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Trump VS. Hillary Debate Part Two: A second Look!!!


Campaign 2016 Debate

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump points toward Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., Monday, Sept. 26, 2016. (Joe Raedle/Pool via AP)

When I first wrote my blog that I sent out and posted it was right after the debate and I was up to 3 a.m. writing it and listening to commentators. As I ‘m more rested now,I am taking a second look at things.

I think Trump could have come out more swinging like he usually does and like we expected him too. Hillary was baiting him throughout and he was taking the bait. She was well rehearsed and prepared while he was just winging it. He said on Fox and Friends that he has seen people practice for debates and then freeze when the time comes so you just have to be yourself. He should prepare more for the next debate which I hear is going to be a town hall style with questions  taken from the internet and by people in the audience. Public to Vote on Questions in Next Presidential Debate – The Atlantic That’s not a good idea either because the committee  that  selects the questions can select questions biased in favor of Hillary.

The entire debate was set up against Trump.  Why was Hillary not asked about the Clinton foundation and the many   horrors she has caused and/or helped cause over the years?  Why doesn’t  the  media stop picking on Trump and give him a real chance for a fair fight?  Trump is so right, this whole election is rigged. Trump was challenged on his answers Monday night at Hofstra University in New York at least six times by NBC’s Lester Holt, according to the Washington Examiner‘s count. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile was given no follow-up questions for the 90-minute debate.

Over the course of the first presidential debate, moderator Lester Holt interrupted Donald Trump a record 41 times to either fact-check or follow-up on the Republican’s statements. Holt did the same only seven times for Hillary Clinton. While he pressed Trump on everything from Birtherism (which Clinton’s campaign started in 2008) to his inconsistencies on the Iraq War, Holt failed to ask Clinton about Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, her ever-deepening email scandal, or her “deplorables” smear. He also somehow forgot to bring up the issue of immigration.

Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center issued the following statement about the debate and it’s moderator, Lester Holt: “Lester Holt clearly heard the cries of his colleagues in the liberal media to be tough on Trump and ease up on Hillary loud and clear.  Holt continually challenged, fact-checked, and interrupted Trump and not once challenged Hillary.”

I also thought Trump was too gentlemanly albeit classy when going against Hillary with not replying to her attack about him calling women names by saying he could have said something, but didn’t because her daughter was there. He could have said how she refers to special needs kids as retards. He could have said how she went after all the women her husband abused like an attack dog and called them “bimbos” and still have appeared classy. I’m sure Chelsea knows what a scoundrel her father is.

Now thanks to a tweet by Howard Dean they are saying Trump was on cocaine because of all the sniffing he was doing and may be on amphetamines because he has boundless energy and doesn’t sleep much and eats all the wrong foods. They will say anything to bring a good man down. If we’re going to go down that route then when Bill was president he had a red nose all the time and did a lot of sniffing. There was a lot of talk about the cocaine smuggling that was going on in the Mena, Ark. airport and Clinton’s brother Roger said his brother “has a nose like a vacuum cleaner” and people saw Clinton sniffing cocaine. What’s Going On With Trump’s Sniffling? – The Atlantic

 At Monday night’s debate Hilary miraculously was bright and composed for 90 minutes and didn’t show any sign of her ailments that were so frequent at her appearances. No coughing, no need for a bathroom break, no twitches, no fainting spells so what was she on? Just antibiotics like she says? MEDICAL MIRACLE: SHE STANDS FOR 90 MINUTES!

I found an interesting point/counter point with the fact checking NBC did which shows that can be biased too.

 NBC News and our friends at PolitiFact fact checked the first presidential debate. Here’s what we found.

