Chris (Obama Tingle Up My Leg)Mathew’s Trick Abortion Question To Trump And Other Random Thoughts!!!

02 Apr


Trump and Matherws

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 Recently MSNBC anchor Chris (Obama Tingle Up My Leg) Mathews  interviewed  Donald Trump. When Mathews talks he talks so fast even I have a hard time keeping up with him. He was rapid firing questions at Donald so fast that Donald didn’t have a chance to properly react. One question was a hypothetical question about if abortion was illegal should the woman be punished for it. Trump said he was pro life and the woman should be punished.

Well that’s all the left wing media needed to hear. They ran with it and said Trump said the woman should be punished and most women who supported Trump quickly dropped their support much to the delight of Hillary supporters. Trump immediately issued a statement the next day saying he meant to say the person performing the procedure should be punished. But it was too little too late. After all it was a hypothetical question and abortion is legal and the Supreme Court would decide on such cases if it were up for a decision on legality.  Prior to the civil war slavery was legal too.

Later, however, Trump clarified his position, saying in a campaign statement that, “if abortion is banned, “the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. The woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb.”

This whole thing is such BS! Of course Chris “tingle leg” Matthews was trying to trap Trump with a hypothetical situation. If Trump was a politician he would have managed to answer the question without even answering it, but fortunately he is not a polished politician.

 Trump really didn’t have a chance to think about it…score one for Matthews. It should not be a reason to not vote for him given his stance on immigration, jobs, and etc. So, take a deep breath everyone and get back on track……….Is Trump Completely Wrong About ‘Punishing’ Women for Having an Illegal Aborti

Speaking of Trump. This little excursion with Michele Fields has caused quite a controversy. The Lewandowski “battery” story being grossly mis-characterized and blown out of proportion by an anti-Trump media that think they smell blood in the water. Ms. Fields apparently has a history of doing this. She once accused Alan West of assaulting her, she once accused a Leo DiCaprio guard of assaulting her and she once accused a policeman in the occupy Wall Street demonstrations of assaulting her. She does this for media attention. She is what is known as a “media whore.” She was warned twice not to touch Trump, but she persisted after the press conference was over. She had a pen and phone in her hand, Trump saw she had something, but didn’t know what it was as he kept moving . If you watch the film she isn’t assaulted by Corey and he turned himself in voluntarily to avoid Trump having any further embarrassment. Field’s mother was born in Honduras and helps illegal immigrants over here and is an illegal immigrant activist as well  as  being anti-Trump…….Got News : FRAUD : Michelle Fields Honduran Born Mother Is a Pro-Amnesty, Anti

Just think what a Hillary presidency would be like. Despite the damage Obama has done from the Oval Office, he still was much more passive than I believe a President Hillary would be. She will be much more aggressive in attacking Second Amendment rights. No doubt she will begin persecuting gun manufacturers.

There’s no doubt she will pursue a much more strident global warming initiative doing further damage to our already staggering economy. She will drag oil companies into court and prosecute them as global warming deniers. She will double down on Obama’s war on coal and in turn escalate energy prices.

She will make a now dangerous world even more dangerous with her ineptness at foreign policy. You can expect more nuclear proliferation, more Islamist incursions around the world, more Russian and Chinese expansionism, and misuse of our armed forces. And that’s just for starters. Imagine What A Hillary Presidency Would Be Like — Are YOU Ready for This? ? D

 Click here: Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal – YouTube


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One response to “Chris (Obama Tingle Up My Leg)Mathew’s Trick Abortion Question To Trump And Other Random Thoughts!!!

  1. jan brown

    April 6, 2016 at 3:50 pm

    Matthew’s question of course was to be a ‘gottcha’ and it was. The abortion issue has been front and center in almost every election and a ‘true’ candidate would know it would be asked somewhere between signing up through the vote,,,,It was a clear and unobstructed view of both men’s makeup. Does Trump’s answer make my list of reasons NOT to vote for him? It might if I had room left on his page. He’s running for the highest, most revered office in the Country NOT TO SERVE ‘WE THE PEOPLE’. BUT FOR SELF SERVING REASONS. Challenges are his oxygen and I’d bet with each accomplished, he carves a notch on his gold leaf headboard.


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