The V.P.Debate Kaine vs.Pence! Pence Nails it!!!

05 Oct
Tim Kaine and Mike Pence Square Off At First Vice Presidential Debate, October 4, 2016 (REX/Shutterstock)

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence Square Off At First Vice Presidential Debate, October 4, 2016 (REX/Shutterstock)

The Vice Presidential debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence was held Tuesday night and Pence came out swinging and shining like a true star and very Vice Presidential to Kaine’s multi interruptions and lack luster, but rude and obnoxious performance.

Moderated by CBS’s Elaine Quijano, the debate got off to a fiery start. Kaine appeared to be a one topic candidate with showing all he was interested in was Trump’s taxes and saying Trump hates all Mexicans and calls them rapists and murderers which was  totally untrue. He also brought up Trump calling women names like dogs or fat pigs. This was obviously fed to him and he was told to say these things as a strategy and it didn’t work. He came across as rude and obnoxious like a petulant child while Pence was the adult in the room.

For his part, Pence was steady, strong, in control, stable, rationale and articulate. He was clearly the winner, but then again I don’t think Kaine was there to win, but just to try to demean Trump with talking points fed to him before hand  and it didn’t work. 

Critics were saying Pence didn’t defend Trump, but I thought he did several times by denying what Kaine was saying about Trump as untrue and pointed out how it was untrue then explaining  how their plan would work..

Kaine couldn’t defend Hilary because she has no record to defend. Everything she touches turns to a disaster from Libya, Benghazi, Iran, ISIS , the Russian reset and the economy here.

Kaine kept bringing up Trump’s taxes and asked why he has not released them. Another obvious set up by Hilary’s people for Kaine to ask. Well first of all they are 12,000 pages long. Does he want to read all that? Secondly they are still under audit and 12,000 pages  takes a while to go through. If people are so interested in his taxes there is a financial disclosure form available online anyone can read. Besides as Ann Coulter said recently, “the only ones interested in Trump’s taxes are the media.” I hope they enjoy going through 12,000 pages of numbers and dry reading.

Kaine kept bringing up things Trump never said and took them out of context. He kept saying Trump called Mexicans rapists and murderers which was not true. What Trump said was that Mexico wasn’t sending their best. They are sending rapists, murderers and some are good people. He is right since 45% of our prison population is all Mexicans.

Kaine kept bringing up that Trump said Putin is a great leader. He is compared to Obama. He has his people in check and he is a strong leader unlike the weakling we have in Obama. Hitler and Ghengis Khan were great leaders too. That doesn’t mean we have to revere them.

Yes Pence clearly was the winner by a long shot. I hope Trump takes some notes on Pence’s style and not fall for the bait in the next debate which will be Sunday night. It will be a town hall meeting with the candidates taking questions from the internet and people in the audience. I hope they don’t rig this one like the last one and the moderators selecting questions biased towards Hillary. We will just have to wait and see.

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One response to “The V.P.Debate Kaine vs.Pence! Pence Nails it!!!

  1. Joy Meola

    October 5, 2016 at 2:58 pm

    Pence was awesome


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