  • Trump said it’s “wrong” that he supported the invasion of Iraq. It’s not.
  • Trump said he told Howard Stern “very lightly, I don’t know, maybe, who knows?” about the war in Iraq. Trump actually said“I guess so, yeah.”
  • Trump said Clinton and her campaign started the “birther” movement. They didn’t.
  • Trump said it was “wrong” to say that stop-and-frisk racially profiled individuals.It was.
  • Trump said ending stop-and-frisk made the city more dangerous. It didn’t.
  • Trump said murder is up in New York City. It’s not.
  • Trump said he “did not say” global warming is a hoax. He did.
  • Clinton denied that she said TPP was the “gold standard” of trade deals. She did.
  • Clinton said “the only two” tax returns Trump’s released showed he didn’t paid taxes those years. They did show that, butthe same records show he did pay federal income taxes in three other years.
  • Trump said “you will learn more” from financial disclosure than from tax returns.You won’t.
  • Clinton said Trump rooted for the housing crisis. He did repeatedly sayit could benefit him as an investor.
  • Trump said “nobody knows” the DNC hack was perpetrated by Russians. U.S. intelligence say they have a “high confidence”it was.
  • Trump said ISIS controls “a lot of” oil in Libya. They don’t.
  • Trump said the U.S. should have taken Libya’s oil. That violatesthe Geneva Convention.
  • Trump said that endorsement was 16,500 Border Patrol; it is 6,700 officers, agents, and ICE employees.
  • Trump said he started his company with a “very small loan in 1975,” while Clinton said he got $14 million from his father. She’s right: Trump got millions more than he acknowledges.
  • Trump said Clinton has been fighting ISIS for her entire adult life. It’s only beenaroundfor a fifth of her adult life.
  • Trump said Clinton is spending “hundreds of millions” on ads against him. She’s spent $96.4 million.
  • Trump said he “didn’t say” women don’t deserve equal pay unless they do as good a job as men. In October,Trump told a young woman who asked if she’d make equal pay under a Trump presidency, “you’re gonna make the same if you do as good a job.”
  • Trump said he “never said” pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers. He did.

Now for an excellent response counterpoint!!

+REAL FACTS: Trump, as a private citizen not privy to intelligence reports said “I guess so” about Iraq in 1999 on a shock jock show, he then took a serious look at the situation and made PUBLIC statements against invading Iraq including in a magazine article in 2002, BEFORE THE WAR.

+Hilliary Clinton’s campaign manager AND Syd Blumenthal a Hilliary campaign adviser sent a reporter TO KENYA to try to obtain a Kenyan birth certificate for Barrack Obama in 2008. Their is a paper trail and her former campaign manager recently admitted it in an interview.

+Stop and frisk is used ALL over the country and NOT just for black American’s, anyone that ever watched the show COPS can see that. It has been used in our metro area for 50 years. My 60 year old white businessman husband was pulled over for a seat belt violation last month and they frisked him.

+ISIS does receive support from those now in charge of the Libyan oil reserves according to military leaders.

+You do NOT show the entities you owe money to on a family held business tax return, and there is far more information on Trumps 104 page financial disclosure form on file. I own three small businesses, I know this for a FACT.

+Trumps reference to Hillary fighting ISIS her whole adult life was an OBVIOUS sarcastic statement to show the absurdity of how long she has been making constant claims that she has fought ISIS successfully.

+Obviously she would make equal pay if she did a good job, EVERYONE that works at a merit based position or a commissioned position make the same of more than others if they do as good a job, but less if they do not do a good job. Trump has a decades long record for paying EQUAL pay for men and women in ALL his businesses, but if you do not do a good job, you do not get pay advances, man or woman. Hilliary Clinton STILL pays women less at both her foundation and in her campaign.

+This statement that employers are inconvenienced by pregnancy was taken out of context, it is a FACT that businesses ARE inconvenienced by pregnancy, but I watched this entire interview and Trump was answering a direct question and went on to explain that his businesses accommodate women who chose to start a family, that family is important and that it has no effect on their position with his company. This was followed by an interview with one of his female executives that confirmed that Trump is pro women and pro family and was indeed understanding and accommodating. INDEPENDENT SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS FOR TRUMP! 

