made a one-off comeback at a very advanced age despite having suffered brain trauma during his career as a fighter. However, he eventually agrees. Donnie trains at the Front Street Gym, with several of Rocky’s longtime friends as corner men, and also finds a love interest in Bianca, an up-and-coming singer and songwriter. Creed (film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I thought the characters were interesting and this was more of a character study between the young Adonis and elderly Rocky. Since it was a character study of both men it tended to drag on more from the beginning to middle and lacked the energy of the original Rocky films. Rocky eventually sees a lot of his younger self in Adonis and puts him through a tough hard work out where he wins a dozen matches.

At one point while Rocky is training Adonis he collapses in the ring. At the hospital he is diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins  Lymphoma and refuses chemo treatment. When Adonis confronts him about it he tells him he could die, Rocky replies that he is Ok with that. Adonis eventually gets Rocky to take the treatments and they both realize they have big fights on their hands and keep reminding each other of that fact to boost their morals.

Rocky gets a call from the handlers of world light heavyweight champion “Pretty” Ricky Conlan, who is due to be forced into retirement by an impending prison term. He offers to make Donnie his final challenger. Here the film really pics up and packs a huge wallop in the last half hour when it comes down to the knocked down,dragged out,lip biting championship fight of the century between Donnie and Conlon.

I really liked seeing the small, but consistent references to the life story of Rocky. Such scenes as his restaurant named Adrian’s for his late wife, pictures of him and Apollo on the wall and huge banners of a young Rocky when he goes into his old manager’s Gym named Mick’s Gym. There is also a poignant scenes where Rocky goes to the cemetery where his wife Adrian and her brother Pauley who was his handler in the previous Rocky films are buried,. Rocky brings bottle of Pauley’s favorite liquor for Pauley and some roses for Adrian, lays them down by their tombstones, takes a folding chair he has placed in a nearby tree and sits down and reads the paper.

The film ends with Donnie and a frail but improving Rocky climbing the “Rocky Steps” at the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art that Rocky used to run  up.

This is a well made movie, but I liked the previous Rocky movies better, but this is good as presenting the place in life where Rocky is today and was done very realistically.

Creed – Official Trailer 2 [HD] – YouTube (check out this exciting trailer from the film)




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