Crooked Hillary-Yesterday’s Girl

28 May


Comedian Tim Allen recently stated,” The Clintons are like herpes. Just when you think they are gone they’re back again.”  He is so right. The younger generation will not remember them or are aware of their scandalous and evil ways, but some of us older folks are. Now it’s all coming back again like a bad dream or like Tim Allen said, “a case of herpes.”All the women Bill abused like Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broderick, Monica Lewinsky and Dolly Kyle are all speaking out again. The Vince Foster case is coming around again, the list of mysterious deaths associated with them is back and continues and all their other sordid corrupt past with these two is coming back to haunt us. Do we really want to live thru this again? No, No, No, I’ve seen this movie before.

If they are going to bring up the Vince Foster case, I remember when Vince Foster was killed and have videos and audio tapes on it. The late Bob Grant talked about it on his radio show. Chris Ruddy now the CEO of Newsmax was the first  reporter on the scene then. I have his book called “The Strange Case of Vince Foster”. I spoke to Chris on the radio when he was on Bob Grant’s show. He said there was no blood when there should have been massive bleeding from someone who supposedly shot himself in the mouth.  Also his fingerprints were not on the gun and it wasn’t the same gun he owned. He may have committed   suicide ,but that body was moved and who moved it or gave the order? Was it Hillary? She is one evil  b—h that’s for sure.

Hillary was someone who latched onto someone like Bill who was going places, followed him around wherever he went then took over when he got there. That is not an example for women to follow. She and Bill had a personal agreement about his philandering that said he could fool around, but if he got caught he would turn more power over to her. She talks about equal pay for women yet she pays her male staffers at the Clinton foundation 35% more than her female staffers.  Trump pays his female executives more than his male executives. She says every woman’s accusation of abuse should be believed, yet she sends special police out to intimidate and silence the women her husband abused.

Hillary’s Clinton Foundation is one big corrupt money laundering system. She takes millions of dollars from countries like Saudi Arabia and Quatar where women are abused daily. In these countries a women can’t go out of the house without being with someone they know, they can’t go to school unless they have special permission, they can’t drive a car, they are told where to go and how to dress.if a woman is raped she needs five eye witnesses and then Hillary has the unmitigated gall to take money from countries like this after she talks about women’s rights? All that money is obtained thru an organization in Canada which in turn is transferred to the foundation. This is money laundering at its’ finest and highly illegal, but they’re above the law.

Now with her current e-mail scandal she throws her arms up in the air and says “I don’t even know how to work a computer.” Welp… Hillary doesn’t know how to use a computer « Hot Air

Hillary shrugs


Everything about Hillary Clinton is questionable! People who study body language have said more than once that she is a phony! She is a liar! She is a criminal waiting to be indicted! People who continually support her are either blind, dumb, or themselves liars and fools! If the government doesn’t get her for her crimes, God will!

 If she can’t login to a computer, how can she run the world? If called upon, it would be a stunning admission that she’s too dumb…and not fit for the Presidency. After all, our current imposter is a well skilled reading orator….also not fit for Office.

 Crooked Hillary! That’s exactly who Jails are for, the corrupt untrustworthy people in our society!

Moon Doggey • 

Exceptions to the ‘rules’ and ‘protocols’ were made for her. The ball got dropped starting with permissions to not issue her a secure computer. Rules were broken… period. National security was potentially vulnerable from the beginning of her term….and according to ‘guccifer’/russia easily breached.

 As the rock group The Rolling Stones once sang,  ”Who wants yesterday’s papers? Who wants yesterday’s girl? Nobody in the world.” Yes Hillary you and Bill go live out your sunset years in one of your four mansions and leave the rest of us alone. You had your day in the sun.

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