Asked Trump 6 follow-up questions, did not ask ANY of Clinton… 
‘Fact-checking’ becomes opinion journalism..


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Trump VS.Hillary:The First Presidential Debate!!!


In what has to be the most lively, spirited Presidential debate happened at Hofstra University on Monday night. Moderated by Lester Holt of NBC news Holt told the crowd that “in a moment it’ll just be the three of us — and hopefully just the two of them. That’s what it’s all about.” The rules were that there be no clapping or shouting from the audience.

Holt stepped way out of the way during the opening segment and really let Clinton and Trump go at it. He was so quiet as the two major-party nominees sparred that journalists and other viewers started to wonder if he was still there. He was like a substitute teacher who lost control of the classroom and later turned out to be a shill for Hillary, but we didn’t tune in to watch Holt.

In tonite’s debate Trump seemed more aggressive because he was on defense while Hillary was on offense and landed in with attack after attack. Her position was more on liberal rhetoric and soundbites while Trump dealt with facts. His one problem is he goes on too long and interrupted Hillary a little too much I thought while she remained calm and composed. While Trump was out having his rallies Hillary was practicing for the debate and was well rehearsed. Trump said his attitude about that was just be yourself.

Trump said how all our companies are leaving the country and starting up in Mexico. They are firing people here and we are losing jobs. Trump proposed taxing items they are shipping back here and when they see they are losing money they will come back here. He is in favor of lowering taxes on small businesses from 35% to 15% while Hillary was in favor of raising taxes.

On the subject of making good trade deals which the country sorely needs Hillary said her husband created jobs with good trade deals. Trump interrupted her by saying her husband created NAFTA which was one of the worse deals ever made and we lost millions of jobs. He reminded her that she is in favor of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which would lose lots of jobs overseas. He argued that she wants to add regulations and that he would cut regulations. She admitted she wants to raise taxes. How is that going to keep companies here? Her argument was the old liberal playbook of  tax the rich.  Her trade deals kill jobs. Her taxes kill jobs and her attitude to regulate kills jobs. She is anti job creation and for bigger government and redistribution of wealth.

Continuing with her attacks Hillary asked why Trump hasn’t released his taxes and said there was something he was trying to hide. Trump replied that he was under audit and there was a 104 page document that revealed all his expenses and transactions anyone can check out. He then said he would release his taxes against his lawyer’s advice if she would release the 33,000 e-mails she deleted. Hillary replied that she made a mistake. Yeah big mistake Hillary by having an unsecure server you let other hostile countries hack into you and see our most classified in information. And she wants to talk to us about cyber security? Also by deleting those e-mails she committed a crime of destroying federally subpoenaed evidence  in a federal investigation. She also destroyed 13 federally subpoenaed i-phones that had classified information on them in the same investigation.

In another hot issue the subject of ISIS and the war in Iraq came up. Lester Holt tried to bring up that Trump was for the Iraq war and Trump immediately stopped Holt and told him he was against the war from the beginning because you would upset the whole Middle East (which I always knew he was) and said that was started by Hillary’s people since she was for the war from the beginning. Hillary looked straight ahead and I could tell she knew she was guilty of that by the expression on her face.

Another hot contentious issue was Obama’s birth certificate with HoIt accusing Trump of questioning it and then changing his mind saying Obama was born here. Trump again stated that it was Hillary’s people who first brought it up (which it was. He was right on that) while Hillary tried to throw it back at him. Actually there are several videos of Obama calling Kenya his home country and him saying he was from there. His birth certificate was a proven forgery pointed out by Judicial Watch with nine errors in it. Trump did say he at least got Obama  to produce a birth certificate.

At the end of the debate Hillary took a cheap shot at Donald saying how he mistreats women and calls them names. I thought this was a mean, nasty cheap shot, but Trump took the high road and said “Hillary I can say something, but I’m not going to go there.”That showed the type of person he is. Donald could have mentioned about the women Bill raped and abused and how Hillary was an attack dog to those women and how Hillary takes hundreds of millions of dollars from countries that abuse women and deny them any rights, but he didn’t for the sake of her daughter.

