Trump Scares Children? Whose Fault Is That?

07 May


Recently the left wing propaganda anti-Trump sheet Huffington Post had an article saying Trump scares children. The article quotes tweets from parents of Mexican and Muslim kids who say their children are scared that Trump is going to break up families and send them all back and how mean he is . Well I couldn’t let that go unanswered. The problem is the liberals want to try to control everyone to think like it’s their way or no way and no one else has any rights if you don’t agree with them. Trump’s Immigration Rhetoric Scares Minority Kids

 First of all if you are here legally you have nothing to worry about. If I were the children of parents who are here illegally I would vent my anger towards those parents and say “mom and dad why did you come here illegally?  Why didn’t you register to become a citizen like the law says and others did? It doesn’t cost anything.” I would tell them it is your fault Trump is saying what he is saying and pointing out what is wrong with the country.

Secondly he is not banning all Muslims like his opponents like to say. He is just saying put a temporary ban on Muslims coming in here until we find out what is going on.  Jimmy Carter did it for four years with the Iranians and nobody complained then. Who killed 2000 of our people on 9/11? Muslims! Who shot up Ft. Hood? A  Muslim!  Who shot up the army recruiting station in Tennessee?  Muslims! Who killed 14 of their fellow co-workers in San Bernadino?  Muslims! Who beheaded our social workers overseas? Muslims! Who shouts Allah Akbar while shouting Death to America?”Muslims! This is why Trump says what he does. Trump is a person who tells you like it is and his critics and dissenters “can’t handle the truth” to quote from a movie.

There are plenty of good muslims, but they do not speak up because of fear for their own lives if they do so or have family members overseas that could be killed and to criticize the Muslim religion means certain death.

The Guardian reported on a recent Pew poll that found 85 percent of Donald Trump supporters believe that refugees from Iraq and Syria are a major threat to the United States. As for the other presidential candidates, 74 percent of Ted Cruz supporters felt the same, followed by 59 percent for Kasich, 40 percent for Clinton, and 34 percent for Sanders.

As Michael Chertoff, former DHS Secretary under President George W. Bush, told the Wall Street Journal: [Resettling refugees] allows us to truthfully say that we’re not hypocrites or bigoted against Muslims or people from other cultures. That has a positive impact in terms of the disposition people around the world have toward the U.S. You don’t want to play into the narrative of the bad guy. That’s giving propaganda to the enemy.”

No Mr .Cheroff we’re not bigoted towards them, but they are bigoted towards us. Is he saying we should submit to them then because the goal of Islam is world domination and their creed is submit or die?  I suggest for anyone to read the Koran. The first 148 pages deal with killing the unbelievers if they don’t convert. Just yesterday London elected its’ first Muslim Mayor and half of London is all Muslim and spreading fast throughout what used to be a pre-dominant Christian  Europe.

Don’t get me wrong or shout racist at me  as I have known and worked with some very nice muslim people who mean well and are content to live and let live and respect other religions, but the muslim religion has been hijacked by these radical Islamists  and become what it is today.

The bible and Christianity have similar verses and are loaded with people dying and killing in the name of Christianity, but that was back then. Christians don’t do that today like radical Islamists are doing.

There are an estimated 15 million illegals in this country today who are driving down wages and on welfare and living off the fat of the land. Why don’t they become legal? FBI director James Comey and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel have said that ISIS intends to infiltrate the refugee population here and there is no way to vet them with no documentation from them.

No doubt Muslims deserve the Constitutional freedoms and rights of other groups, but like communists and nazis, extreme Muslims want to OVERTHROW traditional law and replace it with Sharia Law. And people wonder why Trump says the things he says.
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One response to “Trump Scares Children? Whose Fault Is That?

  1. Joy

    May 7, 2016 at 7:49 pm

    excellent commentary


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