Mountain Monsters

17 Apr

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Mountain Monsters is a reality show on the Destination America channel. It is about six rough, but likable redneck bearded mountain boys with rifles in hand ever ready who track down various reported monster sightings in the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina. Lately their searches have focused on various incantations of Bigfoot such as the Stonish Giant, Cherokee Devil, The Grassman, Snallygaster and others which they hope to trap and prove to the world that they exist and then let them go. In between commercial breaks they show pretty terrifying models and artist conceptions of what these monsters look like.

Founded by Trapper John Tice, Jeff Headlee and Willy McQuillian, the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS), is dedicated to investigating mysterious sightings of creatures and phenomena in the Appalachian Region. This team of backwoods hunters grew up trapping and hunting throughout the eastern United States. Using their unique mountain skills honed from childhood they pursue unknown creatures many wouldn’t dare to hunt. If it eats, sleeps and breathes this team will track it down!

I’ve never been one for reality shows because they are everything but reality since they are scripted and edited and planned ahead, but this one really intrigues me and sucks me in.

Their website describes each of them this way: TRAPPER / AIMS Co-Founder, Team Leader, Expert Trapper

Trapper is a lifelong hunter and tracker and team leader of AIMS (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings). This seasoned outdoorsman and US Veteran was born and raised in the mountains of West Virginia and has devoted his life to explaining the unexplainable throughout the Appalachian Region..(Recently Trapper came down with a series of blood clots in his leg and had to go in for surgery so he is sidelined for the time being but the team comes to his house  for meetings and reference.)

BUCK / Expert Caller

Buck is the youngest member of AIMS and possesses a quick wit. This expert animal caller might have a weak stomach, but it’s his unflinching desire to unravel the mysteries hidden deep within the mountain hollers of Appalachia that makes him essential.

HUCKLEBERRY / Head of Security

A throwback to the days of gunpowder and lead, Huckleberry is the man in charge of security for AIMS. Huge in both stature and heart, this native West Virginia son and US Marine relies on five decades’ worth of backwoods experience to keep the team safe.

JEFF / AIMS Co-Founder and Team Researcher

Jeff is one of three founding members of AIMS and resident researcher and technology expert. Well-versed in mountain folklore as well as textbook history, Jeff lines up witnesses for the team’s investigations and runs the thermal camera during the night hunts.

WILLY / AIMS Co-Founder and Expert Trap Builder

Willy is the master trap builder and one of three founding members of AIMS. This backwoods MacGyver draws upon decades of hunting, trapping, carpentry, and mechanical expertise to devise the wildly imaginative traps the team employs on their night hunts.

WILD BILL / Expert Tracker and Big-Game Hunter

Expert tracker and Willy’s right hand man, Wild Bill and his Marine core mentality do most of the heavy lifting for the team. The only things exceeding Wild Bill’s passion for monster hunting are West Virginia black bears and breakfast.

What I like about this show besides their colorful characters who I can see myself hanging around  😀 is how they bring in their film crew in their adventures. In one episode they were hunting for the Stonish Giant ,a bigfoot monster about nine feet tall and over 1000 pounds in the woods in the night. Their producer comes out and says their soundman Pablo is missing. Buck looks at the audience and says their crew is more important and they have to interrupt the hunt to find him.  They go back and  look where  they just were and find Pablo’s  boom mic and stick broken in half and the cover for his mic  in a tree and see some drag marks on the ground. They find Pablo half dazed and speaking garbled Spanish. He tells them he had his headphones on and felt something grab him from behind and hurl him through the air and dragged him along the path. They calmed him down and continued with the hunt. This is all supposed to be real mind you and bringing in their crew I think adds a more realistic touch.

In a more recent episode Buck, Huckleberry and Jeff were riding in Buck’s car when they noticed a black SUV trailing them. Buck speeds up and hides behind an abandoned farmhouse. Their executive producer comes up to them and says, “What’s going on? Why are you here?” They tell him they are being followed and had to hide to elude them. The producer says Ok and to be careful.

It turns out they are being followed by a rogue team that shot and killed the Stonish Giant and our friends witnessed  them carrying it away. What follows is a scary, suspenseful series of events that has the team at their wits ends with notes threatening the team and leaving mysterious messages for them to follow. They discover that this rogue team is very high tech and knows everything about each member with pictures of them, their bank accounts, credit cards, passwords to their computer sites,personal history and anything else. It is very suspenseful.  My wife has a theory that this rogue team is like the men in black with the government and UFO’s. She thinks they don’t want the team hunting big foot and having word get out about their existence. This week’s episode ends with the team finding a cell phone in Buck’s truck with an audio message to Trapper that says “Trapper you found us. Are you ready to make a deal?”Tune in next week.

Mountain Monsters is on Destination  America on Saturday nights at 10 p.m. est.

 Behind the Hunt | Mountain Monsters | Destination America (see a live interview with the producer and the team plus short videos from the show.) 🙂

 Meet the AIMS Team |Mountain Monsters | Destination America  (See what they look like and view some videos from the show.) 🙂







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