I was glad to see Trump stay on message that she has been around for 30 years and is all talk and no action like a typical politician. There were many things she could have  done, but she didn’t. Hillary claimed she has the experience to be President and Trump responded that she has the experience, but it’s all bad experience.

Throughout the night Hillary tried playing nit picking games with him, but failed. Right now 70% of the American people say the country is on the wrong track and Hillary represents the status quo while Trump is the agent of change.

There were a lot of topics they didn’t cover like Obamacare, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and corruption there, but maybe they will at the next debate.

In the end I thought Trump could have been more aggressive, but then maybe it was good he held it in so as not to appear to be a bully like the media likes to portray him. He showed he is a fighter and is for the American people. While Hilary belongs in jail not President of the United States.


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The Magnificent Seven!!!


The Magnificent Seven is a remake of the 1960’s movie that starred James Coburn, Steve McQueen, Yul Brenner and Charles Bronson. Just when you think how can they top that cast this one comes along. This remake is truly awesome and breathtaking as well as really entertaining and fresh for a remake with a good cast of characters you can really get into.

When a mean, nasty, ruthless robber baron by the name of Bartholomew Bogue takes over a town for the land and gold mine there he stops at nothing and kills anyone that gets in his way. When he sees something he wants he takes it.

Enter Sam Chiosolm (Denzel Washington) a fearless lone bounty hunter authorized in seven states who rides into town to capture a wanted man. A young woman whose husband was killed by Bogue pleads with Chisolm to help her against Bogue offering him all of her gold savings she has for her family. Sam accepts but first he has to put together a team to go after Bogue, He puts together a gambler (Chris Pratt) a mountain man (Vincent Donofrio) a sharp shooter (Ethan Hawke) an outlaw who he was after, an Indian who is very adept with arrows and an assassin Billy Rocks who’s great at knives and guns played by Asian star Byung-Hun lee. They train the town’s people how to shoot since not one of them have ever fired a rifle before  since they were all farmers. When Bogue hears about them taking over his town and that there are only seven of them he laughs and assembles an army of between 100 and 200 men on horseback.

What follows is a really awesome breath taking exciting shoot up between the town’s people and Bogue’s men ala Davy Crocket at the Alamo. Things are going pretty well for Chislom’s people with lots of rigged explosions and surprise attacks from underground trenches they pop out of until Bogue brings out a Gatling gun and tears up the town and people.

I have never seen the original unfortunately, but it is my wife’s favorite movie and her sister’s too so this was all new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. All the characters are great with a real camaraderie and humorous lines along the way and you really get into each one of them. Although Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt are the two leads and really stand out the others are all fabulous too and blend well together. If lots of stylized action, a good plot and memorable characters are your thing then I highly recommend The Magnificent Seven. See the exciting trailer below.

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – Official Trailer (HD) – YouTube


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The Legacy Of Obama. It’s Not Good!!!!


Ever since Obama came into office things have gotten progressively worse.  Could this all be by design by the man in charge? Race relations are worse off than ever before, Jihadist attacks are on the increase, the Middle East relations are worse and is it any wonder? Look who is in charge. Obama,a man who said in his book he would  “side with the Muslims if the winds took a different direction.” Obama, a man who said America is responsible for all the problems in the world. Obama, man who said America should be punished for its’ a discretions in the world. Obama, a man who was raised in Indonesia and knows nothing of American culture and was funded in college by the Saudis and George Soros and could still be. Now he is leaving on the same note he came in on by blaming America.

When speaking at the U.N. the other day Obama said we are more prosperous and less violent than when he came in. That is false which is why more blacks and Hispanics are supporting Trump.  He said he was personally insulted by blacks who support Trump. He went on to say the world would be much safer if we help those in need. I guess he doesn’t know that we already feed the world and give countries that hate us millions of dollars and they still hate us.

