Happy Together Tour 2016

18 Aug

HappyTogether tour 2016

I’ve just returned from seeing the Happy Together Tour 2016 featuring Spencer Davis, The Cowsills, Gary Pucket from the Union Gap,Mark Lindsey from Paul Revere and the Raiders, Chuck Negron from Three Dog Night and Flo and Eddie (Mark Volman and Howard kaylan) from the Turtles. This is the third time I’ve seen them and it is remarkable how most of these guys are in their 70’s now and still sound great.  It’s also remarkable that they can do the same act verbatim year after year, night after night and still sound fresh. I do believe that music keeps you young and some make no bones about poking fun of their age.

Spencer Davis started things off by doing his groups hit songs “I’m a Man” and “Gimme Some Lovin.“ In the original Spencer Davis Group Stevie Winwood did the original singing.  Spencer is now 77 yrs. old

Following Spencer Davis, The Cowsills came out and did their hits like “The Rain, Park and Other Things.” They followed that up with their big hit from the sixties “Hair” from the movie of the same name. As each of these singers performed they showed videos on the back from when they first were popular, but because of the lights shining on the performers you couldn’t make out the videos that well. The Cowsills told how there were originally nine of them but now they are down to four. Three played last night two brothers and a sister. They have another brother who is a drummer for the current Beach Boys and their mother and father and three brothers died. They were very uplifting and jumped around energetically.  Very entertaining.  They told how the TV show in the 60’s The Partridge Family was loosely based on them they said.

Following the Cowsills, Gary Pucket of the Union Gap came out wearing the same civil war style jacket he wore on the 1967 album cover of “Young Girl,” “I can still get into it,” he said. Gary did “Young Girl” and “Woman Have You Got Cheating On Your Mind” and “Lady Will Power” getting the whole audience singing along. I always love it when the band stops and you just hear the audience singing along in perfect harmony. Gary is 74 years old and a big supporter of our military.

Next came Chuck Negron from Three Dog Night. Chuck is always fun to watch he tells funny comments like “I’m 74 years old and the father of six kids by five different wives.”  Chuck did a  great ”Eli’s Coming” along with “Joy to the World” getting everyone clapping along and the classic “Mamma Told me Not To Come.”

Following Chuck Mark Lindsey lead singer of Paul Revere and the Raiders came out. He did his songs “Arizona,”   Cherokee Nation,” and “Indian Reservation.” Mark even came out dressed in one of the old Raiders outfits. Mark told how he longed for the sixties again and wished real hard and one day he opened his eyes and it was the sixties,” only not that sixties, it was my sixties.” He said. 😀 Mark is 74 and looks and sounds great. He is also a DJ for a radio station.

Finally the hosts and closing act Flo and Eddie came out Flo and Eddie are Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan of the Turtles. I noticed something unusual as Howard kaylan was sitting in a wheelchair and Mark’s hair was grey and not the usual black. He appeared very thin and his voice was raspy. After a few songs he told the audience that he was diagnosed with throat and mouth cancer in April of 2015 and had a grueling recovery with chemo, but he is now cancer free. There was a deathly silence in the audience when he mentioned that but was applauded for his being so outspoken. Howard told the audience that this is my partner of many years and he’s been through a lot and if you know someone who has cancer to show them all the love and support you can as that is very helpful. They did their hit songs “Happy Together” “She’d Rather Be With Me” and the Bob Dylan song “ It Ain’t Me Babe” along with a few others. Howard said they used to be a drug band and did LSD, pot and hashish. Now they are still a drug band but the drugs are different, Lipitor, alleve. 😀 Both are 69 years old.

Overall it was a great concert though Flo and Eddie made it a bit depressing and they are what everyone comes for. As we left the theater Howard was wheeled out in his wheelchair with two of the Cowsills. I searched for what is wrong with him and couldn’t find anything. There were some videos of him from the tour earlier this year where he was running around on stage so I don’t know.

I’m inserting some links of their performances here so you can see what they are like. 🙂

Happy Together Tour with Spencer Davis – Gimme Some Lovin – Saban Theatre 2016

 Happy Together Tour 2016 – Gary Puckett at the Saban Theatre – Have You Got Ch

 The Rain The Park & Other Things – The Cowsills – Happy Together Tour 2015 Tar

Mark Lindsey

 Eli’s Coming – Chuck Negron – Happy Together Tour 2016 @ Tarrytown Music Hall

 The Turtles Opening Act for the Turtles June 2016 Happy Together Tour 2016 – Y (This is exactly the act they did.)

 Happy Together tour 2016 Full Show – YouTube (And if you have the time, here is the full show.) J



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