Radical Muslims Use Women’s March to Overthrow The West And Enslave Women!!!

26 Jan


women-wearing-hajibsIn my previous blog I wrote about a Muslim woman named Linda Sarsour   who was one of the organizers of the women’s march in Washington. In her picture above she is seen giving the one finger salute which means loyalty to ISIS. Although she has denied ties to the terrorist organization, she claims to be an advocate for women’s rights in America and that women should make decisions themselves about their own bodies, yet she is a pro-Sharia Law supporter in America too.

 How can she be for women‘s  rights and Sharia Law at the same time? Sharia law calls for   genital   mutilation of women, women can’t be seen outside unless with a male relative, women can’t drive or go to school without their husband’s permission   and if a woman is raped she needs five eye-witnesses. Ms. Sarsour is a walking contradiction if she supports women’s rights and Sharia law at the same time. She is obviously a plant and infiltrator. How many more are like her involved with this march? Our own intelligence agencies have warned us that ISIS members would infiltrate the refugee program.

I was right in my previous blog. The women’s march was backed by radical Muslims who are using these women to overthrow the west that empowers women and promote Sharia law thus enslaving women. Never forget that Islam does not assimilate. The goal of Islam is world domination and they are moving fast. The idea is to infiltrate with various societies and befriend them and to get people to convert. When enough people convert and they are in the majority it will be convert or die. Currently there are over a billion Muslims in the world. Many are peaceful, but out of that it is estimated that 300 million are dedicated to the overthrow and destruction of the United States. Don’t forget on Sept. 11,2001 it took only nineteen hijackers to take out 3000 of our people.

 In the video below you will see a woman reporter speaking  to some of these women marchers trying to tell them the evils of Sharia law and Muslims that follow it, but the protestors would have none of that. They don’t want to hear it and are saying things like they are marching for all women.  If you notice the main themes and attacks were all on Trump and wanting him out of there. Muslims know Trump is a strong person wanting us to have a strong and free government so he represents a threat to the Muslim cause especially wanting to wipe out ISIS so they convince these women that Trump must go and is a threat to women while manipulating them without them knowing it.  Very dangerous indeed!!

 I have often thought that Obama was all for this too and wanted us to become a Muslim state which is why he went lightly on ISIS and terrorism attacks on our shores.

 He hated America and wanted to transform it into Sharia Law. That’s why he imported 680,000 Muslims from terrorist nations to out Vote America with Foreign Invaders as his armies. It would have worked if Hillary got elected. Thank God she didn’t.  Recently actress and conservative commentator on Fox News, Stacey Dash, was let go for making a profanity laden remark about Obama not doing enough to fight terrorism. She was right.

Here is a good comment I saw: MC227 • 6 hours ago

 We never hear feminists ever utter a word about Muslims raping women, genital mutilation, treated worse than dogs, no rights. If there are ever enough Muslims here those same women will beg men to protect them. I’ll ask who did  you vote for in 2008, 2012 and 2016 if the answer is Odumbo and Hildebeast you are on your own.

Cheri Berens is an American author  who has lived in Cairo for years working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She witnessed the violence that preceded the takeover of the country by the radical Muslim Brotherhood and the counter-revolution that removed it from power.

And, in an essay on her blog titled “Women’s March to Islam?” she chronicled how for everyday Egyptians watching on television, packed into “every coffee shop in Cairo that had a satellite dish,” the scenes in the streets of Washington, D.C., were disturbingly familiar.

They recognized the same methods the Muslim Brotherhood used for decades to finally seize control in Egypt playing out in the American capital.

“First we saw protesters smashing windows and torching cars,” wrote Berens.

“Hushed murmuring began around me as every single Egyptian in the coffee shop could be heard saying the words: ‘Muslim Brotherhood.’”

She observed: “The images we were watching could have been taken right from a street in Egypt. It is exactly what we had experienced on a daily basis for more than a year.”

Many of the women in the march were wearing hajibs in solidarity with their Muslim sisters. Don’t they realize that a hajib is a symbol of repression, the very thing they claim they are demonstrating  against? Why were protesters wearing hajibs?

And now it is happening here. These women in their hatred for Trump are being used by radical Islamists and better wake up before they are enslaved. Wise up women of America or lose your freedoms for your stupid acting before the world. You are being used by Islam to destroy your own country.

I have also included a  video called Muslim demographics that shows very clearly how Muslims are taking over the world.

SHOCK: #WomensMarch Promotes Islamic Enslavement of Women » Alex Jones’ Infowa  (see the women’s protest march on Washington and the Trump supporter reporter interviewing them)

Muslim Demographics – YouTube (If this doesn’t wake you up to the Islamic threat nothing else will.)

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