Obama went on to blast the his speech saying we spend too much money on politics and compressed partisanship. He said the U.S. should work with other countries to curb the excesses of capitalism. He talked about showing restraint and showing equal treatment for other countries. We try to do that, but they don’t show equal treatment for us instead they look for handouts. This sounds exactly like what he was saying when he first came into power and went on that apology tour apologizing for the U.S. actions abroad.

You will never see him talking about how Christians are persecuted in other countries and gays and lesbians are randomly killed. He’s obviously learned nothing of the U.S, history or our culture after 8 years in office. Right now because of him and Hillary our country is weak and other countries don’t fear us or respect us because of him. They respect us when we are  strong  economically and militarily and not this feel good liberal attitude of you be nice to them and they’ll be nice to you phony baloney. That’s why I say I think our demise is all by design from an American hating president.

Hilary is in on this destruction too. She sides with the anti police protestors and is anti-police herself. Newt Gingrich had this to say about Hillary when he was on with Megyn Kelley,” “When she was at Yale as a law student she was a coeditor of an anti-police, left-wing alternative newspaper that described police as pigs,” Gingrich said. “Her natural instincts  is to take the side of the people who are against the police. Her first comments about this were anti-police.” Gingrich on Charlotte: Hillary Stirs Up ‘Anti-Police’ Sentiment

This is a president who rushes to judgment on high profile cases and has been wrong every time. He was wrong on the Cambridge police situation, he was wrong on the Trayvon Martin case,   he was wrong on the Michael Brown case and wrong on Ferguson and Baltimore.

Under Obama race relations have gotten far worse than when he took office. There have been 3,360 murders in his home town of Chicago since he was first in office and 3,120 have been shot since the beginning of this year all black on black crime. There has been a 58% increase in African Americans on food stamps, a 20% jump of African Americans no longer in the work force, black home ownership is down, the average African American unemployment rate is 8.1%, national income for African Americans is $20,000 less than the national average, the poverty rate is 24.1%. Since Obama took office 95 million Americans are out of the workforce, 50 million are on welfare,45 million are on food stamps all since he came in office and he has the gall to tell the U.N we are more prosperous than ever before? This is his legacy. LIMBAUGH: Riots new normal under first black president…



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When Will They Ever Learn The Truth About Islam?


protest2  AmericaTombstone

There was a popular folk song by the Kingston Trio called “Where Have All The Flowers Gone? “ and the popular recurring chorus line was “When will they ever learn?” Well with the attacks on our country by radical Islam since 9/11 (there I said it!!  When Obama won’t!!!)  the same question can be asked of liberals and the left wing media. When will they ever learn?

First of all these leftists keep saying we have to include all these people because of diversity and if you don’t then you are racist. Well I’ve been studying Islam and its’ goals and the goal of Islam is world domination. The first 100 pages of the Koran talks about becoming friends with the infidel (unbelievers) get them to your side and then ask them to convert. If they don’t convert then they have to die. In the Muslim religion if a woman  or person drops out or converts to another religion they are killed under the heading of  “honor killings”  The FBI estimates there are at least  25 honor killings a year in this country alone.

Islam is not so much a religion as it is a cult just like scientology is a cult masking as a religion. Mohammed was a warlord in the 7th century who was brutal and conquered tribes and nations in mass killings and beheadings.  He invented Islam to enslave the nations he captured. He married a nine year old girl and in Muslim nations they still allow that with children in arranged marriages. He used a moon god in mythology known as Allah for his god  which is why Allah is the God and Mohammed is the messenger. Pastor: Muhammad Was A Bloodthirsty Warlord; 3-30-2016 – YouTube

Islam does not assimilate and it is their way or no way. There are plenty of good Muslims around of course, but once they are in the majority they will have to go along with their leaders and  Koranic teachings which is convert or die. Right now when Muslims are in the minority they are good neighbors, workers and friends, but once they are in the majority things will change you can bet on it. Slowly, but surely they are drawing their plans against us from within.

