The Magnificent Seven!!!

26 Sep


The Magnificent Seven is a remake of the 1960’s movie that starred James Coburn, Steve McQueen, Yul Brenner and Charles Bronson. Just when you think how can they top that cast this one comes along. This remake is truly awesome and breathtaking as well as really entertaining and fresh for a remake with a good cast of characters you can really get into.

When a mean, nasty, ruthless robber baron by the name of Bartholomew Bogue takes over a town for the land and gold mine there he stops at nothing and kills anyone that gets in his way. When he sees something he wants he takes it.

Enter Sam Chiosolm (Denzel Washington) a fearless lone bounty hunter authorized in seven states who rides into town to capture a wanted man. A young woman whose husband was killed by Bogue pleads with Chisolm to help her against Bogue offering him all of her gold savings she has for her family. Sam accepts but first he has to put together a team to go after Bogue, He puts together a gambler (Chris Pratt) a mountain man (Vincent Donofrio) a sharp shooter (Ethan Hawke) an outlaw who he was after, an Indian who is very adept with arrows and an assassin Billy Rocks who’s great at knives and guns played by Asian star Byung-Hun lee. They train the town’s people how to shoot since not one of them have ever fired a rifle before  since they were all farmers. When Bogue hears about them taking over his town and that there are only seven of them he laughs and assembles an army of between 100 and 200 men on horseback.

What follows is a really awesome breath taking exciting shoot up between the town’s people and Bogue’s men ala Davy Crocket at the Alamo. Things are going pretty well for Chislom’s people with lots of rigged explosions and surprise attacks from underground trenches they pop out of until Bogue brings out a Gatling gun and tears up the town and people.

I have never seen the original unfortunately, but it is my wife’s favorite movie and her sister’s too so this was all new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. All the characters are great with a real camaraderie and humorous lines along the way and you really get into each one of them. Although Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt are the two leads and really stand out the others are all fabulous too and blend well together. If lots of stylized action, a good plot and memorable characters are your thing then I highly recommend The Magnificent Seven. See the exciting trailer below.

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – Official Trailer (HD) – YouTube


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