The Unreported Goodness of Trump!!!

31 Dec


Many if not all of these media types and wealthy actors and actresses like Michael Moron for instance are fond of calling Trump names like racist, bigot, fascist, sexist, homophobe and every other name in the book when he is not any of those things. Well I have a few things for them too.

How many of you have been stuck with your car by the roadside and a middle aged couple came along and helped you. Would you reward them by sending them a big bouquet of flowers and paying off their mortgage? Well Trump did.

To you wealthy elitists if you knew a single mom who was dying of an incurable disease and had a five year old son would you set up a trust fund for her son so he would be taken care of until he was 18 years old? Well Trump did it with a former Miss Wisconsin from his pageants and calls her every week.

If you heard of a young man who needed open heart surgery would you donate $350,000 to the hospital so he could have that operation? Well Trump did it.

To you wealthy Never Trumpers, if a woman in Arizona wrote to you and said her young three year old son was hooked up to machines and had to get to New York and no regular plane could accommodate  him. Would you fly him on your personal jet and pay for his procedure in New York? Well Trump did it.

If you read about a farm that was going into foreclosure and the husband was ready to commit suicide so his wife could have the insurance, would you pay their mortgage off for them? Well Trump did it.

The reason you don’t hear about these things is because Trump is a philanthropist and a good philanthropist doesn’t brag about what they do.

Now Trump isn’t even in office yet and so far he’s convinced Carrier Air Conditioner to keep 1,200 jobs here, he convinced Ford Motors to keep a plan there, He got the CEO of Dow Chemical say he will bring 25,000 jobs back here ,IBM said they will hire 25,000 jobs for here, a Chinese billionaire is giving us 50 billion dollars for jobs here and he recently got Sprint to say they will hire another 2000 jobs here and U.S. Steel said if Trump gets rid of Obama’s regulations they will hire more people too.

 So you wealthy name calling Never Trumpers should take a good look in the mirror and remember the saying about people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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