The hate us because we are not like them and blame us for all the problems in the world like Obama does. The  attacks on 9/11 were only  the beginning. Since then Islam has been rapidly increasing around the world at an incredible fast rate. All the attacks and bombings in his country since 2001 are all about that-convert or die.

Muslim leaders have announced a three point plan to take us over from within. That plan states 1) Get as many Muslims in here as possible. There are currently anywhere from 3-6 million Muslims here now. 2) Get as many mosques built as possible. There are currently 2000 mosques in the country and counting and 3) Get  elected to office so you can “change” things. Right now we have an Islamic government. Obama is a Muslim whether you accept it or not. His top aide Vallerie Jarrett is a Muslim who said her job is to make this country more Islamic and Susan Rice his domestic affairs advisor is a Muslim. Obama’s Secretary of Defense William Brennan converted to Islam. There are also members of the Muslim Brotherhood throughout his administration.Muslim Demographics – YouTube (please watch this important video to see how the Muslims are conquering the world)

Obama and Hillary both refuse to say the words “radical Islam.” Trump says it and recognizes it for what it is and so does N.J. Governor Chris Christie. The fact that Obama is letting thousands and thousands of Muslims in here without vetting them and sending them to all parts of the country  shows his hatred and goal for our beloved country. Hillary is right behind him and wants to increase the immigration from Muslim countries by 500%.

The recent bombings this week-end by another Muslim who is not happy here and the stabbing in Minnesota by another Muslim shows what we are up against. Donald Trump is so right. We have to have a halt on Muslim immigration to find out what is going on, but I fear it is too late. The damage done by Obama and Hillary is done and will only get worse. The threat by Islamists is ten times greater than when it was under Carter and he had a boycott of Iranians for four years.

After the attacks on Saturday in New Jersey and  Minnesota and in New York Obama remained silent. Trump made a comment as soon as he got off his jet from a rally in Colorado saying we have to get tough. Hilary made a comment   aboard her campaign jet on Sunday but appeared half drugged.  A Frail Looking Hillary Hits Trump for Calling NYC Attack ‘Bombings’ Obama  didn’t  give the obligatory speech until Monday saying  we must not let these acts (no  he  won’t say radical Islam) happen again and how ISIS is being defeated. I can’t help but think inside he supports them and wants us to become a Muslim state. He said he would side with the Muslims if the winds took a different direction and that is just what he is doing. He let in 11,000 Muslims this year alone.

Yes all these liberals say we must take care of these refugees coming from repressed regimes, but when they get here they are given free benefits and  they do not assimilate and will bomb and attack until we submit to them. If someday they attain true majority and power it will become convert  or die. They won’t worry about diversity or inclusion. When will they ever learn?

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The Deplorable Attackers of Trump!!!


trump smiling

I am sick and tired of the media and dems bashing Trump all the time and glad to see he’s fighting back. When you push Trump he pushes back which  is what I like in a leader. Obama and Hillary and dems let others push them around and in Hillary’s case it’s how much you can pay her. These protestors who attend his rallys or protest outside his Trump Towers are so misinformed, misled and being manipulated by the likes of George Soros and his minions along with the liberal  left wing biased media. They are the true low information voters and  useful idiots as Stalin once said.

 This recent comment I saw sums it up pretty good in attacking the attackers of Trump:
Try to keep this in mind, Donald Trump did not steal your money. Donald Trump did not raise your taxes. Donald Trump did not quadruple the price of food. Trump is not stirring a race war. Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazzi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims. Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda. Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East. Trump did not betray Israel. Trump did not provide financing and technology to Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Trump did not give our military secrets to China. Trump did not remove our nuclear missile shield in Poland at the behest of Russia. Trump did not shrivel our military, and betray our veterans. Trump did not cripple our economy. Trump did not increase our debt to 20 trillion dollars. Trump did not ruin our credit, twice. Trump did not double African American unemployment. Trump did not increase welfare to a record level for eight years. Trump did not sign a law making it legal to execute, and imprison Americans. Trump did not set free all of terrorists in Guantanamo bay. Trump did not steal your rights, violate US Constitutional law, or commit treason, hundreds of times. Yet Trump is being ripped apart in the news, non -stop. Barrack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and the criminals occupying our government, are not. The media is the Democratic Party.

