Independence Day-Resurgence:A Review

03 Jul


independence-day-resurgence 2


In 1996 a movie came out called “Independence Day” about an alien invasion from outer space. It starred Will Smith as an air force pilot, Bill Pullman as the President, Jeff Goldblum as a scientist and Judd Hirsh as his father. The characters were colorful and quirky with humorous barbs here and there to ease the tension. After a long and arduous battle in which the white house got blown up, (here it is restored)the aliens were chased away by our heroes Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith who fly into the gigantic spaceship and plant a bomb of nuclear proportions inside it and blow the ship up. It was exciting and the special effects were dazzling.

Now 20-years later our friends are back minus Will Smith who didn’t want to be in this one, for another battle with the aliens who want our core for their energy that they are zapping from other planets. :20 years after we shut down an alien invasion, the world lives in harmony and has integrated the alien technology into our rebuilding effort. But, as we probably guessed, those aliens haven’t been licking their wounds during the hiatus; they’re coming back for Round 2, more intent than ever to wipe us out. As the poster says, “We had 20 years to prepare.So did they!!!”

Bill Pullman is back still recovering from wounds the first time around, Jeff Goldblum is called back into action and Will Smith’s son is now a pilot and joins forces to fight the attackers.

In the first film you didn’t see the aliens so much just briefly, but here they are out in full and are giant slimy combinations of half spider, half fish and octopus with flailing tentacles grabbing people around the neck and tossing them.

I didn’t think the characters were as colorful as the first time around, but were believable. Sela Ward plays the President this time and she is the type of woman president  I would like to see, in charge, calm in the middle of a crisis as well as firm.

The effects are spectacular and the battles do keep you on the edge of your seat. The  space ships are 3000 miles wide, as big as the United States and have thousands of small ships that do the attack work for them with our jets fighting back.

There is a great sequence towards the end with the giant Queen alien out and about with the smaller ships circling her like a tornado protecting her.

I thought there were scenes very reminiscent of the first Star Wars with the giant spaceship coming overhead from the top of the screen and when the American jets were inside the alien spaceship flying sideways through channels was just like  the ships flying thru the death star in Star Wars.

Overall “Independence Day-Resurgence” isn’t as bad as critics say for a sequel that shouldn’t have been made.

I thought the real characters like the new younger actors like Liam Hemsworth and a few others were good and it was fun seeing Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman and Judd Hirsch again 20 years later and they still look good, but older.

Check out the trailer here.

Independence Day: Resurgence | Official Trailer 2 [HD] | 20th Century FOX – Yo

Independence Day: Resurgence | Extended Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX – YouT


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