Trump and Cruz: One of the Same,But Different Approaches!!

16 Apr



When the candidates first started out I thought a Trump/Cruz ticket would be a great choice and still do as I think it would unify the party, but after Trump started knocking Cruz calling him “Lyin’ Ted” I knew that wouldn’t happen, but held out for a reconciliation of sorts between the two like Trump and Megyn Kelly recently. Today Cruz was asked if he would consider that and his reaction was no way to the idea of serving as Trump’s vice president during an MSNBC town hall event on Thursday night.

“It ain’t gonna  happen,” Cruz responded, when pressed on whether or not he’d accept the vice presidential spot on the ticket if GOP officials pushed for it. Cruz nixes idea of running with Trump: ‘It ain’t gonna happen’ – AOL

Tonite Ted Cruz was interviewed for the full hour by Sean Hannity and all his ideas were a carbon copy of Trump’s platform as he talked about how the party had to be united. Well a Trump/Cruz ticket could do that and the Cruz and Trump forces who seem to be so diametrically opposed, just like the Hillary and Bernie forces, would come together.

Trump is in favor of building a wall between Mexico and the U.S. Now Cruz is in favor of building a wall. Both are in favor of repealing Obamacare. Trump talked about bringing companies back from overseas now Cruz is talking about bringing jobs back from overseas. Both are in favor doing away with Common Core and returning education back to the states  and doing away with the Dept. of Education.. Trump talked about eliminating the IRS and lowering taxes now Cruz is talking about eliminating the IRS and having a 10% flat tax. Trump talked about carpet bombing ISIS and taking the oil and turning the fight over to the Kurds now Cruz is talking about carpet bombing ISIS not civilians and turning the fight over to the Kurds. Both men believe in the constitution with Cruz being a constitution scholar  and both are pro-life although Trump said he evolved from his pro-choice position and believes in abortion only in cases of rape and incest and the life of the mother and only if done as soon as possible. Trump is in favor of setting up safe zones in Islamic Countries like Saudi Arabia for Syrian refugees now Cruz is in favor of resettling them in safe areas in Saudi Arabia.

While both men have the same platform, they have different ways of expressing themselves and different personalities. While Trump is more brash and upfront, has a tendency to run off with his mouth and tells you like it is, Cruz is more laid back and easy going, but he does tend to skillfully lie and deceive which is why he’s a politician and Trump isn’t. Cruz is not an insider. He is a true maverick  who often goes against the grain of the establishment which I like. I don’t hate Cruz and would vote for him if he actually got the nomination in order to stop Hillary.  Cruz , however, does have ties to too many big donors who will be expecting a return on their investment. Trump doesn’t since he is self funding his campaign. I believe Trump, with all his warts, is the man for this time in our history.

What do a New York lawyer, a business owner who calls himself a left-leaning Republican and a construction worker who elected Barack Obama have in common? They’re voting for Donald Trump.

None of them live on the breadline. They share surprisingly varied opinions. Yet they are profoundly frustrated — with the economy, with career politicians and with perceptions of declining American prestige. .Angry and frustrated upstate New York swings behind Trump…

Today the NY Post endorsed Trump:

“Trump has electrified the public, drawing millions of new voters to the polls and inspiring people who’d given up on ever again having a candidate who’d fight for them,” the Post said.

Calling the GOP front-runner a “do-er,” the Post described Trump’s business successes and his ability to “rip through government red tape and get things done.”

“These last 10 months, he’s ripped through a different morass — the nation’s stale, insider-driven politics,” it continued. “Donald Trump is a rookie candidate — a potential superstar of vast promise, but making rookie mistakes,” the Post said, citing examples of policies “that seem made on the fly.” Criticism of Trump’s language was addressed as well.

“But what else to expect from someone who’s never been a professional politician and reflects common-man passions?” the Post said. “Indeed, his political incorrectness is one of his great attractions — it proves he’s not one of ‘them.’”

Now if we can only get Cruz and Trump to reconcile their differences.  If Megyn Kelly and Trump can do it so can Cruz and Trump.

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One response to “Trump and Cruz: One of the Same,But Different Approaches!!

  1. jan brown

    April 17, 2016 at 7:22 pm

    Jim, I know you give a lot of thought to these posts, still I find it almost naive to see both men as ‘the same’…Or perhaps that’s just hopeful. Respectfully, I’d like to show some of the contrasts after the same desire to be president and some of the basics.

    One can hardly compare the ‘riff’ between an aggressive news anchor and a candidate to that of candidate to candidate. Which (I suspect) was more subjected to ‘staging’ than actual differences.

    True, Trump does have an extensive business background that has netted him a sizable fortune.However, that million dollar start up money from his father didn’t slow him down. Cruz, on the other hand, the son of a dishwasher, started with nothing. Both know the value of hard work. The difference here is that Trump has bullied and bought his way up the ladder (& brags about it) To acquire his wealth, Trump has left a wake of destruction and unemployed American citizens by slithering through the legal loophole to hire foreign workers at less pay….Cruz is a strong Constitutionalist and does not look for ways around/through the laws and celebrates the spirit it was written in.

    “The Wall” is NOT a new idea. GW Bush, in 2006 was allocated by Congress money to build it. What has been completed was done on his watch and sufficient funds left to the current administration to complete. The Trump wall would be economical mayhem for both countries. The number of American enterprises operating in Mexico was 423 in 2007 and undoubtedly more now. A revised tax would bring them back and enforcement of law will reduce the flow of illegals and their wares to a trickle……This is NOT news for Cruz as he has worked diligently with then AG. now Gov, Greg Abbott on securing the Border. In fashion similar to the Administration’s treatment of Az1070 one road block after the other has happened.

    Trump is ‘trumpeting’ the issues that have been at the core of our anger and frustration. For that, I for one, am grateful. It’s not his coarse or vulgar language, but his lack of knowledge and understanding of domestic and foreign issues that contrast Cruz’s that stands out.

    Cruz is well spoken and calm, thinks before he speaks while Trump lashes out in knee jerk fashion without thinking.

    That’s enough for now….

    By the way, when Donald calls Cruz “Lyin’ Ted” have you ever heard anything specific? Have you heard Ted denigrate or name call?


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