These protestors say Trump is anti-woman. If he is anti-woman why did he marry three of the most beautiful women on the planet? If he is so anti-woman why does he hire more women than men? If he is so anti-woman why did he have a woman architect build Trump Towers? If he is anti-woman why does he pay his women executives more than his men executives? Hillary pays her male executives more than her women executives at the corrupt Clinton Foundation.

They say Trump is anti-Muslim. If he is anti-Muslim why does he hire Muslims? He only said we should have a temporary halt on Muslims until we can find out what is happening after attacks by Muslims in San Bernadino, Tennessee, Dallas and most  recently in an  Orlando nightclub all by Muslims.  Jimmy Carter did it for four years with the Iranians during the hostage crisis and everyone was fine with that.

They call Trump racist. If he is racist why does he hire people of all colors, races and beliefs? They try to tie him to former KKK leader David Duke after Trump denied him many times,yet the KKK gave Hillary $20,000 ,but you wont hear them complaining to her about it.

Meanwhile Trump is really looking presidential.  He and Mike Pence went to Baton Rouge,La. to deliver supplies personally to the people effected by the hurricane there and he gave $100.000 of his own money for there. He also sent truckloads of supplies to the people of Pensacola, Fla. paid with his own money to help with the hurricane damage there. He’s met with the new president of Mexico and has come up with an economic plan that leading economists  say  will work. Donald Trump’s new economic plan could easily generate a 4 percent — or higher —growth rate, defying assertions that expansion at half that rate is the best the nation can do, economic writer and policy analyst Stephen Moore tells Newsmax TV.

In an interview Thursday on “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Moore, a senior economic adviser to the GOP nominee, said Trump’s plan to cut taxes and rollback regulations are among “the major principles for getting an economy moving.”Economist Stephen Moore: Trump’s Economic Plan Works.

Hillary hasn’t come up with a plan and said Bill will be her advisor. How pathetic is that? Obama couldn’t leave his tax payer   paid  vacation  to visit Baton Rouge and had to wait until it was over. When he did go all he said was ‘It looks like FEMA has everything under control” and then left. Hillary didn’t do anything. I guess he was too busy attending to her coughing and fainting with her seizures.

These protestors demand to see Trump’s taxes. I personally don’t care about that. Why don’t they demand to see their idol Hillary’s taxes.? I’m sure there is plenty to see there, but they don’t care about corruption as long as  she or any democrat is there with the handouts .

Meanwhile they also demanded to see Trump’s   physical.  He had a complete physical and presented it on Dr. Oz’s show and Dr. Oz said it was all in good health that he was just a little overweight, but everything else ,BP, cholesterol, PSA, heart, lungs etc. were all in good shape. Hillary’s doctor said she was fine too without releasing any details like Trump did. As one comment I saw said, “Sure they said her BP was fine and cholesterol  was fine, they just forgot to mention everything else.”

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Hillary Faints At 9/11 Memorial!!! Pneumonia or Parkinsons?



Hillary has been showing a lot of severe health issue over the past several months such as her frequent coughing fits, showing up late for appearances, the sudden freeze as she’s speaking before an audience, bulging eyes, tremors when several people pose a question to her at once, frequent head nodding, forgetfulness, falling  and now fainting when she was leaving the 9/11 memorial in New York. Each time her staff has come up with excuses for her behavior. After yesterday’s fainting spell in New York at the memorial they said it was from overheating. It was in the mid-70’s at that time in New York and a cool sunny day. This is a woman who wears wool suits in the middle of summer without breaking a sweat. A few hours later they changed it to pneumonia   yet she emerges from Chelsea’s apartment all energetic and smiling and embraces a child which was obviously staged. She has pneumonia and embraces a child? You need an x-ray to detect pneumonia and she hasn’t had one. I had a slight  bout of pneumonia this past spring and needed a chest x-ray to detect it so how can they say she has pneumonia?  If she does have pneumonia   and was x-rayed and diagnosed with it earlier why is she at the memorial service? How can she be fainting and then suddenly emerge from Chelsea’s apartment all smiles and lively. What did they give her in there? Her doctor, Dr. Bardex said she was overheated and dehydrated and they rehydrated her and now she’s fine. Overheated in 70 degree weather? It doesn’t add up.

Neurosurgeon   Dr. Ted Noel who graduated from the University of Indiana  Medical School and practiced for 32 years in Florida has been very active on you -tube with explaining Hillary’s situation and he is most definitely  convinced she has Parkinsons based on observations of her actions,  but  said he’s probably right but would be 100% sure if he saw her records.

Her doctor,Dr. Bardack, claims she’s suffering from pneumonia.  But is she? Or does this diagnosis only add weight to the evidence Dr. Noel has presented that she has Parkinson’s Disease.

Dr. Noel notes the symptoms Hillary displays such as the tremors, freezes, forgetfulness, postures, choreiform  movements (head bobbing) and coughing and now fainting spells all relate to Parkinsons. While her staff said the coughing is coming from allergies, Dr. Noel says the coughing is from a swallowing disorder associated with Parkinsons. Dr. Noel said there is no x-ray,  MRI or Ct. scan to detect Parkinsons as it is just by observation.

Dr. Noel points out that her doctor, Dr. Bardack,  said  “she was overheated and dehydrated, yet it was 75 degrees and she wasn’t sweating so where was she dehydrated?  It doesn’t add up,” he said. Dr. Noel said she definitely   has a neurological disorder. BREAKING: DR. TED NOEL REACTS TO ‘PNEUMONIA’ CLAIMS FROM CRIPPLED HILLARY’S DO

 I think this is her karma catching up with her after all the evil things she has done. Going after the women Bill abused calling  them names and having detectives silence them, berating  secret service agents, Benghazi, lying to the parents of those  killed in Benghazi, constantly lying to us all, selling 20% of uranium  to the Russians, all the money from foreign  countries into their crooked foundation, eventually it all catches up to  you in the end.  

Now Dick Morris says Biden could replace Hilary and he’d be tougher to beat than Hillary. Dick Morris: Biden Could Still Replace Hillary

 I’m reminded of that woman who was the mother of a columnist I read months ago who’s predictions never failed and she said Hillary would not run and that Biden would and would  take  Elizabeth Warren as VP and win. Remember this. We’ll see what happens.

Here are two interesting comments I saw:

Bill Jay

Look, put aside for the moment whether one “supports” Hillary Clinton or not.

Is the woman physically up to the task of being President of the United States? It would seem clear that she isn’t.

This is a frail, frail woman, nearly 70 years old who is clearly battling health issues that make it nearly impossible for her to get through a day without episode. Now imagine a day as President! The stress alone would likely do her in.

Again, this is a frail woman, as anyone can see, and the Presidency is no place for frailty.

 Walt Tendee 

Bill Jay you are using common logic which any sane, adult American can understand. But we have a problem in the US that weakens the political system. That problem is that we have low information voters who get hoodwinked into believing a candidate who promises a lot of personal monthly benefits is the best choice. They are blind to the needs of We the People. Socialism gets a boost because of these non-thinking voters who cannot connect the dots. We can show them Venezuela and it goes right over their heads. Show them the former USSR; they have no clue as long as they get their monthly trinkets tossed down to them. Hence they are suited only for a plantation style government–a dictatorship. Josef Stalin called this type “useful idiots”. Progressives love useful idiots.

 Check out these this  informative   interviews with Dr. Noel

 Dr.Ted Noel interview – YouTube

Hillary Had Staff Investigate Parkinson’s Drug

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